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Hi guys Jamie here I hope you’re well. We’re going to make the most delicious super healthy colorful fish taco recipe super
super simple couldn’t be any easier fish loads of the veggies in there three of
your five fruit and veg today in one meal a wheel of color and also it kind of
feels naughty is that kind of street food vibe and to make this dish even
easier we’re going to use my Jamie Oliver by Tefal pans this is the
everyday hard anodized range which I just love so let’s make the tacos. We’re
using gorgeous wholemeal flour 100 grams little pinch of salt and then just add a
little water until you get a dough and as it comes together start to use your
hands and it looks like nothing but that’s going to make for perfectly
gorgeous tacos roll it and roughly guess four portions we’ll put that to one side
to rest the next bits really really exciting salsa for spring onions the
Green Park we’re going to char this that’s controlled burning that if we
would have thought I’d be telling you to do that
Kiwi he’s got that lovely acidity and we’re going to let the natural sugars
caramelize it’s going to get your taste buds going I want to get some heat going
on and if I can I’ll use either the pickled jalapenos or here’s a fresh one
remove the seeds and the white pass skin side down we’re going to char this turn
this over look at the caramelization guys that is ready to go straight and a
liquid either put a little handful of coriander in we’re going to go in with
more citrus I’m using lime on this one blitz it up 45 seconds is more than
enough come on it’s really really important to taste yourself it’s all
very nice now but it’s got no attitude okay so we have to seam it intelligently
smoked Chipotle Tabasco goes in a little touch of oil give it a little blend right we’re good to go so let’s get on
the takos roll out a couple of these little dough’s if you want to use a
little bit of flour you can just minimal and then we go into a dry dry pan and
these are great pans right nonstick so we don’t need all in there
super super healthy 35 seconds you just want to lightly char it fantastic
now let’s get on with the filling cut this fish fill it in half olive oil salt
and pepper and I’m going to go skin side down into the pan chunky Lee chop the
white part of the spring onions a little bit of an angle
red and yellow pepper chop that up similar size to the spring onion I’m
almost wok frying you know in this pan which is quite interesting I’m just
charring you know the peppers the onions wonderful the veggies are looking
amazing I’m going to turn the fish now look how crispy that skin is amazing
while that’s doing its magic I want to have a little kind of kind of quick
pickle right so I’ve shredded some red cabbage so I want to season that with
some salt and then red wine vinegar just a little tablespoon some zest of an
orange because there’s amazing oils and flavor in there the juice or the Karpin
orange goes in scrunch it and the feeling gets in already
it’s delicious let’s begin the story let’s take a gorgeous red cabbage
coriander average it’s so simple so delicious look how juicy that fish is
and look how crispy skins days we go in with that amazing salsa we want to
contradict that heat with a little bit of yogurt and a little swig of that
chipotle chili sauce fresh healthy delicious if you want more healthy
recipes then check out my everyday superfood cookbook and of course if you
want to check out my set of beautiful t-fal pounds look in the description box
below check out the range is amazing have a go at these tacos bring a little
bit of sunshine into your life you

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