The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips in the World: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 3)

The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips in the World: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 3)

100 thoughts on “The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips in the World: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 3)

  1. anyone know how i can find out the name of the music on 6th minute, the mandolin.. and the one at the end?

  2. It is just so embarrassing to see her treating herself with that crab sandwich, it is not like he offered it to her, just pay your food!

  3. For those thinking she didn't pay for the sandwich: Isn't it obvious that she did? He warns her that it's the most expensive one, to which she answers she's gonna treat herself. Meaning she can afford it on this special occasion.
    She also says it's not often she gets a fresh crab sandwich. I understood this as she meant the price was worth it.

  4. Fish n chips is shite generally. Some institutions make it with beer batter to add a bit of taste but all over the isles, it is generally shite.
    I’ve had better Fish n chips in the USA.

  5. We don't pronounce it "oh ban"
    It's mare like "o-bin" or "o-ben" depending on yer coast.

  6. If you go to the Oban fish and chip chop in the summer time when all the tourists is the the fish is very good but got very disappointed in the winter time went in and the owner was going on and on about the batter it’s all in the batter blah blah but the fish was disgusting not haddock he gave a small fish and a another small bit of fish that was haddock the small bit was good very disappointed selling rubbish in the winter time

  7. she is either dumb or a idiot..i cant really decide, she's just a showpiece with a bird inside of her head..ehh

  8. 9:27
    Police: give us back the jewelry you stole or were gonna shoot you
    This madlass: oh my bad im treatin myself ye

  9. Scotty Simpsons Fish n chips in Detroit MI are the best, hands down. I can see it in the batter don’t even need to taste.

  10. She's so rude that lady she interrupts the man and says
    Hiya I'm charlotte.
    I mean no one gives a flying willy wanker

  11. She just witnessed the old dude argue about money then comes up on a plate of scallops and a crab sandwich lols…she savage

  12. Take notes, boys. Instead of leaving the girl, standing there, offering to help you. You offer to teach them how to create something new. It will make you look better.

  13. Not only is she visually offensive, she has nothing interesting to say, and hearing her eat and slurp had me turning away.

  14. You won't get decent fish and chips in Scotland….. Sorry….. The fish is gorgeous but they can't do batter…. Tastes like shit…..

  15. Is it me or does this fully grown woman always act like she's a uni student. Always getting smashed. Always looks hung over

  16. I love when they subtitle Scottish people haha, I work for a company and I have to deal with a Scottish bloke as I am the only one who understands him, a thick thick Glaswegian accent. Thankfully half my family are from north of the border, but even I struggle with some people. real life subtitles would be a treat.

  17. You could tell when she was leaving that all john was thinking about was all the people who were going to try to come steal his crab cages because of this video.

  18. can tell that dude of the fish n chip shop only hires young pretty girls so he can be aroung girls lmao lozer

  19. Can you explain to the lamen amongst us why you're using a square and not spade shovel? Must be a Scottish thing, work smarter not harder! Love from America

  20. The best fish n chips I had were in the Keewenaw Peninsula in the U.P. of Michigan, Lake Superior has some beautiful fish.

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