The World’s Most Venomous Fish | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

The World’s Most Venomous Fish | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

[music playing] NARRATOR: Exploiting
flooded estuaries, the stonefish is an
unlikely predator. An awkward swimmer, he’s
simply not built for the chase. Just getting from
point A to point B is an arduous task, so
actively chasing down prey is not a viable option. This monster’s approach is
more passive aggressive. Camouflage is his strong suit. Once he finds the
right spot, he’ll remain sedentary for some time. He’ll even tolerate algae
growing on his rough skin as it enhances concealment. In his element, it’s obvious
why the stonefish is so named. He is virtually
indistinguishable from his surroundings, and
all he has to do is wait. He’s an ambush
predator, and patience is the name of his game. In these brackish
waters rich in prey, he doesn’t have to wait
long for a potential meal to drift into his kill zone. Despite those big bulbous eyes,
his presence goes unnoticed. Timing when the element of
surprise is your key weapon is everything. If he strikes too soon, the fish
are alerted to his presence. But wait too long, and
they fin out of range. But once the fish strays within
optimum striking distance, he launches an accurate
and lightning fast assault. The unwary fish
never saw it coming.

19 thoughts on “The World’s Most Venomous Fish | Australia’s Deadly Monsters

  1. it amazes me how hard animals have to work for food and all we have to do is click on an app, or simply open the fridge

  2. Title says Words Most Venomous – i.e expectation of its venom being brought alight – delivery of a dormant fish eating another was way to boring!

  3. Lol, did anyone notice how the video went from a salt water environment to a freshwater environment at the beginning.

  4. Everything in Australia can kill you. I wonder what Australia's version of "exotic animal shows" ia like.

    I would imagine people would cheer whenever an animal frim another part of the world couldn't kill them.

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