FTRTV – Visit to Nature Aquariums at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2017

Gday everyone and welcome back to first time reefer TV now I’ve just got off the plane from hawaii yesterday I’m in melbourne today we’re going to go check out the melbourne international flower and garden show you’re probably asking why the hell I’m at a flower and garden show but it’ll become very apparent […]

Electric Eel – Can Kill a Horse – The Kattegat Centre.

Electric Eel – a killer in South America. Can kill a horse. In the Kattegat Centers Department of Dangerous Fish. The Kattegat Center on the peninsula Djursland, in Denmark, Northern Europe. Lives in both rivers and swamps in South America. Can give electric shocks. Very small eyes, half the size of a pea. That sound […]

DOYOUNG X ATLANTA : Going to Aquarium! (Feat. JW) | NCT 127 HIT THE STATES

Hi guys, we’re.. DOYOUNG JUNGWOO Yes We’re now heading to aquarium~ Finding Nemo~ It’s our first time in Atlanta Do you guys like it so far? Do you guys like it as cool? Yeah, yeah Very nice place Oh are they species which live in groups? I feel like I’ve found something amazing Oh that’s […]

Eel, carp, chicken feet juice for summertime energy

We’re having ‘jeup’ today, which means extracted juice in Korean. In the summer, actually, in any season when we’re feeling under the weather or tired, we try to re-energize by eating some jeup. So these are all ‘jeup.’ We can make various kinds of ingredients to extract juices. It’s my first time to have these […]

Hyung, can we eat trout? Mingyu & Seungkwan go trout fishing! [Battle Trip/2017.02.18]

(Mingyu and Seungkwan’s day trip) (Pyeongchang Trout Festival) Let’s go. As someone who’s gone trout fishing, fishing skills aren’t important. You just need to wait. All you need to do is pull out after waiting. (Pyeongchang Trout Festival, till February 25th) (A winter festival for people of all ages) They’re this small. Do they pop […]

Beach Fishing & How To Kayak Out SHARK Baits

Shane’s wife: Whatever you do just watch that hook …kinda keep a hand on the line no, no they’ll push you right up on the beach …the hardest part about coming back in is if the waves push the kayak sidewayz You want to get it out of the water quick as you can so […]

Dragon Roll – Dragon Egg Roll – Eel Sushi rolls #장어롤 #드래곤에그롤 #우나기롤

오늘은 건강식 장어롤 3가지를 소개해드리려합니다 ! 같이 한번 해보실까요 ! 첫번째롤: 드래곤 에그롤 재료입니다 실파, 소금,후추, 달걀 ,양념된 장어 두번째 드레곤롤 재료 :실파,오이,다진생강,아보카도,양념된장어 파를 채썰어주세요 생강을 썰어 다져주세요 채썬 파와 다진 생강을 섞어 좀 더 다져주세요 장어를 어슷썰기로 잘라주세요 나머지 반은 길게 잘라주세요 채썬 파와 함께 계란을 넣고 섞어주세요 약간의 소금과 후추를 넣고, 잘 섞어준후, […]

Introducing Kernow Floor Shark Graphic Floor Film | HP Latex | HP

This is a clever product from a wonderful film manufacturer called Kernow. Now, they’re listed is Kernow Jet in the, uh, Media Locator, but I’ve always known them as Kernow. Um, they’re out of England. It’s a fantastic company. Very good films. Very good coatings on the films. We have our old friend Milton Friedman […]

Easy Healthy Vegan Lunch Ideas for School or Work

hello my beautiful friends and welcome back to cheap lazy vegan and another video. Today I have another super easy delicious recipe video for you guys and this is focused on on-the-go lunches. All of these you can make in advance. You could even meal prep any of these just by adjusting the amount that […]

How Cambodian Family Eats – Cambodian Style Seafood Lunch – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hi guys, Here is a nice Khmer Family Today i’ll be their guest and i will see how they cook and eat some snails and some fishes. Maybe i should change my mind… I can taste snails next year… Boys grilling snails outside while girls preparing delicious very spicy sauces This is the neighborhood Boys […]