The Lake Trout SPECIALIST!

50 thoughts on “The Lake Trout SPECIALIST!

  1. Looks like your dad had a blast! So awesome to share the passion with your dad and how he supports your passion for the sport! Great video dude! Hoping to get into filming some trips with my old man one day! You're an inspiration!

  2. Incredible lakers jay!!! I leave for athapap in 7 days. I can barely sleep lol. Great to see a father and son trip like that to. Awesome video!!!

  3. Everyone on YouTube fights to be first to view a video. I'm #567 to view this one. Ha! Try hitting that one or maybe viewer 1234. lol

  4. Cant beat fishing trips with Dad, thats great to do these trips together. Good memory makers for sure. Love the vids, keep up the good work!

  5. Are you sure you hit the record button Jay? That could explain the missing vlog footage…Just sayin

  6. I love that your dad has to let out a big old grunt every time he hooks up lol. Awesome adventure love it

  7. Great video Jay! Awesome that you were still able to salvage the video! I lol have unfortunately “lost” footage as well in the past and it sucked!

  8. These vids were so good I had to watch each one twice. Congrats to your dad on the lake trout specialist! Way to jack some laker jaws!

  9. Fricken awesome video dude! Always appreciate watching these quality edited flicks.
    What's the best rain gear in your opinion? I'm in the market for a new suit

  10. Did you take your own electronics with you? Just wondering what kind of setup you used, such as if you used a suction cup transducer and brought a battery or not.

  11. Another phenomenal video Jay! your level of footage, editing and quality are unmatched on the tube. Thanks to you sir, for blessing us with this amazing content!

  12. Too bad u guys did not have as good of luck in this vid but it is always fun to be fishing but even more with dad

  13. Love the footage!!!! Keep up the great channel!!!! Wish we had some trout like that in northeastern ontario!!!!

  14. Not trying to one up ya…. But please check my video out from last Thursday. 41 in., and a 36.5 in Laker!! 27 miles of shore ! Lake Huron , Michigan. You have been an inspiration to me . My first ever edited film. Took 5 hours, had no idea what I was doing. 😂😂. It turned out pretty good.

  15. Great to see anglers respecting fish so many fishermen living in past with appalling fish handling skills and overuse of livebaiting with bait fish …

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