Sawadee Kha everyone! Monday, new recipe! today I have feeling I want to eat seafood and the best way to cook seafood
is barbecue since we don’t have one this morning I bought a new barbecue and now I can cook Miang Talay Pao which means grilled seafood and eat with fresh vegetables rice noodle and Thai spicy sauce are you ready? let’s go! all-purpose flour
rice noodle coriander
salad Thai sweet basil
salt and try to find a big one like this fish
mussels seashells
shrimp salt
palm sugar lime
coriander roots chili
garlic fish sauce and palm
sugar when you go buy a fish don’t forget to tell the seller to remove the
thing inside like this and tell them do not remove the scales first, you smash the lemongrass and then do like this and then put inside the fish it helps
to make your fish smell good and also use kaffir lime leaves too and maybe I
forget to tell you in ingredients before we are going to grill the fish we
have to cover it with flour and salt now the fish is ready, time to grill it and
I have to say thank you to my lovely boyfriend that he’s the one taking care of
the barbecue for me thank you let it cook for ten to thirty minutes
because for the fish it quite takes time but for shrimp for seashells for mussels
I think it’s quicker than the fish so keep your eye on it while it’s grilling prepare Thai spicy sauce you want to have some, honey? I don’t like when my shrimp is
too cooked so I will flip it now it smells good, it smells seafood, I like it look at this…perfect cooking I mean, for me and now I will dip in my spicy sauce I will do for you put shrimp honey you like Thai sweet basil? coriander? Cy: everything Cy: noodles put a little bit more Nin: this is really light meal you know and I think it’s
healthy 1,2,3 this one I think is very fun if you eat with your friends Cy: it’s like very good to eat but at the same it’s kind of a challenge to make it Cy: you know what’s missing? a good fresh beer! and voila, bon appetit! just a funny story: we actually already had a bbq that we found in a very small local shop Cy asked the lady if he had a barbecue to sell she said no and when she saw how sad he was she proposed to sell her own a very old bbq but, 50 bahts 1.5$ only! this is Thailand don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed the video and click on the bell to receive a
notification when I add a new one also… CHOP that like button! thank you for watching see you next Monday Khob Khun Kha, bye bye

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