Taylor & Christian Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

Taylor & Christian Reveal | Catfish: The TV Show

(intense music) – Hi.
– Hi. – How you doing?
– I’m good, how are you? – Good, I’m Nev.
– I’m Jade. – You’re Jade, okay great. – Hey.
– Nev. Austin.
– Austin. What’s up? Why don’t you guys come down? – [Jade] Step out so
we can talk, alright. – Okay. Dude, do you know
each other at all? (intense music) – I’ve never seen her before. – Okay, well this is Taylor. This is Tallulah
who’s helping out. Jade and – [Both] Austin. – So, what the
heck’s going on guys? – Okay, so, initially
it all kind of started off as a joke. – So, were you texting me? – Sometimes.
– Yeah. We all started– – Who’s “We all”? – Myself, Jade and Hailey. – Yeah, my best friend as well. – Hailey?
– Yeah, she actually played a part in it. Hailey went to McKinley. – Do you know someone named
Hailey from high school? – Like barely, I mean, I know who she is but I talked to her
like once or twice. Hailey’s the one who
told you guys everything? – Yeah. – Why didn’t you guys
just tell me like it was a joke in the beginning because now it’s on TV
and I look really stupid. – [Jade] Well, I don’t want you, see and that’s
what I didn’t want. Like I didn’t want you to… (Taylor cries) – Can we go? – No. I’m not buying it. What about Jerrika? – Who’s Jerrika? – [Nev] Come back
over here Taylor. What’s going on here? Oh, someone’s here. – Here she comes. – Hello. – Hi, this is Jericca? – Oh, that’s Hailey. – Hi.
– Hi Nev. – [Nev] Hi. – Hey, Taylor. I’m sorry bro. It wasn’t supposed
to get this far. – So, why didn’t
you guys stop it when I texted you when I
said I’m gonna write Catfish? Why didn’t you
just tell me then? – Honestly, once
it got this deep, I felt like this would have
been the best way to do it. Then I felt like you
deserved to know the truth. – There’s like people
who kill themselves for stuff like this and
I’m just really upset. – I’m sorry bro. Honestly, I just really can’t
say anything more than that. – [Jade] I feel horrible. – [Hailey] I know I feel bad. – Blah blah blah. All right, let’s just be honest. Can someone just
(beep) be honest? This is stupid. I just want someone to
(beep) tell me the truth. This is all bull(beep). – There is no bull(beep). What you see is what you get. There’s nothing.
– No malice intended. – It just got out of hand. – We know for sure that’s
not what’s going on here. – What do you think is going on? – I think you guys and Taylor
are all full of (beep). We know that’s not
the whole story. We know Taylor’s best friend
has the same phone number as the catfish. It doesn’t add up. None of it. You guys aren’t fooling anybody. It’s all BS. Do you have any
additional things to say? – Not at all. – [Producer] Why
don’t we take a break and talk a little bit more? Is that cool? – Yeah, why don’t we just
take a quick breather? – Okay. – So, we just got
a hold of Jerrika. She said the reason she
don’t want to be on the show is because she doesn’t
wanna be deceptive in helping Taylor with her plan. Maybe Jerrika got cold feet and then these
guys got pulled in but yeah. As far as Jerrika is concerned, all of that stuff’s bull(beep. – Right. All right, why
don’t we go inside and try and figure this out. (intense music) All right. – So, here’s how I’m feeling. I feel like maybe you guys were in on it with
Jerrika a little bit, like for me to have
her number and stuff and then maybe you guys
are like protecting her ’cause she’s one of my
really close friends. (sighs) – Is somebody gon say something? – I don’t know Jerrika.
– I don’t know Jerrika. – I don’t know Jerrika. We’re into deep at this point and things are getting just out of hand. And I feel like a lot
of it is coming on us. And I feel like everybody
needs to take accountability for their actions and their
part in the situation. – I hear what you’re saying. You guys are taking the fall for someone else? – I mean, there’s only so
much that we can explain ’cause I’ve never
called Jerrika, I’ve never talked to Jerrika, never texted Jerrika. She hasn’t, she hasn’t. Only one person in
this room can explain. – How did you get involved? – Taylor. – Like when you guys
added me on Facebook and were just like
playing around? – I’m try’na give
you the opportunity to speak your truth and then I will speak mine.
– And I’m speaking my truth. – I wouldn’t feel the need to– – All right, so
I’ll just say it, I’m just gonna say it. So, Taylor set this
up to come on TV and then at some point, asked you guys to
come on the show. – Yeah. We kind of got in on at the end. – You basically, you three
were gonna be the one’s that were the catfish. – Her.
– She was. – Wait, hold on, Taylor, you just said that
like all of a sudden you’re like agreeing
with the story. You’re just gonna
like causally admit that they’re right, that you’ve been (beep)
fooling (beep) this whole time. Are you ready to do that? – So, Jerrika
decided to make it up and I wrote it. (laughs) – Okay. – And then Jerikka said she
didn’t wanna look stupid. – Look at us.
– Okay. – So, I was like let me
see if someone from Atlanta can do it, so I wrote her but the fact that
they’re involved– – Why do all of that? To be on the show? To boost your Instagram? – What’s the origin point of why we are all sitting
on these coaches right now? Like I want to be on TV, like what (beep),
we talked to you, you sat with us,
talking about this lie. We spent time and energy, when we do this like a
110% into everything. And like, that’s (beep) up. – They woulda said no
then I wouldn’t even wrote into the show. It’s not liKe I was gonna
keep finding people. – Well that’s my fault– – Yeah, right no,
that’s ridiculous. You don’t think
anything’s your fault, the world is like at your
feet to do whatever you want. – I never said
nothing is my fault. – But this just like, you look so gross right now. I don’t even think
Jerrika is involved. I’m sorry. I just think the fact that
you went through with this and that you so casually
are just saying like, “Okay, yeah, that’s it.” And haven’t once like
even seemed to express any sense of remorse. You’re like life is gonna
be perfect for me anyways, so, oops sorry. That’s how I feel
about you right now. – Okay. – So, I’m finished. You guys, that’s it, I got the answers I needed, I think the story’s over. I’m sorry you guys
got roped into this. That was unfortunate. It was a bad decision but okay. Good luck, sorry we had
to ruin your big TV debut, and please don’t ever
waste my time again.

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