The Sharks Don’t Like the Structure of The Yard’s Deal – Shark Tank

79 thoughts on “The Sharks Don’t Like the Structure of The Yard’s Deal – Shark Tank

  1. Kevin's not saying, "there's nothing proprietary in this business?!" He's always said that. Then again, this is the guy who invested in "Wicked Good Cupcakes."

  2. Fun fact if mark Cuban dies at 85 years old from rn with his current net worth of 4.2 billion he could buy about 4 new Mercedes g wagons every day until he died. One for when u take ur daughrer to school then another one for bak

  3. When you already have a successful business,why to give 25% stake to someone else when you can get the publicity from shark tank, go out meet people take money on loan at low interest as it is already a successful business and expand. I know sharks bring a lot of value to the table but its for businesses who need money and influence to grow

  4. I'm Daymond, here is my generic excuse for being a broke bastard who doesn't really have the kind of money to invest in anything substantial

  5. How do these guys value the businesses!! I mean they usually value businesses at 4x or 5x of revenue! Here they have a company with 3.5 million in revenue and Kevin is valuing it at 4 million! Talk about being fucking greedy!

  6. 50 dollars for a goddamn ice cream sundae? Good grief. Everybody want something for nothing nowadays. The world has gotten too greedy. It's only going to get worse.

  7. "I'm out because I'm not on the show but if I was on the show I'd be out because I'd be on the show but I'm not so for that reason I'm out." -Barbara

  8. I live close to the Yard House in Austin. They aren't doing too well. Reviews are shit. Def a place where you go one time. Just for shits and giggles. Not that great. Mediocre.

  9. Mark is smart. He understands why they want to keep the original stores. It’s financial stability. He’s willing to risk $400k on the new locations due to their high potential. Since their business model is proven, Mark doesn’t need to hold their hand. He’s just the money – silent partner.

  10. Marks a good guy. He's already too rich and wants to help the business and not take away most of the money from them like the other sharks. That's why everyone wants to make a deal with Mark. When he makes a offer, it's a done deal.

  11. What in the heck is the product??!!! These videos suck!!!
    Obviously it’s some kind of milkshake, but give us the freaking story on why it’s so special. These videos are a total waste of time otherwise!!

  12. I have $1,335.00 in my Checking account and $200.00 in savings got me feeling rich like Let me invest in someone’s business. Lol I’m broke 😂👏🏽

  13. Cuban played the other sharks lol at first he said the franchise thing was bad but he ended up only investing in that

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