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– Okay, I think it’s
high time we talk about the runaway hit of the year that is a contender for the best new anime of 2019 Doctor Stone Sorry Yedoye What, you thought I was
gonna say demon slayer because I would ya know, I love both shows,
you don’t have to choose It’s not a competition It’s the end of the decade, you can watch all the anime you want. If you aren’t sure you
should pick up Doctor Stone and are okay with some mild spoilers maybe I’ll have you
convinced to check it out by the end of this video and, if you’re already a fan, allow me to wow you with some of
the real world history behind Senku’s inventions. (Bright music) Before I get to business,
I wanna warn you that there will be a few
light season 1 spoilers in this video. I’m gonna give you a
rundown of the first episode to sorta set the scene and from there, I’m gonna be talking about Doctor Stone’s greatest inventions. – This is exhilarating , get excited. – Oh, but if you don’t need the breakdown Then just skip to this part right here. So, what’s the deal with Doctor Stone. Lemme paint you a picture You’re going about your business It’s just another normal day, maybe you’re at work, Or, you’re at home Or, if you’re Taiju Oki, you’re at school getting ready to confess your feelings to your life long crush- Yuzuriha. Suddenly, a bright green
light appears in the sky and overtakes the whole planet petrifying you, and the
entire human population into frozen statues. When you somehow finally manage to wake up you realize that there
aren’t any buildings around and it’s literally a jungle out there You don’t have any food,
shelter, or running water and, there’s wild animals out to get you and, you’re also naked But don’t worry, this isn’t a curt video. This is one of Fall 2019’s best anime, at least as far as I’m concerned. Oh also, three thousand
and seven hundred years have gone by. The world has effectively
returned to the stone age. Hence the name of the show. Senku Ishigami is our
science loving protagonist with his shonen protagonist hair. Who wakes up all alone
in this wild new world And starting from nothing, immediately begins to rebuild society One invention at a time. He crafts and experiments using
meticulously foraged items and innovative techniques . One of the earliest, and
arguably most crucial inventions is the stone formula a liquid cure made by
mixing the alcohol from fermented grapes and
nitric acid from bat poop. Yep. The powerful goop
reverses the petrification and brings the statues back to life with the help of old friends, and secret rivals as well as acquaintances
he makes along the way Senku embarks on a
journey to revive humanity and restore civilization
back into the modern age. Engineering lots of amazing inventions familiar and fantastical And, I’m gonna give you my personal list of the ones I think are coolest. Now, this is not an
exhaustive list by any means, and also this won’t be in any ranked order because top ten lists give me anxiety and pitting inventions against each other is problematic. Besides, part of whats
really great about the writing on Doctor Stone is all about the spirit of collaboration Sure, Senku is portrayed
as a wonder kin prodigy and he does spend the first
few epidodes working alone but the best moments happen
when all the characters tinker around together leading to a ripple effect of new tools, and techniques
that all contribute to the world building and
driving the plot forward. All that’s to say is that this
list is totally subjective and, if you wanna make
a case for your favorite invention, find me in the comments. Even though Doctor Stone
is an educational show with lots of fun facts
and references to actual science and chemistrty It is not a replacement for biology class or trade school the show is over the top because, ya know, well, anime. It mostly glosses over
the tedium of research and testing and kind of
ignores the feasibility of, I don’t know, making
a cellphone with the machine of capitalism to back you up. And I’m not a scientist,
so take everything I’m about to say with huge
academic barrel of salt. Should we say a huge (laughter) It’s okay. (more laughter) no no, please, we gotta
find our special chemistry right speaking of which, Salt
does appear in a supporting role with one of the first big inventions in the show Fire Fire allows Senku and Taiju to transform wild game and
vegetables into delicious meals and also preserve fish
into smoked delicacies That’s because high heat
reorganizes aromatic compounds in raw ingredients
to make things taste more rich, savory, deep, and complex. This is known as the Maillard Reaction, if you’re a fellow food nerd like me. It’s a reminder that you
don’t need to go all out and spend a ton of money to eat well ya know, as long as you
have some seasoning, and an open flame, you can make almost anything taste great. But even outside of yum yum prep fire comes in handy again and again for our heroes. It keeps them warm through winter, and helps them see at night. But it’s also what they
use as a foundation to create the essential tools needed for Chemistry, and research. With the heat generated from fire, Senku and friends are able to bake pottery out of clay. Finish making the miracle
fluid, by using said pottery- to distill alcohol from
wine, create iron bars by heating river sand and charcoal and then use that iron
to forge Japanese katanas for self defense. Can you begin to see
the ripple effect now. And of course, with fire
they’re also able to make our next cool invention- Glass. The discovery of glass
has been responsible for some of the most genuinely moving and exciting scenes in the anime thus far. By grinding quartz into powder, heating it in a furnace
with calcium carbonate and other ingredients and polishing it off with some convenient shonen montage shortcuts Senku and Chrome fashion corrective lenses that cure Suika of her near sightedness or, fuzzy sickness, as she calls it. Remember that scene where sees sunflowers in 20/20 vision I almost cried. I love suika. We must protect her at all costs. And of course, it comes
in handy during the village games as well. Kinro, a formidable warrior who doesn’t realize that he also
has the fuzzy sickness overcomes his vision problem by borrowing Suika’s glasses and is
able to gain an advantage in battle. Chrome, despite being more
of a lover than a fighter, manages to beat magma by
using the lense, the sun, and yes, his own sweat and tears to light magma on fire. Not only are these moments
thrilling to watch, they also drive home the core message that everyone may have different
strengths and weaknesses but, science is ultimately the great equalizer for mankind. But the development of
glass also highlights the importance of
creativity in art as well. When our resident sorcerers
try to make beakers and flasks they fail miserably, until Cosaki, The village artisan, takes over and helps them
make chemistry equipment Which helps them acquire
their first proper research lab. It’s a pivotal scene
that chose how innovation isn’t just about technology, but it’s also about design and the role that artists play in advancing society- And as a fellow creative,
I appreciate that. With bottles in jars the
village has a new method of food preservation, which frees them to focus
their energy on training and other business, instead of preparing for the winter. I love a good preserve. Also, glass is the vessel that
houses my favorite invention which is- Senku cola It’s the best invention that wins over the best boy to team science– and that’s it, that’s the talking point Go watch episode 15 Yeah. Yes (laughter) Oh, absolutely Hypocrisy is one of my best attributes. One of the many things I
love about Doctor Stone is the way it manages to weave history into the use of it’s inventions. The example that comes to mind is gunpowder. Another disclaimer- Don’t try to write any of this down and do anything sketchy, and if you do I’d like to cover my (ding) in advance and say that I do not take responsibility for your choices Use your anime derived powers for good Not evil Okay, okay. To make it, Senku gathers
sulfur from the hot springs, charcoal from the burnt wood, potassium nitrate from crushed seashells and sugar, extracted from grapes. There’s those grapes again. That’s nature’s invention. Taiju and Yuzuriha use it to create an explosive
diversion for escape during the face off against Tsukasa And later in episode 18, Gen and Senku use it as a bluff by throwing a rock and creating an explosion to fool Hyoga’s men into thinking they have got a gun These intimidation techniques do have an ancient Chinese corelation which, makes sense because, it’s an ancient Chinese invention. Did you know, During the Song Dynasty, The Chinese fought against
the invading Mongols using flying fire which were arrows, fixed
with tubes of gunpowder that would light up and propel themselves across enemy lines kind of like, projectile fireworks. These types of explosive weapons would be perfected in the following centuries Becoming the world’s first
canons, and grenades. The Mongols we thrown off by this strange and terrifying
new technology of war and a lot of historians
believe this was a likely factor in helping the Chinese win battles, Not entirely unlike the
way powder explosions In Doctor Stone intimidate Tsukasa’s army of big muscle bound simpletons. While weapons are certainly featured among Doctor Stone’s inevntions, Another one of my favorite
ramshackle devises on this show are the gas masks. First of all: it gives us
one the most terrifying yet, beautiful portrayals of death in the form of the
sulfuric acid lady monster seriously, every time
she comes up on screen things get so tense, and I start sweating. They need a green light, a spin off anime just for the Acid Queen. But- It also gives one of the worst characters in the show, a
moment to redeem himself Ginro is, such a herb. He’s a coward, he’s
selfish, he’s delusional, he’s petty, this is the guy who ate all of the caffeine leaves, pooped himself, and compromised the
victory plan during the village games, he’s
like that jerk in class who cries to the teacher
after he throws the entire group under the
bus during team projects. I do not miss school. In an unlikely act of courage, Ginro saves Chrome from
falling to his death While they’re at the acid lake of death. Not only does he end up saving best boy- Okay I said that Gen was
best boy, it’s really Chrome. Chrome is best boy. But as a result, the group
is able to collect the most illusive and crucial
ingredient in making the antibiotics needed to save Ruri’s life. And yes, the antibiotics
are a pretty key invention but it’s also the whole
point of the entire arch, so I’m not going
to get into it right now. It’s a good lesson that even
though this world is scary, and you could literally die at any second, with a little courage, self confidence, and the help of modern technology, you can rise above your deepest fears, and accomplish great things. Even if you end up a little baby again a few episodes later. Ginro’s the worst. And finally, I can’t go
any further in this video without talking about
the invention of Ramen. I mean, Senku wins over
all the Ishigami village by giving them something new to eat, It raises moral, and gives them fuel and incentive to do the
necessary manual labor for his inventions, It’s also a huge cultural moment. Think back to the first time that you tried something you’ve never tried before and it was absolutely delicious, You gained a new vocabulary, and new memories, and
a new appreciation for the simple yet wonderful joys in life and that’s exactly what
Doctor Stone is about. Like, Thank goodness we have antibiotics so that we can live long
enough to enjoy Cola and for making us feel better, cause I almost didn’t turn
in the script for this video because I was sick, After Anime NYC. Y’all are nasty, some of you. (laughter) You can’t say that? (more laughter) All right fine Fine (scoffs) That’s not who I am I’m not Yedoye. I don’t do comedy. That’s true. Well I literally have a twin brother So, I’m not unique. And, to answer that one question you might have been asking
yourself this whole time Yeah, I’m new here. My name is Y. Chang, I
am a writer for Anime and I do song covers on YouTube, and maybe you’ll me see
more often from now on. Thanks for watching Get in The Robot, Your anime explainer Wow, it really is comfy here (Squeak) (Lo Fi music)

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