(dramatic instrumental music) – The ocean, a vast
wilderness where life began millions upon
millions of years ago and to this day
remains one of the most unexplored environments
on our planet. Within its depths
live an abundance of
mysterious creatures, many that often surpass even
our wildest imaginations, and some of them
have even emerged as the monstrous icons
of our greatest fears. My name is Mark Vins I’m a filmmaker,
adventurer, and director of the Brave Wilderness channel. Together, through the
lens of our cameras, you’ve joined me and the
crew on countless journeys through the most extreme
habitats on Earth. You have followed along
as we’ve taken you closer to the world’s most bizarre
and misunderstood creatures than any film crew in history. And today, I am proud to say
that it is those adventures that have led me to this moment, to an opportunity I have
dreamt about since childhood; the moment I begin
my exploration of the great blue wilderness. But this is no solo mission. I will be surrounded
by familiar faces and some new ones as well. With Mario taking
over as director, I will proudly step
in front of the camera to lead a band of aquatic
explorers on one of the most ambitious marine projects
ever embarked on. Because, you see,
you’ve been along since the very beginning. Yeah! There are no rehearsals
on this space. You’ve seen us become dive
certified and even witnessed our very first dives
in the open ocean, and the adventures to follow
will not only test our bravery, but our commitment to the
word adventure itself. There will be sharks,
shipwrecks, night dives, and encounters with all
sorts of marine creatures that call the ocean home. Get ready, our journey
beneath the waves is here. (sonar beep echoing)

100 thoughts on “The SHARKS are HERE!

  1. What does everyone think of the FIRST LOOK at the new series? Mark is on the channel NOW answering comments and questions for the next hour, LETS GO! 🙂

  2. My little brother loves watching this channel and also I’m going to Hawaii and I might see a turtle! 😊 I can’t wait!

  3. I've only been following you guys for about a year. But I've grown attached to this channel because it legitly reminds me of what Animal Planet used to be. This is literally become my favorite channel of all time to watch. It's epic that you guys are exploring the ocean now. It's always exciting watching you guys go on adventures. keep up the good content guys. PS when's the Executioner episode going to happen? Lol

  4. First look at the new series! Awesome! Going to love seeing Mark as the host of this one! No offense Coyote I love watching you too lol

  5. I wanna be an animal conservationalist so I'll prob work towards zoology but man I love marine biology sharks r one of my fav creatures

  6. This is amazing! I'm very hopeful that you will be able to get into contact with sharks without being it's next meal.
    I have a question though, will you just be doing sharks or will you do other various strange sea creatures as well?
    If you do do other animals, I think the dumbo Octopus would be a great sea creature to find, they are usually bright colors and don't necessarily have tentacles but do have very strange stubesque webbing to help them glide across the sea!

  7. 1:19 Great seeing Jonathan Bird there. His videos are very well-researched, edited and presented. Much you can learn from him and his crew.

  8. I used to live in Scotland so this is basically gonna be my favourite series because the ocean is engrained in me.

  9. I TᕼIᑎK TᕼIᔕ ᑕᕼᗩᑎᑎEᒪ Iᔕ ᗩ ᖇEᗩᒪᒪY GOOᗪ ᗯᗩY TO ᒪEᗩᖇᑎ ᗩᗷOᑌT ᗩᑎIᗰᗩᒪᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᔕTIᑎGᔕ

  10. Question: If I'd encounter a shark under normal circumstances where it's not hungry and everything is calm around. Should I be worried about getting bitten or is it just possible that it comes towards me to see if I'm food or something else interesting?

  11. I love Brave Wilderness but I think it will be awesome to see new places and go under water to see things we have and probably will never see! I am very excited!!!

  12. "I'm Coyete and today i am going to see what it feels like to take a shot from an shotgun to my scole"


    Roses are red violets are blue
    Brave Wilderness is brave
    So should you!!!

  13. I love your vids so much!!!!!! I’m one of your biggest fans too😇😇!!!!!!!!!! I’m part of the Coyote pack also wish I could meet you😀😀😀!!!!!!!!

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