Is 24 hours enough for Jaeseok? [Happy Together/2020.03.05]

Jaeseok is very good at working out. – Me? I am not good. / – He’s addicted. Jaeseok is addicted to working out. Why don’t you two have a push-up battle? No. No. He’s too good. – Still… / – You do 50 every morning. – I do. / – You always show off your […]

SUB) 우리 엄마는 100만 유튜버 My mom is a YouTuber with 1M subscribers.

I asked a fisherman who had caught small fish all his life. “Do you want your son to be a fisherman too?” “That doesn’t matter.” “Whatever one does, one should be the owner of it.” Which time of day do you look forward the most? One hour a day a short break with delicious coffee […]

갑오징어낚시 탐사를 삼천포로 다녀왔어요!봄갑오징어낚시 선상낚시 갑오징어탐사낚시 fishing squid

Finally came out! Today is Tuesday, March 3 Today is my first time driving I am going to Samcheonpo I’m nervous and excited It’s wrong to drive long distances First time driving I don’t drive well for over 30 minutes. But it’s really big courage Fishing makes people like this I’ve been driving for two […]

My Little Fish HD – Hello Kitty & Friends

Now my little fish and me We are the best of friends under the sea The moonlight on a little moonlight stroll All right here in your little fish bowl Sip a cup of tea if you would like Or go for a ride on an underwater bike Can you dream a dream when you’re […]

Coral nutrition – food for thought

With so many feeding options are you sure you’re giving your corals exactly what they need? If you want your corals to thrive grow be colorful and resilient to changes Here’s some food for thought Hi guys and welcome to Red Sea Insights about coral nutrition The vast majority of corals are considered “photosynthetic” because […]

Mediterranean Seafood Stew – Zarzuela de Pescado

Hello everyone i´m Albert Bevia with Spain on a Fork in today´s episode we´re going to be making a seafood stew know as a Zarzuela in Spain now the word Zarzuela roughly translates to a small symphony this tells you we´re going to be using a couple different types of seafood in this dish and […]

Beach fishing: What will we catch with this?

OH, OH, OH! Here we go! *Drag screaming* zzzzzzztttt I know, I wanna let him eat. This drag is tight! I’m going to let him take it because this drag is so tight My heart is going a million miles per hour. We are in Sebastian, Florida looking for some big fish. These are our […]

Endangered Sea Turtles… Threats and Solutions

(playful music) – I’m Lucas Meers, marine science graduate at Jacksonville University, and Conservation Program Officer at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. For six years, I’ve been walking the beaches of northeast Florida looking for and marking sea turtle nests, and recently, I spent a summer in Tortuguero, Costa Rica working with the Sea Turtle […]

Tutoriel 20 : Le poisson en ballon

Hello! Today, I’m going to teach you how to make an adorable little fish. You’ll need two balloons. I’ve chosen an orange modeling balloon to make the body of the fish, but you could use red, or any other color you like, and a little white round balloon to make the eyes! To start, we’re […]

Using Plugs and Lures during a Feeding Frenzy

We’ve found an enormous feeding frenzy right off the coast! and we’re casting our spoons, casting our plugs, and nailing fish one after another! We’re out fishing with our friend, Thihn, right now, throwing spoons and other lures off this pier. We’ve come on the right day, and the right time, because there is a […]