Just smells like vinegar, red vinegar, bottoms up everyone!.my name is joey Ah! Good day everyone! and welcome to todays video which I’m so freakin’ excited about because I am a huge fan of the show shark tank. uh which if you don’t know what it is , where ya been livin? Probably in a country that doesnt have it because its an everything show. um basically it’s these aspiring entrepreneur’s, oh my god I think I butchered that word, entrepreneur x3, that. They go in and pitch their idea of the product that they have or something that they are working on and they show like stats of sales and all of those and stuff. and then these investors, this group of investors, they’re called “the sharks” they invest money into these thing for a percentage of their company and they make these cool products and i’m going to be testing some of those products that are on the show umm, which i’ve always been curious about , I like always watch it and theres always a few where i’m like oh my god i’m actually going to go and buy that but I bought a bunch of supplies, and if this video gets over 80,000 likes I will upload another episode where I try more shark tank products but for now I think I have like 7 things that I will be trying? So, lets get on with it and test out some of these products! And see if they’re actually any good. so, the first one of these is a clothing brand, that I believe is called beloved or belovED. I’m not sure. Theres static! they have all these crazy graphics. OHHH GALAXY!! *SEX NOISES* Galaxy DIY sweatshirt, oh wait, thats actually a good idea, no one steal it because I’ll probably end up doing it this is everything! I live ! So, they have a whole bunch of different like graphicy sweaters and other stuff they have like t-shirts, tank tops, onesies, and other stuff don’t quote me on their products. ohh! it fits nice! Here look. Its Everything(uhh)! This is nice. I thought it be just like it’s would be so heavy with like the ink saturation. I totally thought i was gonna be stiff, but its comfy I can go about and it’s soft. This is good damn quality. I’d live with this And its cool, I’m the galaxy queen. Uh, they also had like a rainbow unicorn thing which I almost got but galaxy is in this season But anyways, lets move on to another product. Shall we? We shall! Oh, I’m feeling a little parched I feel like I need a little energy So I’m gonna be trying the Good Promise Power Squeeze bottle. Now, I remember watching this Shark Tank and the shark said that this was disgusting. And the poor woman, like, almost left crying. It’s, like, an all, like, fruit juice with green tea extract, no sugar added, 60 calories, power squeeze. Oh! Okay so the ingredients are water, purple sweet potato juice, pomagranate juice, peach juice, lemon juice, green tea extract, kera juice. theres probably alot of sugar. theres only four sugars? hu interesting. Ok lets see if the sharks were right by saying this is disgusting. Ummmm. Lets Find out! Ummmm… Are the sharks on crack because this is literally EVERYTHING mmmmmmmhhhmmmmmm… Its really good… it’s sour, but its good! its sweet, sour… I definitely taste a lot of the pomegranate juice It makes me smile when i drink it, but i don’t know what the sharks are talking about, they made it seem like it was the most disgusting thing on this planet. They’re crazy I feel like they could do a little bit better with this packaging marketing, i don’t really like the blue and yellow Like its just not cute. Down here is great with the fruit and veggies but probably should rework that uh, just my opinion okay, moving on up next are Dude Wipes, that’s right, the wipes for dudes. No chicks allowed this is basically um to clean your butthole when you take a poopy um, it’s fragrance free, naturally soothing um it’s just to keep you clean down under Well let’s see the quality uh and I’m not gonna wipe my butt on camera so don’t expect that. um but I just wanna see like what it’s like if it’s like a baby wipe or oh wow They did this on the show I don’t remember who it was if it was Lori or not but they were just like this just falls apart in your hands which I think is good for the environment, probably, and like septic systems but like if you’re wiping it just like kind of falls off-apart it’s not very strong that scares me and like guys especially guys. like they’re gonna like have like a heavy like push with it and it’s gonna like break apart so that’s I think a flaw which they said in Shark Tank um, yep doesn’t have a smell I mean it feels soothing so that’s nice But yeah I think that’s the only downside of this is just, it just falls apart. Which could be a good thing Alright, anyways moving on it actually came with uh Fresh Balls it’s this cream which I guess you put prevents wetness and the uncomfortable feeling of being sweaty and sticky as well as chafing the groin and other problem areas without a powdery mess so I think it’s like an alternative for baby powder um so let’s see what this is all about Again I’m not going to be applying this to my balls so don’t expect that Alright! Let’s apply this to the hand gel. Ooh, creamy~ Let’s see… Okay…


  1. I would spend the entire day licking the cup. Mainly because I like have something to do, a lot of the time I just fiddle with my fingers.

  2. I'd spend two hours eating a cup xD i'm a fidgety person and after drinking something out of a foam cup I'll pick it apart piece by piece and make a fucking mess XD Solo cups I don't mess with cuz I've cut myself so many times ripping them apart lol

  3. In Canada there's a show that's exactly the same but Canadian and its called dragons den in stead of them being called sharks there called dragons

  4. That Piper way thing looks like the fake krabby patty stuff from that one episode of Spongebob where Mr. Krabs sold the Krusty Krab I think

  5. We're gonna taste it like it's a lollipop. Takes a huge bit. Lol. Cause thats how we all eat lollipops lol. Love u joey

  6. Have you guys ever knew a YouTuber that has one side of there house pretty just for there videos and then there other side of there house is VERY DIFFERENT 😂😂

  7. Before I venture into the comments. I say I'm going to read about 364 "DILUTE THE VINEGAR " or "DONT DRINK THAT IT ROTS YOUR WHATEVER " Wish me luck

  8. the sharks said it was gross probably because thay are fatys and thay only eat stuff filled with sugar the sharks are mean and i mean the fruit juice thing i have tryed it its is everything

  9. anyone else agree with me do don't drink apple cider vinegar straight that's like killing yourself added to water and just like a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to water I'm about to just stirring and sugar as well it's pretty bitter

  10. if you buy the cups for me I will or if somebody would buy them for me I would definitely use those but I'm broke as fuk so yeah I'll stick to my plastic cups and plastic silverware and whatever else is cheaper like actual glass dish wear LOL

  11. Technically IntoTheAM is from Shark Tank as it's a sister company to EmazingLights (One of the biggest deals on Shark Tank). The more you know 🙂

  12. can you test out the mac tools none cut-table bags plz my dad works their and would love to have you try his company's products.

  13. baby shark! dudududud Baby shark dududududu baby shark… MAMA SHARK DUDDUDUDUDUDUDUDDUDUDUDUDUDUDUD okay I'm done….

  14. am I the only one who loges vinegar and drinks it from the bottle and doesnt react like other people (apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, just normal vinegar, etc)

    Just me? ok

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