The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips in the World: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 3)

The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips in the World: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 3)

[Music] so I’ve stopped off here on the east coast of Scotland in a little town called Arbroath which is famous because this is the place where they sign the dip the bit but they conduct a big line which is where they signed the indept which is known as the place Wes physician which is the place where the end which is where they signed this I don’t know what it is they sign the end it what’s it called their collection of Scottish independence Inn why have you brought us down here I write a to form of zero smokey this is the true home yeah this turvy village called Eknath ii which is about two and a half miles actually that bro this is where it all began hundreds of years ago from the Viking settlers landed on these shores did you come from a family of smokers you know I’m a first generation I was walking maker so would your ancestors have used this spot very probably yeah well let’s have a look man okay but what I’m gonna do is just dig a we haul about yes and why does it need to be in a hole well the whole provides insulation for the vial actually helps to keep the heat and when the pressure cookers she need help look I want to put me to work do you need help look I’m done with your hos anak don’t can you explain for the layman amongst us what is it smokey what is it smoky eye brother smokey is a hot smoked haddock which has beans likely salted and it has been gutted headed cleaned and tied in pairs and it’s hung on a special sticks and hot smoked over our hardwood log fire it’s a unique Scottish delicacy a teaspoon tastic are we gonna be fire here using em hardwood logs and that gives me a consistency with the flavor almost walkies you know and once they get a good a good solid hold in the fire what to do then is we are going to hang the fish on these sticks it in a second put the sticks over the top and cover the whole thing with some here sandbags the water and the juice separate the fish one on the hot embers make lots of steam and smoke so it’s a very very moist humid so P atmosphere in there mmm-hmm and have you got sort of super loyal customers that just can’t get enough of it oh yeah I got I got quite a few smokey Goofy’s just follow me alone yeah yeah yeah can I help you wanna get fishy Hans yeah okay just as close you can go in without touching the touch and they’ve cooked stick together okay okay obviously we please oh no I’m rubbish it’d be really really really careful okay gentle don’t clunk it though okay don’t flunk it down right dried it like a clunker yeah hey that’s fine yeah it’s good okay and which way this way it’s not the others that’s it that’s fine are you a perfectionist you have to be a Mufasa get this looks innate yeah it had a very Schloss more than fire today that’s that’s that’s good he’s there he’s all photographs here these go back to the to the turn of the last century the are all tickin like methey which is where we are today this is all the various stages of the of the process of fishing this is the bait in the lanes here how many years ago were these taken about 1895 to nineteen or two so you can see here exact what I’m doing now what was mentioned here they only be fresh it open in the fire get all the gaps Wow so she’s been having problems yeah so yeah okay so shallow that should be the fish really know how do you think great yes look at that oh my gosh she’s a total change for a moat mmm YUM they smell delicious so would you like try one so when the when I cooked a very very delicate very big oh yeah so what I’ll do here is I give the fish a gentle squeeze then one at the Boyd and you can see the flashes popped off the ball like that how did the skinned boy down to the tail and then it just falls apart ah just legal up there okay look at ya comes all the way out look at the juice run a little tuck in and just tuck in like that mm-hmm that’s all nice that is so good it is smoky it’s a smoky does what it says on the tin tender moist slightly salty they’re really Morris that is salted to perfection just right it’s just right genius mm-hmm very devious huh it’s just it’s a simple process just hobby log fire pretty fish muscle nothing suppose run [Music] I’m standing on the port and Oban which is a sleepy little seaside town in the south west of Scotland that’s also known as the seafood capital of Scotland where countless high-end seafood restaurants lining the harbour ready to cater to a seafood loving international audience but the place that gets the locals vote is an unassuming no-frills little huffed on the harbour known as the green Shack John Ogden is a bit of a legend on the west coast after many years of fishing in the Hebrides and waters John started to feel disillusioned by the percentage of his catch being exported one world instead of being kept local years of petty bureaucracy has caused the green Shack to be constantly under threat but supportive campaigns run by the locals have meant that John Ogden is here to stay and won’t be going anywhere without a fight you think I’ll be done we got this on a daily basis grief shaft everything we do gorgeous turn the off sorry I’ll sure about la no it’s really fine it was quite impressive to see did you get her lobsters here where’s the lobsters have they gone in yet really talk about what you’ve just done let’s start with that whatever just done um we buy this off the books yeah we store them in these keeps ice more them in the keeps and then we put the keeps into a secret location oh and we just bring them in everyday what we need oh so you put the keeps in the sea yes that’s pretty and Lukesh okay so nobody canna pinch them well that’s the idea yeah I mean everything’s live yeah has to be really live yeah they’re definitely alive show me around how does it work well it’s a tiny place it’s broken into two sections we have a raw section it’s processed in there goes through there round there and served up here we can bang our muscles there flashbang the slopes salmon is very sustaining we do a lot in a small space can we knock out a little dish of the scallops and garlic butter churn between yeah tell you one thing one thing about seafood if it’s done simply it’s the ultimate in convenience food and now sorry for you thank you so much well have a go at that have a little yeah and how have you prepared not just cooked in deep butter where they almost poached in butter now you’ve got it indeed butter not just a little banana a lot like that like D proper talking slabs into her I mean I’m a little go tell me what you think mmm beautiful just like you know it o to us that’s how scallops should be done when you scissor me just chuck them into a hot dry pan with the butter on them already don’t worry mum sizzle and just out spread it out and eat them but people sizzle them and Kaitlyn I’m a little bit opinionated but that is the only way to do [Music] feels like a real delicacy actually and how much is this Oh 695 that is just such a treat thank you John you’re welcome you’re welcome I’m gonna take a sandwich for later what do you what’d you recommend I mean I love crab but yeah well that’s another first person out that’s their 350 for a crab so I’m gonna treat myself right not often I get a fresh crab sandwich thank you you’re you’re you are a legend I heard you were a legend and I’ve seen it with my own eyes okay thank you for uh no you don’t keep up the good work okay bye bye come on I didn’t I’m gonna burp I really feel like I’m gonna bet you should fill me back irena law so asking any Scottish person where’s the best fish and chips in Scotland you’re going to get a different answer from everyone is kind of like asking an English person who does the best roast dinner but here in Iran there are two chippies in particular who are vying titled fest fish and chips hole in the blue corner we have open fish and chips and in the other blue corner we have Nori’s the seafood war broke out after they both claimed that celebrity chef Rick Stein quoted that their fish and chips was the best he’d ever had I wasn’t interested in what Rick Stein thinks though so I wanted to go and try it for myself the best fish and chips I’ve ever tasted Rick side hiya I’m Charlotte mine is any of you Linnaean yeah thanks for having me what is it about fish ambassador we like it’s a hearty meal and it’s warm comforting dish so yet the word on Britain you know it’s raining cause they mate in front your wood-burning stove with some fish and chips and mushy peas any bitter have you tried any of the fish and chips from your competitors yeah and well but nowhere near as good desserts errors are superior [Music] three German [Music] hiya I’m Charlotte how are you who is a meant to be talking to hi Airport what’s your name hey guys sorry we love I’m Bree we don’t really get that much in London are you gonna say what Oh for all these weeks ago and I give us a glass bottle heads up oh yes I get something it’s gonna be a trick eat yogurt did you open the shop no it was my grandparents of the shop okay how long have you acted since um I’ve been helped notice as before he’s been working here since you’re for since I was four you how did he manage that well these two gave me a lot of jobs to do I used to put the sauce on the pizzas I used to help my grandpa do petit was just she’s thinking maybe jobs to do Norma I can honestly tell you obviously cuz I’ve been here for 50 or myfarmers been here for 55 years but definitely bit the most popular fish and chip shop has now I’m sort more fish upper than anyone else Charlotte cuz that one down the road will claim they so like 300 portions a day what me but they do I don’t know no what makes you all fish and chips so good can you describe your going to the restroom no because their recipes are secret don’t know what my competition says give us my secret recipe and lesson all these other things that we can I bet we will do different things to to make it one unique you know Photoshop all you do is get a better fish you meet the bar and you put it in a pan you give it to somebody it’s not a lot more complicated than that and we could go and homemade wash it easy do you a lot secret a little better fish stock I make its Emily I’ve always been can you tell us how to make I mean I had to it why not the pharmacy okay there is a secret where do you get your fish from we get on a local fish Sylvie Canada that’s why for more I want our local fish as real and where do you get your habit front I get it from a local fishmonger a local fishmonger well no I get it from Glasgow Mosely I want more talk chefs are taking more fish and chip shops those becoming a real trend especially a zone that’s all made vinegar how do you make vinegar easily so dipped in light flour rice flour while I start assistant take ship makes it Kirsten can okay Wow there my grandfather heated when you didn’t chic all about it off innocent mate but he said you’re just a waste of money you’re already doing something different what they did good is in I tell them itself is all do um they dust the fish first in rice flour [Music] no I thought I thought those things that makes flower sweetheart no I thought that’s the nicest event today thank you say the daughter yeah Dustin race logo at the Samba come on yeah yeah I’m sorry I’m late no I’m sorry huh I thought I don’t dust things in ice floe it was clear that both chippies had conflicting ideologies when it comes to battering their fish but there was only one way to decide who was fish and chip champion [Music] smells so fresh hmm [Music] there’s just something so immediately comforting about fish and chips I don’t know if it’s being British maybe it’s in our genes I think we’re just born with it you can’t beat fish and chips this one the batter is light and crispy but it’s really well coated in the fish tender it’s really tasty yeah this looks bloody good mmm it is buried Ursus Antony’s not pretending to be anything other than a good solid fish and chip shop and that’s all good in my book I’m not going to enjoy this any less than I did the one that had a sort of secret fancy twist to it in the end the competition didn’t matter you can’t really go wrong with a fish supper it’s about the experience more than the ingredients these are two molecules what Nori’s lacked in posh butter it made up for in personality and while the Nighthawks descended on to Antony’s shop he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse if you ever tried about it I like they can’t Nicole sweat just thinking about it where have you been today ok where’s that dog she loves wonderful why do you love Spanish Bolton well you have it salt and vinegar a deep-fried Pizza well you have it deep-fried Pizza let’s hope you have a night yeah Michigan ether yeah how much the place of fine deal deal deal hey when it’s making me sad this is sad you’ll cook yeah I don’t get it why didn’t didn’t didn’t [Music] he didn’t what Waterland opinion oh that there are some guys who perform in the river do you need some help you need to bail quicker if I signal to stop you stop you don’t move a muscle what’s this Glencore both action rifle did I get it

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