The Truth Comes Out ft. Zeke Thomas | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

The Truth Comes Out ft. Zeke Thomas | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

Are we being stood up again? I don’t know. I don’t understand. Oh. Hi. Hi. Hey! It’s him. It is Ray’quon, okay.
I cannot … What’s up? Nev. Ray’quon.
Nice to meet you. You too. I think you know who this is. Okay. Truth. What’s up? Do you not want to hug me?
Like, I’m confused. I’m focused too. Why are you confused? I feel like, a little
bit betrayed ’cause you went to the extreme,
and just did all this. You got people callin’ people
I know, ask about me. ’cause like, you don’t ever
answer the FaceTime. Okay. You blocked me.
Why am I blocked? You were doin’ a little bit
too much for me. What did I do?
What’s the problem? Yeah, what? I feel like
we’re missing something. What did you,
what did you come here for? Are we talking, are we together,
what’s going on? I never said we was together.
When did I say that to you? Are you kidding me? You’re Ray’quon?
Yes. And that Instagram account-
Yeah, that’s mine. Okay that’s you, okay.
Yeah. And it’s been you talking
to him this whole time? Mm-hmm. And only you? Just me, yeah.
No one else is involved- No.
In this? Que’von has nothing
to do with it? No. So who’s all these
other people then? Well that, no. So we were wrong. The good news is,
it was him the whole time. So then the real question
then for me, was like, we got
the impression from Truth that you guys were interested
in each other and that there was
some chemistry, and that you were hopeful
that you’d meet up, and see what happens. So it’s strange to me that
this would be an inconvenience, when in fact it feels
like something you guys might have wanted to have done. I mean, if it was something
I would have wanna done, I would a had it done. I flirted with him,
but as far as a relationship, we never talked about
no relationship. The last six months
for you has been- It’s just been somebody
to talk to, a friend. So you don’t think that anything
you said over the last six months
gave him the impression that you were interested
in him in a meaningful way? If flirtin’ gets you
in a relationship, I’d be in about,
a whole bunch right now. Have you had feelings for him? Yeah, he was a cool person
to talk to. He still is a cool person
to talk to. Well if I’m a cool person,
why we couldn’t FaceTime? Does your phone working? Yeah my phone, it works. So if your phone working,
why you never couldn’t answer FaceTime?
Answer that. ‘Cause I didn’t want to. Why did you waste
six months of my life? You wasted ya own six months. Nobody said that we were
in a relationship, you did that. Are you dumb?
No, are you dumb? Are you dumb,
like you’re (bleep) stupid. Like really? Like what was
the point of you coming if you’re gonna act
like this? Because y’all were gonna
keep calling and texting everybody asking, so I came out here.
That’s why. This (bleep) a nut, I can’t. You guys talk for a second. This is Zeke by the way, sorry
you didn’t get a change to meet. Hi, how are you?
Nice to meet you. You too. I’m just gonna check,
I’ll be right back. Like, why did y’all
bring me here? If y’all know
he was gonna act like this? I didn’t know it was
gonna be him. What the (bleep) is wrong with
him? I don’t get it. I never said we was in a
relationship, never said that. And then you goin’ around
asking people, having people
call my phone. Oh it’s Catfish.
You goin’ to Catfish? They are tryin’ to get
in contact with me. That’s embarrassing as hell. Well I can understand
your frustration. I’m frustrated ’cause
I’ve been in like an on-and-off
again relationship, that’s why I never said
anything sexual to him. I never said, “oh you’re my
boyfriend, let’s be boyfriends”, ’cause I’m not … I wouldn’t
wanna bring nobody in that. I don’t know, I feel like he’s
not telling us the whole story. Sounds to me like
he might have a boyfriend. I need ta ask
some more questions. Sure. Just keep it cool and collected. What’s Que’von got to do
with this? What do you mean? He got something to do with it. Didn’t he call you,
or y’all was texting? Well we-
Y’all DM’d or something. We, yeah. We DM’d yesterday. But then who’s Deiderick? A friend of mine,
real close friend of mine. I think that y’all
all clout chasers. They are, what? They’re clout chasers. ‘Cause
they ain’t more lit than me, I’m just about to say that-
Coco, coco factor. They ain’t more lit,
they ain’t me. No, they are. Don’t worry ’bout nobody else,
worry ’bout yourself. I’m lit, like-
Worry ’bout yourself. I can walk down the str-
they want me. So if you so lit, why you gotta
go to Catfish and stuff like that? Go get you somebody else
since you’re so (bleep) lit. I’m very lit, I’m very lit- Really chill out. You’re getting
beside yourself, chill out. Who’s gonna chill me out?
I’m standing right here. You got a boyfriend? Yeah, on-and-off boyfriend. So why you talkin’ to me,
you got an on-and-off boyfriend? Every time we chatted, me and
my boyfriend wasn’t together, like I said, on and off. When I disconnected from you,
we were together. I respect you that much. You don’t respect me that much- Well, he said they were
on and off. But both of you
deceived each other. I didn’t deceive nobody, I don’t
know what you’re talking about. He told you he had
a relationship, you were in a relationship. You over here tryin’ ta like,
be extra. I’m not tryin’ ta be extra. Yes you are, ’cause why
are you going this way? The only way for y’all
to clear the air, is to be 100%. And the thing about that is,
that’s funny to me, I’m not upset about that.
Kudos to (bleep) you. Is your boyfriend in the house? No. I will go in your Airbnb
and sit down. He just walkin’
in people’s houses. You see, this is the type
of crazy, (bleep). Like nobody gots the time
to deal with that. But you can understand
why he’s upset, can’t you? I can. He said, “I love you”. You could of at that point
been like, yo man, I’m not feelin’ that. You wanna come? Let’s go out there,
and we’re just gonna diffuse. How we gonna diffuse
this situation? What’s gonna diffuse
this situation? The only way to diffuse
the situation, is just be chill. Look, so somehow he got
the impression that you guys were much
more serious than you thought. He don’t give a (bleep)
about nothing you sayin’ Nev. Look how he’s standing. Alright, alright, so let’s- No one cares that
he’s taking off his bookbag. I’m not scared of you. What are you,
so what are you sayin’? So what are you sayin’?
You better get ’em- Hey, hey.
I ain’t scared of you. Look at you. Look at you,
with this mesh shirt on, with these burgundy pants,
and these black shoes. But you’re ugly as (bleep). That’s fine, I love it. You’re really ugly as (bleep).
That’s fine. Alright, let’s go
for the moment, and maybe meet back up- Come on. And we can try and sorta,
reset this. Okay. Let’s go get some Fiji water. Nice meeting you. You too. Get this (bleep) mic off of me.
Get this (bleep) off of me, I’m out here lookin’ crazy.
Take this (bleep) off of me. Dumb ass bitch.

100 thoughts on “The Truth Comes Out ft. Zeke Thomas | Catfish: The TV Show | MTV

  1. Truth is in denial. He thinks he’s hot shit and all that when in reality he’s kinda average in the looks department and others shit

  2. That beard is not working for him. Neither is the 1 tone sweat suit. This is the first time I felt bad for the supposed catfisher.

  3. "Are you dumb?"
    "No are YOU dumb?"
    "Are you dumb?! Like are you..stupid?"

    Why does this remind me of when madea was talking to dr.phil??? 😂

  4. This is like an argument in a friend group, everyone kept switching sides and in the end I don’t really think all that shit was necessary, guy in too much tan was over reactin

  5. Two guys fighting over who's more lit while one walks into the other's home like it's his own is the kind of gay energy i needed today

  6. I feel like I am in the world with only catch 🎣 I do not understand what is going on do I only know people like this our see only like this I have real question to The most High.maybe I am just in pain

  7. Y’all omg, truth (the dark skin dude) was also featured on a Snapchat series called “second chance” watch it. He’s actually a trash bag clout chaser person.

  8. Hey Zeke.. U don't know me but I'm trying to reach Jerry Thomas from Alabama who dated a girl. Named hope. Reason being is my son Zachary is his son.. Can do DNA test to prove.. Jerry also related to Isiah Thomas and another famous. ball player..watchinh dvr catfish and see u was related to Thomas and I know Jerry Thomas was a cousin also.. Did tree work in fla and Alabama. I tried contacting him on fb but no reply.. My son Zachary looks just like him.. Thanks for reading and this isn't a joke I am 100000%real..i had my son Oct 11,1994…after leaving dolthan Alabama. Thanks

  9. I really admire Zeke being on this show after what he was through. He has an infectious smile and as far as I see great personality. He has a beautiful light around him.
    TBH the only "stand in" I liked. Not really a fan of MTV shows, however I do like this one.

  10. This man Truth ( ironically) had a whole GIRLFRIEND for a year! He has some nerve and some ego to be coming at everyone like that. No one owes him anything in this situation. Drama queen.

  11. That truth guy was on a series called second chance where he cheated on his girlfriend talking about we were not in a relationship…long story short he was a shitty guy and the girl said "that shits' gonna bite you in the ass later" and here we are😂😂😂

  12. “He don’t care care about nothing you saying nev, look how he standing”

    “No one cares if you taking off you book bag I ain’t scared of you” 😂😂

    This episode cracks me up

  13. Ladies and gentlemen if a man or woman don’t like you don’t want to just leave them alone stop trying to sweat them thinking that maybe they’ll change their mind MoveOn give me a thumbs up if you agree

  14. Why has he got a baseball cap on and his hood up? It’s not cold!
    Don’t remember seeing this one but came to look because Nev said he there’s a diva tantrum about his favourite brand of water! Why is he blaming Nev because he didn’t get the reaction he wanted?

  15. What I don’t get is how ray’quan said that this is so embarrassing that he had to go this far to the show catfish… but the people from catfish had to reach out to ray’quan to even have this episode… if he was so embarrassed why didnt he just tell him he didnt have feelings and move on instead of getting involved for some clout?

  16. Lmao knowing the story now behind the whole Fiji water thing makes this that much better. Zeke’s hilarious

  17. Just realised this is Truth from the 2nd chance video of Truth + Hadiyah. I knew he seemed familiar

  18. The bag boy seemed like a person with lots of underlaying issues. And the personality of a lazy venomous snake is not working for him

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  20. LOL, this has to be the guy that Nev said refused to finish filming unless they provided him with Fiji water.

  21. Truth was a pain in the ass. The same energy he gave out he got back. He was disrespectful and I’m sure Nev and the guy that was with them felt more like they were babysitting.

  22. Okay yeah, he was in an on-off relationship, blah blah blah, but Truth was being such a brat! Getting all mad because someone thought he was too clingy, which he then proceeded to off and start yelling. You ain’t helping make yourself look better

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