This aquarium store has EVERYTHING!!

This aquarium store has EVERYTHING!!

so tonight’s my last night here in
Maryland ooh you guys will remember I’m here for the big fish deal invention
that I’ve spoken at for the past three years now my talking great by the way anyways I was just told there’s actually
a local fish store just a few minutes from here so naturally I want to go and
I’m gonna take you guys with me for the ride Rico from Rico’s reef tanks been
here all weekend with me he’s actually gonna take us over there so the store is
actually called congressional aquarium it’s located at 138 congressional Lane
the manager of the stores actually here at the big fish deal and he already gave
us a go-ahead to check out the store in a min filming and believe it or not both
of our wives are coming made it well this place is surprisingly large goes
way back there I’m pretty excited lots of dry goods look at this take a quick
look at all these dry goods and everything love a good selection of this
stuff I mean you know it’s gonna be a pretty big tour
I think all right oh yes you know the pet store where the fish
store is gonna be good when they have plumbing supplies they take it pretty
serious check out this display when you first
walk in here know some tangs in here I think I’ve seen a massive eel yeah there
it is there’s a couple back there so pretty sure this place is gonna be
fresh and salt you guys got over here Oh Turtles ninja
turtles come if you like see it’s doing a little guy just in here koi
oh wow on a big old catfish man there’s a redtail catfish I don’t know if you
guys gonna be able to see him there goes his red tail definitely right though
there’s a big old what goes on this side more koi love it
see this is as simple as a you know it’s even an outdoor even indoor pond and B
he’s got some ties some and a pond liner that’s pretty much it no plumbing all
the plumbing is done by just pumps pumping the water out very simple take
at some point he might have had turtles or a waterfall yeah that would have been
a waterfall if you could build a wooden box you’d probably build that
I think it’s one of those deep dimension aquariums all right lots of salt water
take a look at a few that catch my eye here so these clowns are designer clowns
I believe they’re Platinum’s very nice some irregular ones all right
the store is kind of busy it’s not going to be a private tour so we’ll have to
look at what we can while we’re here but I already like this store I already like
it are lark or not because educating my wife over there on what’s in the tax so that is Soho now these guys get
pretty big and really pretty tougher preg tank this area keeps going and going I wonder
like a Becket Oscars this is the holding tank clearly some Oscars and some
platinum flowerhorn more Oscars these look like they could even be rescues
gotta love when the kids get so excited about Oscars they always they’re always
a pleaser for the younger crowd okay this is gonna be our freshwater it
looks like a lot of the basic stuff we got some dishes up here tanks in here some clownfish I’m sorry
some clown loaches if I can find anything these guys might
like angels oh right rainbows some girl Rami where we started it’s my camera this is
a pretty big store pretty decent as well massive selection Arowana because you know I’m always
going to spawn near one piranhas the rainbow cichlids
you owe me more gourami is the kissing girl me think Daniel’s angelfish mr. character who will stinger hmm listed as a motor oh but that’s a
hybrid still pretty great this size of this guy that’s a flower horn it’s
pretty big more discus girls I got this as a home see if I can get through here missing some stuff what are you some
sort of water or something I don’t know what that is Oh chinese
water dragon I’m not good with reptiles I always like to look at them mouths get
go this guy’s gonna save me five percent on
my insurance that’s big that’s a bearded dragon I gotta be a beer to trick him
throw him in hungry he’s hungry very scared I’ll leave you alone I’m sorry oh just more dry tanks Thanks this place has so many rooms it’s huge escaping materials everywhere clearance
tables I love this type of thing clearance stuff I kill this whenever I
see clearance items I always got a by the way
Riley’s look oh well wonder if this is antique metal frame 75 bucks oh it’s a
leaker easy fix plus we got in here because they become some piece African
Tigers more Oscars so many tanks this is cool others water
overflows right there it’s probably a pump underneath that pumps it all the
way back up to the top and then it overflows all the way down the guy is
actually really cool it’s acrylic 1/2 inch interesting I took up a lot of acrylic
but I wish I could build this it’s really cool okay another rack of Tanks I
think most the tanks in here 10 gallons so there’s so many it’s such a variety
of fish here other Oscar
a lot of people say Joey why don’t you keep Oscars well it was about 12 years
ago rainbows no white maybe was about 12 years ago
maybe 13 years ago I actually kept Oscar’s exclusively for about two years
it was the only type of fish I had so it’s not that I’m against Oscars I’ve
kept them in the past and I absolutely have a passion and love for them they
just take up a lot of space and I don’t know maybe we will do.a through some
time in the future we won’t be putting them in the 2000 shouldn’t even say that
because maybe who knows I keep coming back to this pond I’ve had this idea for
a while where I’d like to fill something like this for outside but make it maybe
four feet tall instead and a lot longer a wider and put it in my yard but I’d
like to cut out the front cuz I have some 1.6 inch thick acrylic leftover
that I could use as a viewing campus I know something to think about
frozen outside right now though I won’t be doing that anytime soon I don’t know
pretty awesome store Rico what do you think I think pretty big spot they got a
huge variety of fish pretty much everything you like Rico said if you’re
ever in the area definitely worth checking out what do you think girls you
like it they don’t care

100 thoughts on “This aquarium store has EVERYTHING!!

  1. Yo Joey.
    Those “Plant Islands” are VERY commen in Europa. It’s how you display the plants.
    Typically either have clown loaches or snails in there to eat what might arrive with a shipment.
    And you get to see the plants standing upright. Pretty neat.

  2. It's a cool store, but a shame about the prices of fish there. I would shop there more often if the cost was more reasonable.

  3. Joey: you need to build one of those overflow tanks, seen in your video around the 9-minute mark 🙂 Greetings from the Czech Republic.

  4. Joey the person who own the place say he glad you like his fish I am there all the time so I know him he will know who I am but Alicia glad so see you like them :))))))

  5. If your ever in Cincy, we got some pretty cool fish stores. Or if ur ever in Dayton go to Gerbers or in Florence ky there is World of Pets

  6. I had a bad taste in my mouth about this place even before I walked in the door. In they're display tank at the Big Fish Deal they had a beautiful group of African cichlids and they got the bright idea to drop a flowerhorn in the tank. The flowerhorn ( which was gorgeous) terrorized the tank non-stop. They were totally irresponsible to cram fish like these together just so you can say "Hey look what we have". The prices were really high and you could tell the reptiles were an afterthought and they didn't know how to care for them. They did however have a huge selection and the fish seemed healthy.

  7. omg who does the subtitles for your vids joey they are terrible and obviously dont know English please can i have the job i had to write down all your vids so far anyway for my neighbour who's deaf so I might as well do it properly on the videos , how do i get the job ? , sorry love your vids joey keep up the awesome work , hugs and love from the UK

  8. If you visit Houston there’s one big store in the southwest area called Aquarium World, they have a 40,000g freshwater display tank (its massive, kind of like the bass pro shops displays), a really big koi pond, another pond with a ton of oscars, catfish, gar, and a silver arowana, a huge reef pond, and a big selection of both fresh and saltwater fish. I go there once in a while as a treat, but it would be so cool if you did a meet up there. I’d wear my pre-signed shirt so you could sign it on the other side, haha.

  9. You should get an archer fish and put it in the Asian aquarium because they get along well with arowana

  10. Hey Joey. I'm in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. And I have a beautiful 12 inch Oscar you can have. It would be a honour to see him in your gallery

  11. The pond with viewing pannel idea would be awesome, especially for koi! I've been thinking of doing something like that myself so if u do it first i'd know where to look for tips 😀

  12. Is the variety you saw in that pet shop different from what you get back home? or much of the same?

  13. It was great to meet you and Racheal. I just said hi when you first got there. I would have liked to talk to you. but it was a crazy cool weekend! For anyone that has not been to this or something like it it's a most do!! My wife and i had a blast! I talked to that manager for a while fri and sat. what a great guy! and we stopped at this shop before we left Awesome shop!! We are going to do it again and hope to see you there again!!!

  14. You should do a video exclusively about everything on stingrays I really want to do a stingray tank for my 240 gallon and I don't know much about them also the people who are there really don't know that much about them I have a 240 gallon tank and I want two Marble stingrays that would greatly help me out if I knew exactly what I was getting into. I'm not big into the expensive stingrays I have a budget obviously much more than most people who want to do stingrays the things that I would like to know is like the substrate pH water temperature just your basic information what they eat because I keep getting different answers and I know you have a strong passion for stingrays right now it does have fish in there obviously they're going to be out when I do to the Stingrays being such a large purchase I really would love to know more about stingrays if you respond with this thank you if not I understand.

  15. Who wants African tiger fish those get like That big
    Compared to a gupie that is this big so ya. Like they get huuuuuge

  16. Did you ever see a pygocentrus cariba in a aquarium store?

    Because the pirhana in your movie was the red belly right?

    Already searching.for.a few.months now…but still no luck

  17. In your videos there is some content to watch, but your shaking camera loosing my intrest to watch full video. Unable to continue after 1-2 mins. Please handle smotth in motion., but not in zig-zag shooting.

  18. I live in Georgia where can I find freshwater fish like redtail catfish, oscar, African walking catfish, baby turtles, gars, arowana,…?????

  19. So far I've watched 461 of your videos (yes I've started from the beginning :P) and as an oscar keeper I always asked myself why doesn't he keep oscars? does he hate them? but you do mention them in a few videos along the years and you always seemed to love oscars.

    I'm glad you answered my question before I stupidly asked it on an older video. Hopefully you do get an oscar tank in the future (you might already have as I still have 2 months worth of vids to catch up on.)

  20. Quick question: have you ever kept puffers? Just genuinely interested to see if you have any experience with them, as you seem to have kept nearly everything else I can think of! Great videos, keep them coming (even though this is already a few months old lol) !

  21. I have a question that needs to be added ASAP if you have a tank and it’s 2 different fish and you add 2 different of the conditioners will the fish die?

  22. Hey Joey. I really like your videos and I’m new to this channel and that’s why I’m watching your older videos now, but with the fish store tours, please could you show the fish in more detail.. the names and the actual fish in general. I want to get more fish and seeing a variety of fish being displayed in your vids would really help a lot with inspiring me and I’m sure a lot of other viewers into getting something special. I live in South Africa, so buying fish here is more on the order instead of browsing and that’s why I’m writing you this. Thank you 🤙🏼

  23. Such a big store with such huge collection of both marine and freshwater fishes. But I'm utterly surprised to see no goldfish in the entire video. What could be the reason?

  24. I have 7 cichlids! And I recently breed them and got 15 babies! I have a video of them , can you checkout and let me know if they are looking good!

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