Turtles breathe underwater with Cloacal Respiration: A Moment in Science

[Various gross animal sounds] This is a Painted Turtle one of North Carolina’s more attractive aquatic turtles. However, it’s got a pretty unattractive way of breathing at least in the wintertime. during the summer you’re likely to find this turtle basking in the sun on logs in lakes and ponds but in the wintertime it […]

Giant sea spiders use their legs as gills and their guts as hearts

>>Caitlin Shishido: So I’m from Maui so the opportunity to go down there is incredible, but also really cold compared to here. It was really amazing. I think thereʻs nothing like Antarctica. >>Amy Moran: We were working with a group called the sea spiders or the pycnogonids, which occur in Hawaii, but they are very […]