“Americans, including vegans get twice the amount of protein their bodies actually need.” The world consumes a lot of meat, approximately 80kg per person a year in the industrialized world. We consume over 315 million tonnes of meat worldwide, and its production has grown 5-fold since the 1960s. Is meat healthy, or a growing cause of disease? The World Health Organization classifies red and processed meats as known carcinogens, meaning that there is significant evidence that they can increase the risk of certain types of cancer. “There is new evidence underscoring the risks of bacon and sausage and ham and hot dogs and the other processed meats. “Uh, that despite all the interest in genetics that diet and long-term dietary patterns played a major role in whether most people would develop colorectal cancer or not.” “Regardless of whether, uh, it’s organic or not, cooking skeletal muscle produces carcinogens. And that’s why every epidemiologist agrees that vegetarians have less cancer.” A sugar found in animal meat has been shown to trigger inflammation in the body, which can cause arthritis, tumors or cardiovascular disease. “We’ve known for 15 years that a single meal high in animal fat, sausage and Egg McMuffins were used in the original landmark study, can cause an immediate elevation in inflammation within our bodies that peaks at about 4 hours. Remember the whole endothelial dysfunction story- where you can, you know, hook people up to a device that can measure the natural dilation of their arteries and blood flow through ultrasound? So as you can see here, within hours of eating animal fat our arteries get paralyzed, we nearly cut their ability to open normally we nearly cut their ability to open normally in half And that’s not just happening in our arm, the lining of our whole vascular tree gets inflamed, Stiffened, crippled, from just one meal!” “Some scientists have suggested that a vegan diet may be helpful in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Vegans also appear to have lower rates of hypertension than both meat-eaters and vegetarians.” The high-fat content of meat, and the increased trend of exceeding daily protein requirements are also risk factors. Humans ingest the hormones and antibiotics that the animals have been injected with. A likely explanation for increased infertility rates. “But we’re using 30 million pounds of antibiotics in food animal production each year. 30 million pounds. And the data, or the best estimates suggests that only 205 of those antibiotics are being used to treat sick animals. 80% are being used as production tools, they’re being used to make animals grow faster.” “And enable them to survive unhealthy conditions. This system is creating antibiotic resistant superbugs.” “And the antibiotics can cause animals to grow fatter, faster! Right, why is this important? Because unhealthy animals need antibiotics. So sicker animals are cheaper to raise ‘cuz they’re just given
a whole bunch of crappy grains. Some argue that our ancestors ate meat, meaning its natural for modern humans as well. Right? “As DNA analysis and archaeology improve, we’re getting more and more evidence that our ancestors had a very varied diet no matter where in the world.” In those times, meat consumption was rare – only when hunting proved successful. Most of the diet was comprised of plant foods harvested by women. We also have the physiology of an herbivore. “It’s essentially very straight, short, simple. And that’s because by the time whatever residue gets to the colon has no nutritional value, they just need to get it out of their body before it putrefies. With the plant-eaters, you have a very long and elaborate colon. This is a horse, this is a Rhesus monkey. That often has a pouch structure, and the reason it has pouches is to increase the capacity. And it has several functions, including water absorption, vitamin production, and ultimately, elimination.” We have an innate compassion for animals too. Because when the truth of the meat industry is revealed – the abattoirs, the torture and violence – most people feel for these animals. “Those chicken breasts, and chicken thighs and yesterday’s KFC. And therefore I was a hypocrite for feeling sorry for these animals when the only reason they were there in the first place, was because I ate their flesh, and therefore demanded that they be slaughtered on my behalf. What about grass-fed beef? As of 2016, the American government dropped its definition of ‘grass-fed,’ leaving it up to interpretation. How long animals actually spend outdoors is a grey area. A grass-fed system would require a lot more land and resources too. A quarter of the world’s arable land is already dedicated to livestock grazing. To satisfy current demand, we would require 33 million more methane-producing cattle in the U.S. alone. What should we eat instead of meat? Many diets around the world are predominantly plant-based – Mediterranean Asian, and Indian diets to name a few. These diets have been linked to better health in its corresponding populations. The world is also seeing growing popularity of a whole foods, plant-based vegan diet, that also provides many health benefits. If everyone went plant-based, we could feed the growing population expected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050. Vegan options are endless. From whole foods at farmer’s markets, to new vegan products disrupting the commercial market. Some products even taste like meat! Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have perfected the meaty taste of a burger. The latter is hoping to launch vegan steaks and bacon as well. Restaurants are getting creative too – Duck’s Eatery in New York, makes vegan ham out of watermelon. Sultana, in Tel Aviv, makes vegan schwarma meat with forest mushrooms, and Gordon Ramsay’s UK restaurant Bread Street Kitchen recently introduced a vegan beet wellington. Popular fast-food chains like Greggs and Del Taco are offering vegan options too. This is LIVEKINDLY, and that is the honest truth about meat.

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  1. The whole antibiotics thing terrifies me. I stopped eating meat long before I knew that animals were being pumped full of antibiotics on a colossal scale, but I think if that doesn't convince you to stop eating meat, nothing will. If this activity doesn't stop (and realistically the only way to make it stop is to drastically reduce demand for meat), we WILL end up in an antibiotics crisis where antibiotics no longer work and bacterial diseases that, in modern times, have been thought of as easily treatable will become widespread deadly diseases, as they used to be before the discovery of penicillin.

  2. There is not one study out there hat has proved meat is harmful and that people who do not eat meat are healthier. Pure Bull.

  3. I thought this video was the Truth About Meat? It claims that sugars found in animal meat causes heath risks. Meat does not contain sugars. What they are talking about is some crazy study of a certain sialic acid and once again has absolutely no real claim to proven data. Now processed carbs and sugar that are utilized way too predominately in western diet have been proven to cause inflammation and hence disease. And what is going on with the sausage egg mcmuffin study? There is added sugars and nitrates to sausage and also there is the bread to take into consideration. Meat in it's pure form has no risks to health.

  4. Never ask a vegan for what they think about meat. Just like never ask a Buddhist monk for a comb for your hair

  5. Dr. Barnard your amazing. I want to meet you. The love you have for humans and animals is just amazing. You have other amazing doctors like Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. C. Campbell, Dr. McDougall, Dr. M. Mills, Dr. Davis, Dr. Gregger, that together they will win this fight. If i misspelled anyone's name my apologies and there are more that are doing an amazing job at informing the world of what a horrible life and death these animals face to satisfy us. This is why we're so sick we're killing and eating them and in turn karma gets us back by making us sick. I was a vegetarian yeard ago then i saw Plantpure Nation, what the health, H.O.P.E (which made me cry horribly) the guilt i felt made me strong enough to never ever eat meat, fish, or any dairy products. I will not touch it. Knowing that everytime i do I'm killing an innocent animal no i can't live with that guilt. Plus i no longer have to worry about diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver, bad circulation, neuropathy, arthritis. I'm good Vegan is the right way to live no matter how much you want to argue.

  6. Yea just grab a bunch of videos and make it your own propaganda.. what a joke … don’t be stupid eat meat

  7. The subsidized meat company promoters were fully anticipated here….they'll insist to you that it's actually raining on a scorching hot, dry day…..the human capacity to lie for profit is amazing , a crass art form if you will

  8. DO NOT COME ON THIS SECTION TO ARGUE WITH ANTI VEGAN TROLLS🤬 it's a waste of time and the truth is pretty darn obvious!

  9. People are so ignorant and prejudice they cant help theirselves. We are talking about health and animals some people worry about race. Trump has divided our country by race and politics and ignorant people. Just watch the good video and stop worrying about other people.

  10. Europe has gone mad, they want slow down the CO2 emissions by taxes, better engines and electric cars but no one talks about the emissions of the meat production. Strange.

  11. If it's so much more economical and environmentally friendly why is the cost of impossible Burger & beyond meat so much more expensive?

  12. These Vegan doctors always look weak. The meat eating MDs like Paul Saladino, Shawn Baker and Ken Berry look like they can crush these guys physically.

  13. I came to see if his head was going to fall off of his pencil neck during the video. Looks like his neck was photoshopped away, very creepy.

    This guy looks as strong and healthy as the cryptkeeper.

    Eat raw meat and milk if you want to be strong, be vegan if you want to look like this walking skeleton. Eat healthily raised meat, you don't have to be stupid with your purchases.

  14. so many people are allergic to plant foods..i have lentil allergy which sucks coz i actualy like eating lentils..

  15. 12,000 physicians speak out  so now I wonder what the meat eaters have to say about this ?? we know that chicken is covered in fecal matter and is a major problem for causing UTI's in women ….and now this !!

  16. Allot of misinformation here! Was the studies Done with cohort method or randomised controll test? Was it tested on a carb burning or fat burning it dos not tell!

  17. Treatment of animals


    Dairy cows have been modified to produce up to 10 times more milk than they would naturally.

    Male calves are of no use to the dairy industry and generally less suitable for beef production. This means that every year around 90,000 male dairy calves are shot soon after birth and discarded as a by-product.

    Domesticated cows have an average lifespan of 20 years, but on dairy farms they are killed after 5-6 years on average.

    30% of UK dairy cows have mastitis, a bacterial infection of the udder.

    Chickens and other birds

    Every year in the UK we slaughter around 950 million birds for food consumption, including chickens, ducks and turkeys.

    90% of chicken production in the UK is in intensive windowless sheds which house 20,000-50,000 chickens each.

    51% of eggs produced come from chickens in battery cages.

     40 million day-old male chicks are killed in the UK by either being gassed or being thrown into a macerator – this practice occurs in all egg farming systems, including organic & free range.

    Trimming is the permanent removal of part of the beak of a bird at a young age, often done without pain relief. This is standard industry practice in the UK.

    A free-range egg farmer can legally house 16,000 birds in one building, meaning that they can house 9 birds per square metre of space. This means that many free-range hens live out their entire lives in an overcrowded indoor farming unit.


    Only 3% of UK pigs spend their entire lives outdoors.

    1/3 of pigs in the UK are killed in gas chambers.

    Around half of all antibiotics sold in the UK are used on farmed animals, with 60% of these being used on pigs.

    Most pigs are entitled to less than one square metre of space each and the majority of sows (female breeding pigs) are kept in farrowing crates. Farrowing crates were made illegal in several countries across Europe, but are still standard farming practice here in the UK.

    Fish and other sea animals

    We kill between 1 and 2.8 trillion fish every year.
    This is 143-400x the amount of the entire human population.

    308,000 cetaceans are unintentionally drowned each year after becoming entangled in fishing equipment.

    Farmed salmon has 10x the amount of cancer-causing organic pollutants than wild salmon.

    Sharks kill 12 people per year. People kill 11,414 sharks per hour.

    And of course all of you should know that factory farming is the biggest cause for green house gas emissions, human illnesses, world hunger, deforestation, species extinction, water pollution…
    Just to name a few…



  18. Read it again. 7. Probably Carcinogenic but not proven. (Technically termed chance, bias, or confounding) could not be ruled out using observational studies (which does not prove causation either). 8. I can understand causing cancer with all the artificial ingredients used to preserve it. Let's be accurate here and not state things as fact that are not fact.

  19. People using the US as an example of how the whole world treats animals. 97% of the US meat is injected with chimicals, the other 3 arent, but how about we look at other parts of the world? Not everybody treats aninals like slaves. And also who told you that bieng a vegan is healthier? Bieng healthy and bieng alive are 2 different things

  20. Id would be good to make a video called The truth about vegetables and fruits, you are misleading people thinking meat(you havent considered homested meat, you just talled about processed meat) is deadly…

  21. Americans eat far too much meat products and has advocated some of the terrible practices in husbandry since after WW2

  22. Flesh* call it what it is.
    meat noun


    Definition of meat

    1a : FOOD

    especially : solid food as distinguished from drink

    b : the edible part of something as distinguished from its covering (such as a husk or shell)

    2 : animal tissue considered especially as food:

    a : FLESH sense 2b

    also : flesh of a mammal as opposed to fowl or fish

    b : FLESH sense 1a

    specifically : flesh of domesticated animals

    3 archaic : MEAL entry 1 sense 1

    especially : DINNER

    4a : the core of something : HEART

    b : PITH sense 2b

    a novel with meat

    5 : favorite pursuit or interest

  23. pure vegan propaganda by a dead looking individual with 0 facts and made up stories. Keep eating your GMOs full of pesticides and fill the pockets of supplement companies and other vegan crap

  24. This is total horse manure my friends and was more than likely published by Vegans who are trying to push their idiocy on the world. For millions upon millions of years we ate whatever we could grow or catch. Seeing as how agriculture was not a part of our Hunter Gatherer experience we were left with foraging for fruit when it became ripe or digging up roots to eat, OR hunting for animals to eat, which were in abundance. It was not veganism which brought this world into the 21st Century my friends, it was meat. It made our bodies stronger and humans more aggressive, such that they had the energy, strength and stamina to build societies. Meat was the only thing available 24/7 365 days a year, thus humans were not relegated to only eating when things were ripe or even available in an area. We humans survived on meat, and now these self righteous morons want you to believe that you can get all you need from our "Just In Time" delivery of worldly goods, which is the only way vegans can get the complementary proteins they need for form a complete nutritional diet.

    Eating meat gives you all that in one neat package. Conversely, if you want to grow into a Beta Male-Soy Boy, then go vegan, and you will fit right in with those boys who could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Look at the men in societies where meat is only eaten in small amounts, with rice and noodles being the main course. All of them are skinny with many being small in stature. Vietnamese parents who came over as the "Boat People" had kids in America who all turned out to be larger than their parents by a large margin and we attribute it to their ability to eat large quantities of meat, as compared to when their parents grew up in those Asian countries. Do vegans live longer? Are there any statistics on this, such that their argument might have some substance. NOT !!! This is truly only an emotional issue with Vegans as their arguments don't hold water, and nutritionist will tell you so. You might ask why the Keto diet is working so well with humans, because we are eating what our bodies were designed to process. There is much more to this argument but I'll leave it at that for you to figure out for yourselves.

  25. I didn’t know about the inflammation to arteries caused only within a few hours after eating meat. Glad I’m vegan,

  26. And who told her that, nobody lives forever. Donno why people are so afraid to die. Most vegans are only vegans cos they are scared to die young

  27. How about eating lots of veggies and small amount of fruits with some meat. Fish has the best Omega -3s. So some meat is okay as long as there are more veggies. And carbs are not healthy in large diets.


  29. It's true, we do eat way to much meat. However, statistically the longest living humans aren't vegans, but people who eat some meat and or animal products about 3 times per week.

  30. Becoming vegan, was the best decision of my life. I got no regrets, just it feel like m enlightened for being more compassionate n making this world a better place to live

  31. Carcinogens – yes in processed "food " full of chemicals . The advice should be – do not buy packaged stuff from supermarkets dosed with preservatives and other strange stuff . Eat good quality , eat local , know where your food comes from and avoid supermarkets

  32. The amount of misinformation in this video is shocking. Almost everything is incorrect, or misleading. Yes, many of our ancestors consumed plants, but all of them without exception consumed meat. You need the vitamins, minerals and proteins in meat to build your body, and then you can use carbs or fats from plants for energy if you want to. This video accuses fats of being unhealthy, when the healthiest people in the world consume high fat diets. It also says meat eaters experienced decreased fertility/sex drive which is the opposite of the research I’ve seen, and it’s an easy experiment to run on yourself – eat plants for a week and then eat grass fed beef, fish, oysters, sashimi, and see what it does to your sex drive… I agree the cooked meat does contain compounds which would cause cancer in high amounts, but so do cooked plant foods, and I believe most meat should be eaten raw or seared anyway. Also, trying to constantly meet the needs of a growing population by continually producing lower quality, mass produced plant foods, might actually be causing the increase in population in the first place. If we limited ourselves to high quality foods, people would not be able to afford to have more children and the population would cease to grow. Also, the study that shows hardening of arteries “caused by animal fat”… come on, processed muffin and sausage? And your going to conclude that all animal fat causes hardening of arteries from that?

  33. Yes…meat has no positive value – none you hear, no protein at all! nothing! gO veGaN! HoNEst tRUth (excluding the good parts)

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