Tight lines in Lapland The trip has finally begun and the weather has been nice so far Good paddling! Should we go left or right? Let’s go from the middle! I guess we were a bit wrong with the flood forecast The spring flood might be gone on this river section Plan B! I had a different kind of vision of canoeing
-Nice paddling trip, eh? Now there’s actually some water underneath the canoes. Yummy!
-It won’t fit in the net. Good sized pike! It’s nice sized but it’s a wrong species. (mosquitoes) Right on! There’s a fish here! Nice grayling. Could be a new record.
Haven’t gotten any bigger before. That’s how it usually goes if you
haven’t got any bigger… Some 40cm (actually 51) Nice perch This is like a gopro view
with a zoom though Today we’re gonna have… Fish tortillas It’s on And wrap it That’s it! It was too easy in the calm weather yesterday
so we waited for a nice head wind It’s good tricep exercise! And there’s no mosquitoes! That would’ve been huge if it was a…
Well, it is pretty huge. Won’t fit in the net. It took my lure Nice and small river sections
It’s the first rapid I forgot to say I need a ride…
Well, I’ll ask Mauno There’s the first decent trout
of the trip (1 kg) All right! It’s not a pike this time No, it’s not a pike even though
a pike is a fish as well What are you beating Karri? There was a mosquito on my ankle… Just kidding.
Got this kind of a fish (brown trout 1,4 kg) Brown trout
-Brown trout! Indeed, for the dinner we’re gonna have
new potatoes and herring! The trout goes to the foxes. Opa might get some if he wants… Tastes good! (raw salted grayling) That’s nice! Earlier today a new record trout on fly
and now the same with grayling Henkka! Hi!
-Hello! Do something funny as I’m filming! Won’t do anything…
Such a dull guy! How’s it going boys?
-I feel a bit tired What time is it?
-No idea whatsoever How about the weather?
-It’s ok but fish are staying in their holes. Oh boy! Oops! I was having a beacon sandwich
and lost my tooth! Well then!
-It’s a nice trout or a massive grayling It’s hurting my wrists.
Such a long play with the fish Good looking fish!
Show us They are all on your hands.
-On my hands? It could be something around 2 am.
Just came back to the camp We brought 3 graylings
and a trout with us. Here we have grayling on a stick a la Karri Say something with a funny dialect “Well took these graylings this time
for food -” “- not only to stamp into the bog!” Now there’s a brown trout on a fly! The same place as yesterday. It’s 40 something… I suppose Nice catch!
– Fish, yay! There are some brownies for sure! What do you cast with?
– Woolly bugger! A nice grayling again! We’re gonna have some fish soup in a bit Yep, little by little.
This is how you collect the ingredients What day is it? Saturday? Some day between Monday and Sunday… It’s pretty late in the evening, cold mist
and decent fishing Earlier today a good sized trout took the fly
but broke the line right away Another one checking the fly as well
but finally got one out of the water Sweet balsam for our sorrows
Also one grayling Soon Mauno will catch a record trout Say yeah!
– Yeah! Show it to the camera. Just like that… It’s sometime in the middle of the night Fish are still hungry Wohoo!
– Brownie, brownie! There’s that big of an army of mosquitoes
that Karri, you better stay inside today… Aight! We landed in this kind of a place last night.
It was so thick mist that we didn’t see a thing There’s a good looking current
And this one especially And there’s a nice… that kind of a thing Pike… As we are full of grayling soup
we decided to come to the beach This is life! At the sunny beach with the boys Here again… Us! It’s maybe like 4 am. I’m whisking mousse
with a sore wrist and the brothers are taking some artistic
pictures at the dawn Sixth night is behind and
seventh day has begun Before I woke up Mauno went
and caught a nice… …grayling! There’s some soy granules getting cooked Soy strips I mean That’s what we’re eating ’cause
we didn’t catch any fish Waiting for end of the rain And the end of the thunder We have come 15km in boring and
uninspiring landscape without any rapids In a flat weather In about 30mins our license for this area begins
and we’re gonna catch a 12,4 kg salmon We came to slightly greater spots
to try some salmon fishing There was one pike and another smaller
bite but I guess no salmon today… Let’s go to sleep Well, it is… It’s 7th… no, 8th morning
– No… 7th morning
– No it’s 8th… 8th day
– 8th morning! It’s 8th morning but the first morning
was at home so it’s 8th, no 7th morning 7th or 8th camp is being taken down Mauno is making us a sail ’cause the tailwind
looks pretty good for us An old sailor, eh There it is! Wohoo! The first salmon of my life It’s not the biggest but still a salmon It was hooked on a small wobbler like that
from that current It’s enough… Telling ya! Now we have some real Snufkin spirit here! Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse
“To sail is necessary; to live is not necessary” Howdy! We put these decorations
on our boats for no reason but just to show off, eh! Sail canoe is really handy in waves as well The first rapid with these constructions
is behind One small hit to the side on this yacht The only downside right now is that
we’re having a head wind These sails are absolutely no help for us right now! Soon a big salmon will catch, then a big play will start
and then we’re going to eat a big meal The last moments to fish on this trip
’cause the license will be valid for max 30mins There’s Mauno’s fragette, fregatta… regatta Left wrist is still pumping pretty hard
– I still vigour Licenses have expired and rods are packed
but there’s some paddling still ahead As you see it’s getting real now
Helmets on That mast is cool. It’s like a safety flag
Mauno won’t get out of our sight Concentrate on paddling and not to pose! What a wave! That’s gonna boom! Quite a lot of water came in to the canoe…
and again Put the camera away! My boots are just high enough to stand here This takes quite a while to empty… With a 1 liter hand bailer…
– I have scooped maybe 100 times by now It’s the last night and we’re having some pancakes.
Mauno could sum up the whole trip so far In 5 words! No, you can say all you want Nice trip! Won’t get anything, let’s get outta here! Crappy river

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  1. Aivan loistava pätkä :D. Upeet oli kyllä maisemat ja kalat :). Olis kyllä aivan unelmaa tehä itekki tommonen reissu 🙂

  2. Näyttipä aika tutulta on tuolla tullut oltua joskus 70ja 80 luvulla ja harria ja taimenta syötiin ja jopa haukeakin paistoimme. Mukava päästä noille vesille näin videonkin välityksellä joten kiitoksia pojat!

  3. Hienosti tehty video, todella mukavaa katseltavaa! Olisi kiva myös lukea juttu tästä, missähän metsästys & kalastus lehden numerossa tämä mahtoi olla?

  4. Tosi hyvin tehty video! Nättejä kaloja tuli, ja siistit maisemat 🙂 Missä päin lappia tää reissu tapahtu? Alko tekemään mieli taas itekin harjuksia pyytämään 😀

  5. @Severi Perämäki karrihan se ei tainnu juuri woolly buggeriaan vaihtaa 😀 mulla tais tehokkaimpia olla jotkut keltasävytetyt streamerit. aikalailla samat maistu sekä taimenelle että harjukselle.

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