The best Unagi (EEL) restaurant In Narita, Japan. I will show you around Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

The best Unagi (EEL) restaurant In Narita, Japan. I will show you around Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Hi. Welcome to my channel. I’m Azumi I’m actually in Japan now and am in front of Narita station. Today I’m gonna show you around Narita-san Shinshoji Temple. It’s really easy to get to. It’s just one station away from the international airport. It’s one of my favorite temples It’s kind of interesting but A lot of people don’t know about it. They always to go to the one in the Tokyo area It’s in Asakusa. I forgot the temples name but… Also the great thing is that there are so many good Unagi restaurant in Narita I don’t know if you guys like Unagi but Narita is famous for Unagi I’ll share some good Unagi restaurants as well I’ll put English subtitles on YouTube function so that you can click and see English subtitles from now Because if I speak English more than 5 mins I really get tired so I’m gonna speak in Japanese So I’m walking down to Narita-san Shinshoji temple from the Narita station I’m going back to Hawaii tonight(I live in Hawaii) Narita is just one station away from the airport I left home early and stopped by here to eat good Unagi bowl which called Unadon And also wanted to go to Narita-san Shinshoji temple and take some pictures This is one of the most popular Unagi restaurant here in Narita Kawatoyo So I’m going to eat Unadon here at Kawatoyo That was really good. I highly recommend that Kawatoyo if you want to eat good Unadon Ok. Why don’t we go to the temple then Around here, there is a big lake called Inba-numa where eel is farmed That is why there are so many good Unagi restaurants around this area This restaurant, Surugaya, is also popular When I come to Narita I always go to Kawatoyo, which I just went, or Surugaya There are a lot of good another Unagi restaurants too Oh, we just arrived Narita-san Shinshoji temple When I travel to Japan and if I buy some amulets in shrines I always to come here and return amulets The effect of the amulet seems to be one year or so you need to return to shrines It sounds a little weird but there is a time limit to the power of God(amulet) But, because it is such a thing, I come here and return it Naritasan Shinshoji has a history of 1080 years and attracts 10 million people a year It is one of the nation’s leading temples I think the number of worshipers of the New Year’s visit is the second largest in Japan after Meiji Jingu The grounds of Naritasan are really large and there are many halls, and there are also beautiful parks I can not go to the park because of the flight today It’s a bit disappointing, but I would like to head to the airport today However, it is one station from Narita Airport Station to Narita by JR You can come in about 15 minutes and 20 minutes, so by all means, those who are using Narita Airport should go out a little early and stop by Narita to eat the eel and stop at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Thank you for watching Well, if you enjoyed the video Please subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. 成田の鰻丼美味しいですよ!成田空港を利用する人は是非ひとつ前の成田駅で寄り道してみてください!

  2. Hello! Great video! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Me and my husband are loving your videos 😍
    We wish you a huge success!!!

  3. でた!!川豊!。めちゃ高いけど、確かにここのウナギは絶品ですねー。僕も一回だけ行ったっことありますよー。

  4. Very nice and simple video. I will be making a long layover to Narita next month, and your video gave me a great idea as to where to visit. Arigato..and more success to you!

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