The Best Food in the World | BEST Seafood FEAST in Thailand! Try Native Thai Cooking

The Best Food in the World | BEST Seafood FEAST in Thailand! Try Native Thai Cooking

(upbeat music) – Okay, check it out, in downtown
Bangkok, Victory Monument. This area is a hub for delicious food and Thai food is some of
my favorite in the world. So let’s go food raging
and see what we can find. (upbeat music) Oh yeah! Okay, check this out. We’ve got some Kai Bo Noodles here. This is one of things
I’ve been really excited to try here in Bangkok and
I can smell it right now. Look at that steam! Look at all the noodles, I can smell it. It smells really spicy. Let’s give it a bite. Look at this, bo noodles. I’m hungry, look how many
bowls these guys are eating! I’m pumped, but I don’t know I think I’m going to order 15. Let’s give it a try! 15, 1-5. Two, two, two,
two, three, one, one. – Two, two, two, two, three, one, one? – Yeah! Okay, check it. I’ve got 13 different bowls
of noodles here, okay? The flavors and the smells coming from these are off the hook. Check it, I’ve got pork
noodle, a beef noodle, and this is the one I’m
really excited to try it’s like a pork noodle
with a pink sauce, okay? And then I have a dried
pork noodle as well, combined with a couple
appetizers like this. This is a deep-fried noodle skin. This is the one I’ve
been looking forward to, this noodle in the pink sauce. See there’s a pink sauce right there? Mix it up, ohhh. Slices of pork and we’ve got a deep-fired noodle skin here, okay? The first bite tells it all. Mmm. Mmm, yeah. Porky, a little fishy actually, and that pink sauce, it’s just
salty, it just tastes salty. There must be some color in there. I’ve got some serious work to do. Let’s go for the pork noodle now. (upbeat music) Mmmm, a little spicy, salty and porky. Awesome food here. So 15 bowls down and I was still hungry so I ordered a few more. 20 bowls down, I gotta
say, that was awesome. I’m still hungry though so let’s go hit the street and see what we can find. This looks like a Thai dessert. Okay, check it, I’ve had this before, I know it’s really good. You’ve got a Thai sweet custard and then coconut milk on top, steamed. So let’s try it. Look at that, Ohhh. That looks creamy. Oh, super creamy and custardy. You can taste the coconut milk. That is a perfect compliment after you finish those bo noodles. I just had 20 bowls of
noodles and a dessert. I was planning on a little
more variety than that, but I’m really full and I don’t know, I can’t go any further. So I’m going to go have a nap, I need it. But tonight, we’re going to Yaowarat Chinatown, Bangkok for
some awesome seafood. But nap time is calling me first. Okay, so it’s pouring rain now, but that doesn’t stop the
people from lining up. We’re at T&K Seafood apparently some of the
best seafood in Bangkok. This is in Yaowarat Chinatown. Just take a look at how fresh it is, we’re going to be ordering that up, giving it a bite. Aww, look at that, yeah! I’ve got some steamed
garlic lemon squid here. Mmmm. That is probably the best
squid I have ever had. It’s super lemony, it’s spicy, but it’s definitely a bunch
of ground up chilies in there, and it’s super garlicy as well. You know what? This sauce, you could just
drink that, it’s so good. Okay, check this. Now we have a crab fried
rice with a spicy dip. You gotta cover it, get the, okay. Mmm, mmm. Next up is this steamed White Snapper in a garlic lemon sauce. Pour a little on there, okay, here we go. Mmm. That is the best. These two dishes, the squid
and the fish, unbelievable! That garlic, chili, lime
sauce is off the hook. Mixed with this spicy chili dip here, oh! I’m a new man, okay? I have not tried seafood
this good in my whole life. Jumbo prawn, okay? Rip that head off, there might actually be a good bit of meat in there, we’ll get to that later. Look at that! Oh it’s charcoaly from
being over the fire there. This needs some spice, dip
it in that sauce, okay? Mmmm. It’s super juicy and the
spice and the smokiness of that fire that it’s cooked over, that, this is probably the best meal I’ve had this whole year,
I’m not even kidding. Now we’re going to move on
to this yellow curry crab. I want a claw here look at that juicy, oh. Look at that, look at
that crab meat in there. Look at how abundant and soft it is. Okay, let’s go for it. Oh! Oh! Actually not as spicy as I was expecting, but it’s creamy, a little spicy
and really juicy and soft. The crab is cooked perfectly. I gotta say, that was probably some of the best seafood I’ve ever tried. So if you’re in Bangkok, come
to T&K Seafood Restaurant downtown Yaowarat, order up
as much seafood as you can, you’re going to love the flavors. I’m still a little hungry, so I’m going to go get some durian. But thanks a lot for watching, please stay tuned for
more fun travel videos, and make sure to hit
that subscribe button. (upbeat music)

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  1. I don't understand how you manage to gorge so much great food yet remain so slim. Do you starve yourself in between filming?

  2. Trevor, I know this is an old one…but please don't turn into Mark Weins where EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, AWESOME,AWESOME

  3. You're still hungry,and keep on eating.Then how about your Weight??? I think you will Gain your weight? Then how about lost weight? Because I myself,If I had a lot of food like you I usually Gain Weight.

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    Trevor, you should have your own TV show! You got great presence & down to earth.

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  10. Lucky you Trevor. Thai food are the best. I can’t wait to travel there some day. I’m glad you’re enjoying those food. Delicious street food that you can’t go wrong. Thai sweets are to die for😋🤤😋I’m drooling just watching you eat….

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