Taiyo – India’s No.1 selling fish food | success story | Kolathur Fish Market & Pet Market | #8

we started aquarium business in 1994 Just started as hobby At Egmore with 200 Sq.ft aquarium Shop Retail aquarium shop! at first we got 200 to 300 rupees sales per day After 8 years signed tie-up with a Malaysian company we sold their brands all over India As time passes, we thought why don’t we create our own brand in India we created TAIYO brand in 2002 and sold our products all over India at first. When we import products from abroad, duty, tax and consumer prices are high Main intention of producing products here in India so we can give works to Indians, products can also been sold in cheap prices In our factory nearly 140 members working now in total and 70% of women workers we, TAIYO provide jobs for ladies In India we have 70% of Market share and TAIYO exports 16 countries from India most of them import fish food from china or other countries but we export, our target is to export In future TAIYO is gonna produce food for other pet animals, pet birds too TAIYO is not only for fish food under the name of pets life we produce foods for birds and animals like Hamster kenya pig Rabbit for moneys too we transforming our factory into pet food factory from fish food factory / aquarium factory even we concentrate over other accessories started our new store recently under 6000 sq.ft in Kolathur, Chennai here we sale not only fish food we also sales accessories & equipment a complete store for pets TAIYO, Our plot is to give guaranty for Quality high red is produced for flower horn if you use this we guaranty for colour within 12 days if not, money back for sure. TAIYO assures 100% in improvements over colour, growth you can’t find red on other brand products it just act as food, it don’t help with its growth as of we making this here it self we making with high quality If we take Bombay, we need to send parcels for 10 to 20 to 30 persons from last two year we appointed 24 distributors around India For Bombay – 2 distributors for Bangalore – 2 distributors, like that we appointed 2 distributors per major areas we send products to them through trucks they will be maintaining the rest of the process over their areas so throughout India 23 distributors, 16 countries 16 distributors we use Chinese wordings, we also use French language nowadays we also use Hebrew language it helps in-between customers in various countries TAIYO uses Chinese language, so its been sold in Singapore as well as in Malaysia people kind more comfortable with their local languages we use Hebrew for Israel its all about people language according to countries it varies In 1994, its a big deal to starting a aquarium shop there is no this much varieties of fish food by that time only basic food varieties available that just costs 25 to 50 rupees economy range only been survived in Indian market By that time we only depend upon foreign country products there is no company in India TAIYO is the first fish food factory in India TAIYO is the only factory to export pet food products other countries at the beginning stages my wife & daughters helped to pack product and myself take those packed products for sales with the help of my motorbike this is how we started this business today we have 140 members in our factory at first turn-over nearly 10,000 rupees per month Now its been developed to turn-over 28 crores per annum In 2012, we got young entrepreneur award from Minister Smriti Irani out of 500 from Tamil Nadu we’ve got that award its a tough competition over china products and other country products we beat other brands with our quality we don’t compromise over quality we select only human grade ingredients there is lots of difference between animal grade and human grade we use only human grade so we standout compared with other brand qualities we assure quality to our products 25 years since this business started Next generation, my daughters going to stepping into this business soon Young generation thinking, their perspective of visualising will be different as par New range of products will be increased by them Plan is to increase exporting 16 countries to 40 countries within 5 years need to establish TAIYO brand we’re working hard for this so far Every year we approach 2,3 countries and we get 2-3 appointments as I’ve said, we started new store 6,000 square feet store this is only for whole sale people, no retail This store is under the incharge of my wife and my daughter they look after sales and handling with customers TAIYO have distributors all over India you can find our products even in small pet shops around India, you can find TAIYO brand in all aquarium shops that much we have reached within 20-25 years In school : some asks, “whats your father’s business?” if she replies as fish business, your father is a fisher man / running a fish shop so they won’t tell the business some well known people from Bangalore they said they won’t give a girl for groom fish shop!? Now this industry can say – Aquarium, Pet shop value has been changed na When we got married we don’t have any idea then only we started this business this is all because of my husband’s hard work I’ve been working until my children got to be grownup and then I pursue as house wife Now I’m continuing to business since one year He always thinks about what can be done newly I take care of family so that it helps him to fully concentrate over development of business, I think so… that freedom makes him to do more to increase productivity in business myself and my daughters will be supportive what ever the hard situation occurs My name is Sawmiya I’m just completed B.com and been working for a year From childhood, my dad is my role model I’ve started loving business because of my dad I’ve seen lots of his hard work so myself as well as my sister jointly we gonna make this business even more bigger than now exists thats our aim Now TAIYO’s turn-over- around 30 crore nest generation myself as well as my sister jointly we gonna increase to 60 crores plus, thats our plan Advice to next generation people if you do focus 100% on what you do means can achieve success Education is not a criteria for a business I don’t think its needed its important, but it doesn’t mean we only can do business or gain success once we complete a degree in that case myself 10 grade fail, so education doesn’t define your success hard work and focus towards the goal can lead you to success that may be whomever welcome to TAIYO Im gonna explain about our products

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