THE FISH by PES // Corona x Parley

20 thoughts on “THE FISH by PES // Corona x Parley

  1. I think this teaches us something That we should never pollute because the fish in the middle of the dead turtle had lots of trash and it created itself a new life and the seagull was about to eat trash. And the dead turtle teaches us something to about plastic straws.

  2. This was so amazing and genious! It's crazy but not enough people know about this issue yet and its a big 1! So thnx for making this! 🍻😀👏👏

  3. It's crazy how some people can throw trash out of car windows or into lakes and oceans and be okay with it all I gotta say to those people is that karma is gonna bite them in the ass

  4. I understand it now, thats a dead turtle showing the plastic that he ate, the fish made of plastic was trying to go into the ocean representing plastic being thrown into the ocean, and that bird/segull was about to be in danger for eating platic, the hand saved that bird by recycling the Plastic fish.

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