The Untold Truth Of In N Out Burger

The Untold Truth Of In N Out Burger

Chances are that if you’ve ever been to In-N-Out
Burger, you were sold after your first bite — that toasted sponge bread, the fresh-never-frozen
patty, the grilled onions, the secret sauce — it’s the antithesis of most drive-thru
burgers. It’s no surprise that the chain that has long
been heralded the “it” fast food restaurant since its opening in 1948, has managed to
gain a cult following that other burger joints could only wish to achieve. Though there’s plenty of talk of the chain’s
not-so-secret menu, there might be a few unknown tidbits that even the biggest aficionados
don’t know about their beloved burger spot. We’re digging into some surprising In-N-Out
Burger facts, but be warned, you might get a little hungry… “Why are people so devoted to this?” “You sound like someone who’s never had an
In-N-Out burger?” How to really “animal-style” We all know the “animal style” french fry
menu hack by now — with all that melty cheese, grilled onions, and special sauce. But there’s a way to avoid the imminent soggy
potato pile. A former In-N-Out manager, known by the alias
“Kathy,” told Thrillist, “If you’re going to eat Animal fries, the
best thing to do is to order them ‘fry well’ because the fries will hold their shape. They won’t get soft and mushy under all the
sauce, especially if you take your time eating them.” Now that’s a useful hack. “There are several sacred things in this world
that you don’t ever mess with. One of them happens to be another man’s fries.” The secret secret menu Any In-N-Out fan knows all about the usual
not-so-secret menu items by now. But there are a few lesser-known menu hacks
that still fly under the radar. According to a Redditor at the helm of In-N-Out
AMA, you can order a “mustard-fried patty,” which happens… “When the cooks add mustard to the meat while
it’s grilling and add pickles to the bottom bun.” Only like meat and cheese? That’s a “Flying Dutchman,” which is just
two patties with cheese melted between them. Nothing else. Can’t decide what flavor shake to get? Go Neapolitan with all three flavors in one
cup! Special deals for law enforcement In a revealing AMA, a Redditor claiming to
be an In-N-Out Burger associate shed some light on the employee freebie situation, saying, “Associates get a free meal every shift. We can order anything up to the size of a
double double. However, we can’t order animal fries or shakes
unless we pay for them ourselves. We also can’t give discounts to friends or
families.” The commenter went on to explain who does
get a discount, saying, “The only discount we do give out is a police
officer discount. […] We only give police officers discounts
if they’re in uniform, too. Otherwise, no discount. This is because seeing an officer in uniform
in the restaurant makes customers feel safer apparently.” Maybe that’s why the Hamburglar hangs around
a different burger joint. “Mmm. Cheeseburgers?” New on the menu In-N-Out’s famously simple menu hasn’t changed
in about 15 years. So fans were excited to see the addition of
hot cocoa in January 2018 — though the drink isn’t exactly “new.” According to The Orange County Register, In-N-Out
president Lynsi Snyder said in a statement, “This is actually the return of hot cocoa. My grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder,
served it for many years beginning in the ’50s. I’m not sure how it fell off the menu but
it’s part of our culture and something special for kids, and I’m happy that we’re bringing
it back.” The 8-ounce cup is made with Ghirardelli cocoa
powder and topped with mini marshmallows. And it’s back for good at all locations. Secret messages If you’ve ever looked under your In-N-Out
cup, you might have spied what looks like a Bible verse. And, spoiler alert: It is a Bible verse. “Behold his mighty hands!” The soda cups cite John 3:16, the milkshake
cups mention Proverbs 3:5, and even the burger wrappers and fry trays sport a verse. “Mm-hmm! This is a tasty burger.” The company’s founding family, including now-president
Lynsi Snyder, are known for their strong religious beliefs. People reports that the burger heiress’ faith
saved her life, saying, “I really value the love and good times I
had with my dad but even that can’t compare completely to the love that God has for me. God got me back up after all of these failures
and he can lift me up and see me go forward and I know that he can be glorified.” She even also has two tattoos citing Bible
verses, but not the ones on In-N-Out’s packaging. “At the end of the day, I’m lookin’ to the
big guy upstairs to what he would want too.” Famous chefs are loving it There’s a reason In-N-Out has a cult following:
It’s good food. Paris Hilton even got a DUI, trying to satisfy
a craving in 2006. “I was really hungry and I wanted to have
an In-N-Out burger.” But you might be surprised which legendary
chefs are also down to Double-Double. “This is Julia Child. Bon appetit.” First We Feast reported that Julia Child was
such a fan, she carried a list of store locations around with her, and even sent an assistant
out on a burger run while she was in the hospital. Napa Valley chef and restaurateur Thomas Keller
certainly knows how to party, once tweeting, “Celebrated The French Laundry’s anniversary
with what else? In-N-Out burgers!” He also told the site, “My first experience at In-N-Out Burger inspired
me to do a hamburger restaurant. I’ve had it in the back of my mind for sixteen
years but I haven’t gotten around to it. It’s kind of a secret fantasy.” And the notoriously cranky Gordon Ramsay also
approves. “The last burger I had was In-N-Out burger.” He told Eater, “People think Americans are obese and burgers
are bad for them—they are delicious. In-N-Out burgers were extraordinary. I was so bad, I sat in the restaurant, had
my double cheeseburger then minutes later I drove back round and got the same thing
again to take away.” And even the food world’s saltiest critic,
Anthony Bourdain, digs In-N-Out, telling Eater that that it’s his favorite place to eat in
L.A. Managers make bank Considering a career change? You might want to think about In-N-Out. “He lives on North Hollywood on Radford, near
the In-N-Out Burger.” “No, the In-N-Out Burger’s on Camrose.” “Near the In-N-Out Burger.” “Those are good burgers.” “Shut the f— up, Donnie.” The California Sun reported that the burger
chain’s managers make more than $160,000 per year on average, not to mention paid vacations,
health insurance, vision and dental, and 401(k) plans. VP of operations, Denny Warnick, explained
in a statement that the company’s founders wanted employees to focus on quality service,
saying, “Paying their associates well was just one
way to help maintain that focus, and those beliefs remain firmly in place with us today.” The company even sends their new managers
to In-N-Out University – yes, it’s a real thing! And the fast food restaurant also promotes
internal advancement, giving associates the opportunity to climb the ladder even without
a college degree. As of March 2018, your future in burgers starts
at $13 per hour. High-end swag If you’re really, really into In-N-Out, a
regular ol’ T-shirt just might not cut it. Maybe you’re looking for something with a
little more pizzazz? Well, look no further than Vault Forty Eight
— the curated merch section of their shop, offering, quote, “a collection of unique items
fit for the most avid In-N-Out Burger fan.” It is a treasure trove of fancy swag. We’re talking about Swarovski crystal keychains
plated in rose gold and emblazoned with the palm tree logo. And a $125 jewelry box for all your In-N-Out
bling, also encrusted in crystals and featuring those famous palm trees. OK. There are a lot of palm tree logos — but
hey, hard core fans gotta represent. The heiress to the burger fortune “It’s about the quality, the friendliness
and the cleanliness. We keep it simple.” She’s called the burger heiress. At just 35, she inherited the company and
instantly became a billionaire. But In-N-Out president Lynsi Snyder is notoriously
private, and tends to stay out of the limelight. “We don’t wanna be in the spotlight. We don’t want a bunch of attention. We wanna do what we do best, and that’s serve
some good burgers to our customers.” But over the years, she’s provided a little
glimpse into her personal life. “I felt more alone than ever… more of a
piece of trash than ever.” Snyder said that her father’s passing (due
to an overdose of painkillers) caused her to “fill the huge void” with men, drugs, and
alcohol. She ultimately turned to God, saying, “I realized, that I’m gonna follow in the
footsteps of my father in that I’m gonna meet an early death if I do not get right with
God.” After three failed marriages, she met her
current husband, Sean Ellingson. Together with Ellingson, the mom of four channeled
her faith and formed the Army of Love ministry, who provide resources and referrals for those
in need. But she already had a family history of taking
care of people… “My heart is totally connected to this company
because of my family. And the fact that they’re not here, you know,
I have a strong tie to keep this the way they would want it.” So what does she do to unwind? This burger maven drag races. “You can catch America’s youngest female billionaire
racing a car at as much as 170 miles an hour.” She told Orange Coast Magazine, “I’m a lot like my dad, a little bit of a
daredevil. I like an adrenaline rush. My dad took me to the racetrack for the first
time when I was 2 or 3. […] Anything with a motor, that was in my
blood.” Ok, fast cars aaaaaand maybe just a little
bit of that special sauce. “In-N-Out. In-N-Out! That’s what a hamburger’s all about.” Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of In N Out Burger

  1. I haven't been to in  In N Out in over a year or so because I could never get it the way I like it. If I order special it takes a lottttttttt longer like being on the back burner so to speak. Add on to being ignored if you need to ask for something. Also the patties seem really thin and not worth the price. 😞

  2. The one in National City (SD) Ca. used to rock. The one here in Casa Grande AZ sucks. Maybe it's regional.

  3. In-n-Out is hit and miss…It's great when you're on a road trip but at Fisherman's Wharf in SF underwhelming at best….

  4. I live in the Great Lakes region so I don't have easy access to In N Out; however, after experiencing it once a couple years ago, I now make it a staple in my westward vacations each trip every year. 10/10 !

  5. i work at in n out and tbh i forget how many of these are “secret” because they’re literally on our actual order screen! and when we start, we watch videos on all the history of in n out :0 !! i love working here so much!

  6. Lol! She has two tattoos quoting bible verses? How about the one about the one that says, “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord,” Leviticus 19:28. " Christians are funny. Good food though!

  7. Lol in and out burger taste like shit especially the fries that taste like oil. Overweight people love in and out burger

  8. I don't like the fries as much but the burgers are quite decent, I just wish there is a variety on the burgers.

  9. Yes I'm craving for it so I'll just kaukau McDonald's and get me in and out later who gave me a in and out hint's

  10. I once ate In N Out twice in one day, I moved from the midwest. My first friend out west literally dragged me there. I was suprised how much it lived up too the hype. Best fast food ever.

  11. HELLO FROM CALIFORNIA…. I’m sorry but the patties are Overcooked and chewy (also scrawny at just 1/8th pound). I’d rather have Wendy’s or McDonalds which are Twice as thick, and also fresh never frozen


  12. This is a great fast food restaurant. Had my first one last year. The food delicious, the place was clean and organized, the staff friendly, efficient and providing excellent customer.

  13. Their fries are absolute garbage! Straight out of the fryer, they look and taste like day old mc donalds fries and also leave that same bad aftertaste. BUT!!!! Their burgers are pretty damn good.

  14. This place is so overrated it's ridiculous, just like Chick fil a. Their fries are trash as well. Whataburger all the way

  15. I don’t like in-n-out I eat mainly only burgers in Texas only restaurants. I eat mainly P. Terry’s, Whataburger, And a very local restaurant called dans

  16. Never forget: Rich Boyd and Chad Stubbs. Two outright thrice-damned heretics who tried to play with fire and got rightfully burned. Hail Lynsi Snyder.

  17. Whenever I visit the West Coast, I head straight to in-n-out after landing at the airport. I get a double-double, animal fries and the hot chili peppers.
    Before I take the flight back home, I eat in-n-out again and slowly cry as I board my aircraft.
    Cos I have to put up with Mickey D or the King and it seems like a prison sentence.

  18. Why is everyone talking about the California in n out??anyone living in az gilbert,there is an in n out 8 minute walk from my house

  19. In N Out is Christian, but not as in your face as Chick Fil A. They also pay the best wages in the fast food industry,


  21. i love how he talks about God's love because that's true he loves us all and will help us in anything that beneficent to his will like his restaurant was to glorified God.
    just ask for forgiveness to all your sin to Jesus amen

  22. Why does the title tell me they are like McDonald’s and jack in the box where they freeze there burgers but I actually toured at a in n out before?

  23. Unpopular opinion coming in: I didn't really understand the huge hype. Burgers are okay. Fries are insulting, like the freezer-section stuff I can heat up in the oven. Just my experience. I don't know if the one in my area is shit, but their food certainly didn't look like what was being advertised here. Somehow they still get business.

  24. When In-N-Out resteraunts are to small and lines are up to 20 minutes long Is that a good or bad problem? Solution:

  25. My brother started there when he was in high school, he was the fry guy. And then he moved to the painting dept, & now he is the painting dept. head supervisor! Well, he is now 37 & already a millionaire!! So proud of my little brother!!! Wonder if he would lend me some money, 🤔 hmmmm?

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