The Try Guys Try Naughty Christmas Costumes

The Try Guys Try Naughty Christmas Costumes

– Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! Would you like to have sex? (laughing) (crew laughs) (upbeat rock music) – [Keith] Christmas! Snow is falling, kids are all bundled up and also at night, things get fucked up. (cast and crew laughing) – Today, we are trying on
sexy Christmas costumes. – I don’t like Christmas
but I do like sexy. – I would love to see a Rudolph thing, perhaps with like a light-up dick so that Santa can find his way to my dick. – What’s wrong with Hanukkah? Y’all can’t fuck Hanukkah? No, we can only do sexy Christmas. – We all know what this is gonna be. I’m gonna look halfway decent, Keith’s gonna make a
lot of really good puns, Ned’s gonna talk about
his ass and his wife and then Zach’s gonna be
complaining all the time so put me in a fucking Santa
costume, let’s do this. It’s late, let’s go! – My child is gonna see this one day. (Christmas music) – Bring on that holiday spirit! (cheers) – Oh, this is it? – Peek-a-boo! Hello! – Oh, I get it. So you’re supposed to have your
bag o’ goodies hanging out. – I’ve never thought about
Christmas as a sexy holiday. Maybe I’ve been thinking about
it all wrong all this time. – What about sleeping next to your family and being stuffed full of
pie screams sex to you? – There’s a reindeer named Vixen? That’s a stripper name. – I think Christmas sucks. – [Male Crew Member] Whoa! – [Female Crew Member] Why? – Listen, I’m a child of divorce. Christmas to me is associated with a lot of negative feelings which I think is the
true spirit of Christmas. I don’t think we’ve given presents to each other in like 20 years but I love the aesthetic. I am all about that Christmas look. I’m a huge ballet fan and
I’ve never gone a year without attending The
Nutcracker or Swan Lake. Damn, yeah, I’d fuck anybody in this. I would fuck them so fast. Stop smiling at me, Keith! – This isn’t as fun as I want. I want sexy. I want nipple stuff. Shouldn’t it have little
snowflake nipples? (bell dings) – If this is all a sexy Santa outfit is, how hard would it be to make
a sexy Hanukkah costume? Look at that, eight cocks! It could be eight cocks, you could light all of them on fire! – You can wear this to
a college frat party. “What’s up bro, Merry Christmas!” Here in this frat, we say happy holidays ’cause we’re inclusive. – Hanukkah’s actually not that important. We like the sad holidays, where we starve ourselves
and remember sorrow. – What if it was more like this? Hey, oh, I was just wearing it wrong! How do they do that? Have you ever seen…
(Christmas lights falling) I’m sorry. It’s the ruining the
sanctity of Christmas. (crew laughing) (Christmas music) – [Ned] Oh, Santa for her. – I will say, Hanukkah
doesn’t have any fun hats. We just got the one that
we wear all the time. – Oh, my gosh. This is awesome. This is not too gross. – Oh, this isn’t Santa! This is Santa’s wife. – What does Mrs. Claus do canonically? – [Male Crew Member]
She’s just a hot babe. – Oh, look at me girl, I sleigh. (laughs) – [Male Crew member] Okay. – I feel like Mr. And Mrs. Claus must have an open relationship, right? Yeah, I would totally fuck an elf. They work really hard. (cast and crew laughs) – This is like the Mean
Girls outfit, kinda! – Wow, you know what that
makes me think about? How much I miss Lindsay Lohan. She could have had it all. Really, Emma Stone just took everything Lindsay Lohan could’ve been
and just did it better. – As if it wasn’t trashy enough, now, we added rhinestones. – Maybe it’s just like
Santa’s teenage daughter. She’s like, I don’t care
what you say, mom and dad! You give the whole world presents. What do you get for me? No, I wear whatever I want! I don’t care if my butt
hangs out the back. I like that my butt hangs out the back. – Maybe I just need a
little Santa-themed lingerie and then it’s not awkward having sex in your twin bed at your parent’s house. – Why did you name me Tinsel? It sounds ridiculous
when I introduce myself. Hi, I’m Tinsel Mistletoe. Basically, I sound like a stripper already so I might as well dress like one. – Are there ghosts on Christmas? – [Male Crew member] Hell, yeah. – [Male Crew Member] Yeah! – [Female Crew Member]Ghost
of Christmas Past! – God bless us everyone. – [Male Crew Member]You know
who that was written by, look down. – Well that’s a story
by Mr. Dickens. (laughs) – [Male Crew Member] Yep! (clapping) This is the sexy elf. (Christmas music) (bell jingling) – Oh no come on, can we just skip the elf? – This is way better
than the sexy male Santa. – [Crew Member] Oh, god! We’ll have to pixelate that. – Where’s my dick? – [Keith] See, it’s not just me! – There’s no place for my dick to go! – [Female Crew Member] Why
doesn’t your dick look gross? – Because I have more tight underwear. – [Zach] We bought the same size for you and me so it stands to reason. – Oh yeah but you have already
a bigger dick than all of us. Or so the legend goes…(laughs) (dramatic piano music) (laughing) – [Crew] Yeah, there you go! – [Ned] Oh, sorry Rachel, sorry. – Oh my goodness, there’s like two just hanging in the back. (laughing) They’re my jingle berries. (laughs) – This is the smutty elf the costume. – [Keith] There’s no smutty the elf. – It’s like buddy the elf
but he’s down to fuck. – Zach would be a harry potter elf. You gotta give him a cute little ankle-less pant to free him. Keith would be a Keebler
elf because they just make cookies all day and
they’re just really jolly. Ned will be the Christmas
elf because Ned’s all about helping people and
bringing them together. And I’m fucking Orlando
Bloom, Cate Blanchett, blonde as shit, Tolkien,
Lord of the Rings elf. You come to Rivendell,
you hang out at my hood? You live down on my river? You want him? Come and claim him! That’s what I say before I fuck somebody. – If you have an elf in your sexy thing, you’re probably doing an orgy because no one’s gonna be
like Mrs. Santa and the elf. Here’s what makes it a foursome. And everyone’s like, “Ugh,
I guess Barry’s gotta come.” Barry the elf with his gigantic bulge. (laughing) – Yeah, I’d fuck this one too. – Oh no, it’s a sexy Rudolph! – Something to fawn over? What the fuck is this? – Oh, is this a… Oh! – [Female Crew Member] Do you need help? – I do need help. Can somebody zip me? Would you be a deer? – Ha! – I look like I’m ready
to go a goth club right? – I mean and also I don’t get it, I mean what about candy canes
and Rudolph go together? This is like the Mad Libs
of Christmas fucking? If I’m gonna be a fuckin’ fuck dear then where are my god damn antlers? – I mean Rudolph, all the
other reindeer use to laugh and call him names. They never left poor Rudolph
join in any reindeer games. I’m liking it more with each article. – I think Rudolph was one of
my favorite Christmas stories as a kid because I was really sad all the time for being bullied. – I like Rudolph cause it’s got
nothing to do with religion. It’s a parable about bullying
and rising to the top and proving all your former bullies that your better than them. – Blake and Luke ching-chonging
me in the hallway when I was a kid. Look how successful I am now bitches. Wow, who feels stupid now? Blake and Luke, who
feels like an idiot now? Look where I turn out fuckin’ right here at 9:00 p.m. on a Monday night on an actual holiday,
shooting a video for kids. So here we are, Rudolph
the red nose reindeer, leading your children through the fog. That’s the moral of the story. Merry fucking Christmas. – If this is what Christmas
is been about all this time, I’ve been missing out. (Christmas music) – Well how can this get any worse? It’s worse. (laughing) – I’ve got to read what’s on it. You don’t know what is says yet but it is the grossest thing. There’s nothing Christmassy about this. I almost wanna blur the phrase itself. – I don’t feel comfortable right now. – It says, wanna lick my stick? – Two different types of font? I am offended at your graphic design, sir. – And it doesn’t even
taste good. (laughing) – Yeah, it’s like they
add at it after the fact. It was just lick my stick
and then some marketing executive was like, “Umm…” – Should I stick my actual dick in it? – [Keith] No. – Oh, okay. You can probably put a flacid dick and squish it in there like Play-Doh. – It’s asking a lot of
a men to fill this out. I mean Zach’s gonna look great in this. Oh, so the legend goes. (chuckles) His dick’s just scraping
the ground all the time. That’s the reason he’s got back problems. It’s not from the bones in his back. It’s the bone on his front! – Oh, it’s like a backwards tie! (Keith laughs manically) Hello, Mr. Claus. My credentials are solid. I have more than equipped
for this position. – Alright, last costume. Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Oh my god! Yeah! Sexy dreidel! Oh my god! Y’all gonna make me all spinny and fiery! (laughing) Yes, yes! Yes! See, this is what I’m talking about! Look how fuckable I am! (laughing) Right, this is very in right now. Have you seen Kanye West’s fashion? This is what he’s drawing from. You know all these damn
Christians got me a gift on their day on a video about them, they got me a present. That’s the spirit of
Christmas right there. – [Ned] Classic Christmas
prank is to tell the kid you didn’t get them the thing they wanted. – The holiday time is a time
where people come together and they spread their love, Charlie. (screams playfully) – It’s about joy. It’s about laughter, it’s about being together
with the people you love. – Can you imagine if you were in your bed and your wife is like, “Hang on, honey, I’m gonna
put on something hot.” – Yeah, Christmas has become
a lot about commercialism. So head on over to, You can get a cute-ass hoodie like this. I do look like I’m like a
wily cat in a 1920s cartoon. – We had ourselves a sexy Christmas. This is not what Christmas is about. – [Crew] Tell us what Christmas is about. Christmas is about coming
with your family, not coming! (crew and laughing) No, no, no! That is not what I meant! – [Crew And Guys] Aye! – Christmas. (everyone cheering) – [Ned] It’s not about that, no! (upbeat rock music) – We got new merch, (upbeat rock music) (playful guitar plunking noise) (playful instrument imitations) – Hey!

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  1. 1:20

    I agree with him, why?
    I’m an 11 year old girl who’s parents are going threw a divorce this year, the holidays suck for me, I didn’t even what to go trick or treating this year, and I also lost most of my friends because I came out as Bi.


  2. Hell yeah we do Zach, unless there is tragedy and lack of happiness we don’t care. Oh and don’t forget eating bread with no yeast

  3. Eugene taking about getting bullied as a kid

    Me: You show me those morons hon and I will have their fat heads on forks…

  4. Any chance we could get another one of these for the holidays in 2019 ? But more of other holidays than Christmas ? Like New year's, Thanksgiving, Hanakuh (forgive me I can't spell), etc.

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  6. if i was Ned's child, i just would not be able to watch any of these videos like wouldn't bother could you even imagine your parents doing this shit oh loorddd jesus no (not complaining love these videos)

  7. Can we all talk about how right Eugene is about Lindsay Lohan and Emma Stone?? Cause like i totally agree (but i still prefer emma)

  8. The only thing I could hear was the music in the background bc it’s the same song that’s in BFU’s Christmas animated special opening

  9. Eugene looks so sexy in a crop top and 1:20 ladies

    3:05 is him doing sexy poses in a k I n k y Mrs. Claus outfit

    6:38 is Eugene in a sexy Rudolph costume

  10. Keith: "That's the reason he got back problems. It's not from the bone in his back, it's the bone in the front."

    I died 😂😂

  11. Of course it would be a Blake and Luke. I bet they’re fat, married to someone they rushed things with and have 3 bratty kids. Then there’s Eugene…. so I too hope that Blake and Luke do feel like idiots 😂

  12. "I already sound like a stripper, so I might as well dress like one."-Tinsel Mistletoe
    This had me laughing so hard

  13. zach: complaining about christmas

    me: i understand but what are you gonna do? dress like a dreidel?

    dreidel costume actually appears

    me: surprise pikachu face

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