The Unusual Australian Shark Arm Murders

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  1. OMG! Apart from the funny mispronounciations of Sydney place names – that Aussie accent could (Would) land you a starring role in any gritty, police drama on Australian TV!! Plus – I've lived in Oz for 45 years from age 5 & I'd never heard of the "Sydney Send-Off"! You learn something new every day. Keep these hilarious vids coming!

  2. Let's count how many water puns are referenced:
    Dive deep, floundering, in the depths, lure, afloat, buoyed, wave, turn the tide, fished, on the surface, undercurrents, plunged, netted, hook you in, mind reels, chum, crew, break the ice, grain of salt…..I gave up at 8:28

  3. Sharks throw up all the time, that way they dont have to digest the bones from their meals. And if they dont like whats in their bellies they barf it up and that was prolly what happend

  4. Key point you missed, the reason his arm was cut off was so he would be able to be identified. Without the tattoo, it’s just another arm. They actually were not able to identify him off finger prints, contrary to what a lot of people believe.

  5. ok i literally live near cronulla and gunnamatta bay, i’ve been swimming there my whole life!!

    P.S coogee is pronounced coo-ghe and cronulla is pronounced crah-null-ah

  6. What if the aquarium owner bert hobson has killed him and took his arm as bait to get the shark because he was desprite to get his aquarium back

  7. I feel bad for the shark. Instead of waiting to see it vomit or somehow performing a giant x ray (pretty sure it's possible) thay just ….killed it.

  8. i think it was bert because if the shark ate the arms before bert found him the ar would already be digested. and also bert could have hid the body anywhere without the police thinking that his body may be i the aquriam becasue he was not questioned

  9. Wow. Incredibly unlikely that they just happened to catch the shark who ate his arm out of the entire ocean!
    Someone threw it in the pool, it ate it and then threw it back up. There’s no way it was in his stomach for weeks.

  10. Ok, wait. So this poor shark was forced out of it’s natural habitat, put in a small glass aquarium, did NOTHING at all, threw up and then got killed for it

  11. That poor shark just wanted a snack and to live its life outside of that damn aquarium. Also, I think it's hilarious that the ONE shark that guy caught ended up being one that could put a couple men in jail for murder. Nice.

  12. Oh god, did anyone realize that Jimmy Smith and Patrick Brady stayed in the Cecil Hotel? The one where Elisa Lam was found floating in the water tanks? The same one where two serial killers stayed in? Am I the only one that think this is super weird? Well, one thing I know is I’m not staying in that hotel anytime soon.

  13. Maybe the shark was meant to vomit up all of Jimmy in three days time, and not just his arm….That way, he would have been back in three days….It might have all gone wrong.

  14. The ring leaders of the scam group are usually brought up and scamfamilies and those families know people and then those people know people that's how everyone knows everyone in the scam community

  15. Ngl tha’s a pre spot on Aussie accent lmao reminds me of one of my friends dads (I live in Australia lmao I don’t just watch the movies 🤧)

  16. Me getting my lunch and choosing a video to watch while eating
    "hey why don't ı check this story about a shark vomiting human body parts with admittedly unapatising tattoos

  17. That poor shark though. It was just living it’s life until it got caught, got stuffed in an aquarium, puked, and then was killed. The shark is the real victim here!

  18. I'm just wondering why whoever dumped the arm into the ocean didn't just put it with the rest of the body because the rest of the body was never found. If he had just put it back nothing would have ever been found. Not that I want the killer to go free without suspicion I'm just thinking from a logical stance.

  19. Couldn’t a theory be that his arm was bitten of by the shark. Like he went fishing was pulled in by a fishing line and than was killed by a shark and eaten.

  20. Absolutely love all of these frfr! I've been binge watching them for weeks! Little sleep little food dark room fan in snowing outside……

  21. i wonder if you guys could do the washups of severed feet still in shoes along the washinigton/oregon and canadian coast?jim

  22. Being Australian….this whole episode is terrifying and hilarious…I love Shane’s Australian accent! Every time I go to America and I talk to someone they go ‘I wish I had your accent’ and I’m like ‘wha…..what accent?’ Like I DONT THINK I HAVE AN ACCENT uwu, but apparently I sound ‘very Australian’

  23. Jimmy faking his own death is possible. Simply because of the fact that he severed his arm up to the part where there's a distinction to everyone that its his arm, the boxing tattoo.

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