The Sharks Don’t Buy the MinusCal Claims – Shark Tank

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  1. What's wrong with that. Thousands of similar products already on the market that claim to help loose weight and do nothing

  2. If y'all know the back story about Robert and Mark Robert don't like Mark Cuban so he been wanting to tell him that for a long time

  3. I like how the one "shark" goes on and on about how the other "shark" wouldn't let them speak and then says he's out. He doesn't give them a chance to speak. lol

  4. Nobody heard what the old guy was saying, he said his product will help you reduce calories, he is not saying that you eat this and you loose weight. reducing calories does not exclusively mean losing weight

  5. This sounds like a scam? You won't lose weight but we block fat? What the fuck did they smoke before this pitch? Weed?

  6. Mark had every right to be pissed and "arrogant" from the second they started explaining. They were a straight up con and a scam just trying to get loads of money from the sharks then leave the deal without warning and keep all the money the shark would give them and then steal their money and completely stop and shut down the scam business and have free money out of it in the end. Just sad to see that all the sharks didn't fully see this and realise they were a complete scam as Mark did, until the end of the debate. Glad to see that even Robert finally saw in the end that they were a scam though and agreed with Mark.

  7. Sharks: "How does this product work?"
    Old dude: "You take a certain molecule, and you you multiply it by 20."
    Me: "ahah what?!!?!"

  8. Everyone saying arrogance is being a bitch. He cut through the the bullshit to save everyone time but he wasn’t sweet enough about it. Waaaah

  9. This is like my theology classes. The teacher says some dumbass thing and everyone is tryna correct/understand but the difference is the teacher has the power whereas in this the smart people have the power

  10. I have a product called Fast Run. It will help people take longer strides, more quickly, for a longer period of time. But I want to be clear, I'm not saying it will help you run faster.

  11. A bad friends stabs you in the back, a good friend stabs you in the front…Mark is telling it like it is, a scam…the product developers had a way to wrap the selling point around losing weight without actually making you lose weight…Mark called them out and they didnt like it.

  12. Mark did radio on the internet. Piggybacked off the dotcom boom, so he should be humble. I don't think someone who says 'sensors are the future' which is one of the most nebulous and ill defined statements I've ever heard should pretend to be a scientific expert.
    That being said, horrible pitch, their 'science officer' should have been there, either they are scam artists or the dad is a control freak who does not know what he is selling, whether it works or not.
    If you want the high risk/reward method of weight loss, take dinitrophenol. It'll work, but it might kill you.

  13. Nah I'm on Mark's side. This product is clearly BS. It litterally took .3 seconds of looking at the stupid name to realize that this product is garbage. Like litterally nutritional science is contentious with actual scientists and you think I'm gonna believe those 2 idoits? Ya right gtfo, theres no need to let them speak.

  14. I had a feeling from the start the they could’ve explained their product better. Rather than saying it will help you lose weight, you say it has less calories in it so it’s a healthier alternative to the bars that are already out there, thus making it easier to lose weight because of a lower calorie intake.

  15. 1:20
    Lmfao, he's thinking "shit, they know we're bullshiting." What is he doing man. Presence is key in a business pitch

  16. I like Mark’s being straight forward arrogant. I also like Robert for being fair and calling Mark for his arrogance. I also like Kevin for not caring about how the product works and just thinking about sales 😉😉

  17. You don't have to let people talk and talk when you heard enough to make a determination that they are full of shit. Robert is just pathetic and just wanted to call out Mark who was doing the right thing by not allowing them to use that platform to sell their BS.

  18. At 3:03, there's a cut after Mark asks "you know what's even harder?" to Robert. I wish they hadn't left the bit out.

  19. It won't help you lose weight, in fact you'd likely gain weight on it because you would eat more and justify it by taking the pill.

  20. Mark is right but I’m glad Robert still called him out. Just go a little easy on them and if u aren’t falling for it then just say why and then say your out. But don’t rip the shit outta them

  21. It helps you lose calories via blocking fat in the small intenstines. Each gram of fat has 9 calories. You block fat, you block calories. If you use that as a part of a healthy diet and exercise, it definitely sounds like a legitimate way to lose weight. Huge bonus if theres science to back it up.

    Don't understand what all the confusion is about.

  22. We are not claiming you’ll get taller , what we are promising is that if a 5’9 man takes this product , he’ll be 6ft tomorrow.

  23. Mark was wrong for telling ppl watching the show not to buy it. You can’t just tear down ppl’s businesses just cuz you don’t believe in it. I swear ppl get rich and forget where they came from

  24. I think what they meant to say was that the pill won't magically make you loose weight, but has compounds that promote more fat burning than if you didn't take the pill. And for someone who's into healthy living and exercises, it might be a good addition to their regimine. Green tea is famous for being super healthy, and it sounds like they concentrate the good parts of it? But this clip didn't even show the whole thing so I don't know.

  25. I got exactly what they were saying. They said the product will take some of the fat out of the body, that doesn’t necessarily mean lose weight. If a person eats 6000 calories per day, the product will remove some of the fat but the person will not necessarily lose weight because they’re eating way too many calories. On the other hand if a person is trying to lose weight and they eat fewer calories the product will help them by removing some of the fat. So it will help in addition to what they’re already doing.

  26. Basically he meant that it aids the consumer to lose weight by removing fat off the body. But not definitely lose weight

  27. Mark, Mark, Mark… you're not getting it… it only HELPS you lose weight… it doesn't force you to lose weight against your will. THAT is the key… no more of those violent weight loss pills on the market.

  28. The old guy had a heart attack when Mark said the bars contained green tea extract, "It's NOT an extract! It's DERIVED from green tea!" The old guy said, "It's extracted from green tea" in the beginning and I just read his product description on Amazon and it says the bars contain 'green tea EXTRACT'.

  29. Mark is right and I understand his frustration with people peddling total bullshit. They are snake oil salesmen and Mark cuts to the chase because he knows if given time they will backpedal and talk in circles and might actually succeed in convincing or tricking people into buying a scam product.

  30. I know of a true way to lose fat………Hit the gym and don’t eat crap 24/7. You’re welcome to the people who run to gimmicks, supplements and nonsense to lose that flubber.

  31. Evidence right in front of people's faces that these r scammers yet people still defend them thats how stupid society has become. There can be clear evidence of who the robber is right in front of their face and they would still make the wrong decisions.

  32. I think i get what they are trying to explain, it makes it EASIER to lose weight, not directly takes away the calories. They might have forgot that because mark wouldn’t shut the hell up but they still should’ve clarified because this could be an amazing product.

  33. I don't think they know how to properly sell this product because it's confusing on what they're saying. They're basically tied their own shoes and are tying to walk.

  34. What I personally observed from this was :

    Mark has had probably a lot more experience with 1000s of product pitches in his life – not surprising considering his wealth – and he saw this whole pitch in a very black and white sense. Nothing wrong with that, he was just not buying their claims so he was instantly out.

    Robert, on the other hand, really wanted to listen to the entire pitch with all the details to make up his own mind. He may not have invested in the product in the end even if they had explained it to him properly, but he wanted to listen to the whole pitch. It was part of his learning curve. So that if he got pitched similar products in the future, he would be much better informed in his decision.

    Which is why, he basically wanted Mark to just say "I'm out" and shut up. Unfortunately, Mark took a different approach. Not only was he not investing, he didn't feel the product had any merit whatsoever even for the other sharks. Mark was making decisions for the whole group himself.

    My view is that Mark really should have let the others listen.

  35. I know exactly what kind of people these are and they're infuriating. They mince words all of the time – all of the time. They get to a place in their mind where they can make claims that word for word don't add up to anything you think they add up to, unless you use precisely the same words in precisely the same order, and their business plan is basically using words to fool you, combined with a tremendous amount of personal belief in whatever it is – if you can ever figure it out – they actually believe in. Eg Spiritual people.

  36. They explained fully in the early episode with the lipstick that makes you lose weight and why it is wrong to imply to the consumer that they will lose weight. Kevin Harrington had all the knowledge of it. The customer won't understand when you are explaining all the technical ''benefits''.

  37. mark is the only one with brains and robert can go fuck himself. Mark tells the truth and he isn't scared to call out bullshit when he sees it unlike pussy robert who should have his head stuck in loris skirt

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