This Dude Really Ghosted His Pregnant GF?? | MTV’s Ghosted

This Dude Really Ghosted His Pregnant GF?? | MTV’s Ghosted

– What’s the problem? – Listen. – Me being gay has nothing to do– – Listen.
– …with me being a dad. – It’s not about you being gay– – Then what is it? – It’s not about you being gay. – Then what is it? What is it? – [Narrator] On this episode of “Ghosted: Love Gone Missing”, Travis and Rachel have Russel figure out where things went wrong with his girlfriend, Destiney. – Hi, Rachel and Travis. I really need your help. My name is Russel, and I ghosted my girlfriend, Destiney, two years ago. – [Narrator] That’s right. Russel is the one who did the ghosting. – About a year into our relationship, I started battling with my sexuality, so I realized that I was living a lie. One night at the bar,
I met this guy, Khari. I instantly knew he was gay, but I wasn’t yet comfortable with myself. We hung out a few times. We clicked. I knew that it was wrong, but I started a relationship with Khari while I was with Destiney. (woman making moaning noises) I didn’t know how to tell her. Then she told me she was pregnant, so I ghosted her and I blocked her on everything. – Whoo! Whoo hoo hoo! Wait a minute. – Oh, dude. – I was not ready for that. And he ghosted her when he found out she was pregnant? He said he blocked her on–
– On everything. – [Narrator] So why exactly would Russel ghost his pregnant girlfriend? – In my head, being gay was wrong. And I should have been there for her while she was pregnant, but I was scared. – Lead us up to the day that you decided to ghost her. – Me and Khari was getting real serious. – Okay. – Started calling ourselves boyfriends and being in a relationship with each other. I was spending less time with Destiney and avoiding her. And then Destiney texted me a sonogram picture. She was pregnant. I was ashamed. In my head, being gay was wrong. And I didn’t want my kid to not be proud of who their father is. – Mm-hmm. – And then that’s when I ghosted Destiney. Honestly, guys, I didn’t… I didn’t know what to do. I loved the feeling that
I got being with Khari. He was the first man I’ve ever been with in an encounter. I didn’t want to lose that. – [Narrator] So Russel
wants to make things right with Destiney. But now, he’s been ghosted. – Do you have Destiney’s social media? – Well, I’m blocked, but… – We’re not. – Yeah. – I’ll tell you there are no pictures– – No photos of the baby. But there’s a baby emoji in her bio. Some people don’t like to show their kids on social media. I totally get that. – I tried to hit Destiney up about four months ago. She blocked me. I stopped by the house
that she used to live. Nothing. – What made you want to do that? – I started building up enough courage to want to be a part of my child’s life. I didn’t really have my father in my life. My mom gave me up to the system. I didn’t want my kid growing up like that. – [Narrator] Before
Rachel and Travis dig in, Russel wants to come clean with Khari. – You know how I told you that I was doing this show to help (mumbles) ghost a family member? – Yeah. – I’m honestly doing this show to find Destiney. – Destiney? Your ex-girfriend, Destiney? – Yeah. When I told you that I
broke up with Destiney, I really didn’t break up with Destiney. I just ghosted her. Okay, um… there’s something else I need to tell you. She texted me and told me that she was pregnant. – Pregnant with whose baby? – With mine. I don’t know what to do. I just… I didn’t want to tell you. I didn’t want to make you mad. – How old is this baby? – One a half. Two. – So we’ve been sitting
here this whole time, this whole time, and you’ve been lying to me? – I didn’t know how to tell you, Khari. – You’re a liar. – I thought I was making
the right decision. – Nah. You better be glad I don’t slap the (beep) out of you right now. Lying to me about a kid?
– I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t you to be upset.
I didn’t want to lose you. – [Narrator] While they
give Russel some space, Travis and Rachel dive into
Destiney’s social media, where they find her sister, who
agrees to meet up with them. – Does she ever tell you why they ended, why he ghosted her, or ever talk about Russel after that? – No, she don’t bring him up. I mean, I don’t know
what the situation was, but it had to be something pretty bad for her to basically flip the roles on what he did to her. She was really devastated. He left her traumatized. – Is Russel the father of the baby? – Well, I feel like that’s
not really my place to say. I feel like you should
talk to her about that. – Janae, I know you don’t want to give us Destiney’s information, which we totally get, but is it okay if you call her, and maybe tell her that you’re with us, and we just have a couple questions? – Okay. Yeah, that’s fine. (phone ringing) Okay, I’m fitting to put you on speaker. – Hey! – Hi, Destiney. – It’s Travis and Rachel, here doing a show with MTV about ghosting. We were contacted by Russel. – [Destiney] Yeah, I know
a lot about ghosting. – Yeah. – We gathered. – [Destiney] I don’t have
anything to say to him. – Look, it’s been very clear to us that what Russel did was wrong. But over the last two years, he’s had a lot of time to think. – [Destiney] I find that very interesting, being that he’s been ghosting me for a long time now. – He’s been desperately trying to get in contact with you to try to make things right. Are you able to meet up today? – [Destiney] I’m about to start my shift, but if you guys want to meet right now? – Perfect. – [Narrator] Now that they’ve
finally gotten in touch with Destiney, it’s time
for Travis and Rachel to get her side of the story. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Hi, Destiney. This is so
(mumbles) to meet with us. Russel reached out to us. He gave us the background and kind of explained to us what happened. We understand what Russel did. – You guys have no idea. – Were you aware that he was trying to get in contact with you over the last four months? – No. – We know that you texted him a picture of the sonogram. And then it was after that that he completely ghosted you. – You know, I’d rather not touch bases on that right now. – But Russel’s the father of your baby, right? – I’m going to go ahead and get out. – Okay. Wait.
Whoa, whoa. – We don’t, we just want to ask you a couple more questions. I know that we’re two strangers, and I know you’re busy. But if you could just agree to meet up with Russel. First, he can explain to you why he ghosted you. Because that’s what happened first. But then you can also explain to him why you’re ghosting him. I
think that it would be great for both of you to just air it out. – You know, I honestly agree. I still have things to get off my chest, and I honestly want to know why he ghosted me. – Okay. – Text me all the
information you guys need, but I actually have to
get going, you guys. – Okay.
– I have to get going. – Thank you so much for
your time, Destiney. We appreciate it. – That was the weirdest interaction I’ve ever had. – Listen, she agreed to meet, though. – [Narrator] Exactly, Rachel. Exactly. So now, after two years, it’s time for Destiney and Russel to come face-to-face. – Destiney, I’m so sorry, for just giving up and leaving you. It’s nothing that you did wrong. A year and a half into our relationship, I started battling with my sexuality. I wasn’t happy waking up every day, not knowing who I was. I still loved you so much. But it was just something
way deeper than that. Well, a couple of months before I just vanished, I was cheating on you. (dramatic music note) You sent me a message telling me that you were pregnant. My heart dropped. I was so ashamed to (sniffle) explain this to you. I was so ashamed to explain to my child that I’m gay. And it was sickening to me, so I just got the idea not to talk to you no more. So when you told me you was pregnant, I felt like, that would be best for my child (sniffle), and best for you, so you wouldn’t be ashamed of me. It took me a lot of time, a lot of self-growth, to be telling you this today. It hurts my heart to
think what I done to you. I took advantage of two innocent people’s feelings to help me figure out myself, and I was wrong. But we have a child now, and I want to be in my child’s life. – So now you want to be a dad, that’s all? – Four months ago, I
tried to reach out to you. I went by the house that you used to live. I made several fake pages to hit you up. I had had enough courage in me to come forth, and you was just ghosting me. I didn’t know what happened to you. I didn’t know what else to do. So I reached out for help. I’m ready to be a dad, Destiney. I’m ready to co-parent with you. I’m ready to move forward in my life. And I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Destiney. I’m so sorry. I brought the baby a gift. Because I didn’t know if it was a girl or a boy, so… – She rolled her eyes. – I wanted you to take this. – No. I don’t see… Whew. That gift… the gift… …doesn’t matter. (dramatic music note) – Where do you mean? – Russel. – What’s the problem? – Listen. – Me being gay has nothing to do with– – Listen. …me being a dad. – Listen. It’s not about you being gay. – Then what is it? – It’s not about you being gay. – Then what is it? What is it? (box thumps on ground) – The reason that I’ve been ghosting you is because there is no baby. (dramatic music) I had a miscarriage. – No, Destiney, please don’t play with me. (sobs) I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. – I still have the pictures. The ultrasound. Everything. (sobs) – Oh my god. Please. Okay. I need some air. I need… (sobs)
– Were you afraid to tell us because you felt like he was going to react that way? – I was just so hurt. Having to relive this emotion is still so… It’s like I’m living it all over again. – [Narrator] It’s all out on the table. And it’s time for the moment of truth. Russel and Destiney now have to decide whether they want to make up, or ghost forever. – Russel. Destiney. Do you
guys have any other things that you want to say to one another? – I’m so sorry I couldn’t be here for you. I know you would have been a great mom. Hopefully I can keep you in my life still. – Oh. I definitely wish that this was something that could have been addressed sooner. And I definitely wish that I would have had your support during such a traumatic time. – Please send the final text now. (keys tapping) – Russel, what did you decide? – She was my best friend, and I don’t want to make excuses for my actions. I jus want you to forgive me. I want to make up. – Okay, Destiney, what did you decide? – I decided to ghost. (dark music) – Why did you decide that, Destiney? – Honestly, I’ve been dealing with this for two years. And it’s a lot of built-up anger. And two different paths. I’m starting a new life now, and that’s just what I choose to do. All right, I’m ready to go home. – Okay. – [Narrator] So how do
Russel and Destiney feel now that a few months have passed? – All right, let’s give Russel a call and see how my hometown is doing. (phone ringing) Russel. – Hi, Russel. – Hey, Rachel and Travis. – How you doing, man? – You guys really helped me close a door that I’ve been held open in my life for so long. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be at peace with myself. – That was so emotional, the last time we left you. Have you spoken to Destiney at all? – Actually, Destiney reached out to me. – Oh. – She told me that she forgives me. – Wow. – And we just totally
rekindled our friendship that we lost. – All right, man. Take it easy. – All right. – Bye. – Let’s check in with Destiney. (phone ringing) – Hey, Rachel. Hey– – What’s up, Destiney? – Hi, Destiney. How are you? – A lot has changed since I seen you guys last. I did have time to think about everything. I was upset. But I’ve forgiven him. Right now, we are just slowly working on building our trust and I really do appreciate you guys helping me get that closure that I needed. – We are so happy you found your peace. – Thank you, guys. – Wish you the best. – Bye, Destiney.

100 thoughts on “This Dude Really Ghosted His Pregnant GF?? | MTV’s Ghosted

  1. He is selfish and doesn't deserve to be a part of her life nor a baby that he decided to ghost. And cheated and lied to two people. He didn't just ghost her but a potential baby, selfish selfish selfish!

  2. After reading the comments, I’m like okay I got an idea of what’s going on, but when he started hugging her I couldn’t hold my tears 😢😢😢

  3. I hate when I say “people can fake it until they come out” wether it’s 2 years or twenty or fourty….hiding your or misunderstanding your own sexuality is such a tough struggle that deserves forgiveness and acceptance in order to move into a new paradigm. Sexuality can be a journey into self, and there’s no time frame. In the meantime, people can get hurt. Acceptance is the only remedy!

  4. He is so selfish. Even after he hear the news he doesn’t hug talk about her, he just it’s all about him. Fucked up guy.

  5. This episode really annoyed me. He was so wrong for cheating on his girlfriend and dumping her. Being gay doesn't make you an asshole. They really babied him.

  6. All these basic ass bitches that are crying over this over the top fake acting, you need to find something better to do with your lives. This show makes me laugh from how terrible the plot is written and how terrible the actors are. Lol.

  7. Its pretty fucked up how they hit her with this before she starts her shift. Like imagine having to work with this on your chest. Foul asf

  8. I think this was just a story written by MTV to create a context. It's very on key to today issues and creating a viewpoint. Almost Springerish.

  9. He is a sad excuse of a man. Nobody cares about your sob story and childhood, it’s not about you. It’s about your baby. Your sexuality doesn’t stop you from being a parent. Running away and avoiding the problem is such a fucking coward move.

  10. Oh….I wanted so bad to enjoy the ride …of this Ghosted…and i wanted to watch all the shows as i'd imagine each situation and show would be so different….but I am so angry and frustrated over this……I will say the guy and the girl are cute as heck, they are truly nice and very good people and mature for their young age,. But, they are just the front people for camera, the producers qalways vet the meetings, arrange the meets at the home or restaurant…..the person who ran off always agrees suddenly yeah it ok to meet…WHAT? you ran away and blocked all social media…..for a yr and…suddenly these 2 illequipped kids are following producer directions to get the show done,. How in the hell are these people who run agreeable…… fact……Hello Mr. X… we are working on a show with MTV…..and there it is….anybody will appear on the show despite how humilating it could be……..maybe I will be asked to be on the next MTV thing of thangs……….i am done….i don't like this…..i'm sick of the editing and the major complications for this to really go off in real life……..ooooooh this Travis, mmmmmmmm…..who dat

  11. she turned away his gift and the first thing he says is “me being gay has nothing to do with me being a dad” wheeeewwww the INSECURITY JUMPED OUT

  12. The minute she said she had a miscarriage, best believe I started crying. I did not expect that, i can't imagine everything she has gone through😪😥

  13. This episode actually made me tear up. Sensitive subjects all across the board. I'm glad she was able to get that out I can only imagine

  14. I wish I could get their help finding my son’s father. He disappeared when I was 3 months pregnant, and I haven’t been able to find him. Now our son is almost 10 months old…

  15. I do find it strange that the first he knew of the pregnancy was the sonogram. I mean that's usually some weeks after you find out you're pregnant, why wouldn't she have told him before. Not saying this is fake but some parts seem sketchy.

  16. 😢😢😢😢😢 my heart broken for her 💔 and he reopened the hurt she had to deal with! That sorry would’ve just pissed me off. Forgive and move around ✌🏾 for the mental health!

  17. i feel her on the miscarriage it devastating. n then for him just to come back up there. 2 years after all that. hell no i would not make up either. he was not there while she was pregnant or when she needed him again. durning the miscarriage.

  18. Good job ghosting him, it was ALL about him, if she had stayed in contact she would have ended up trying to make him feel better.

  19. How was that weird you bombarded a girl about her baby dad that ghosted her while she was on her way to work lol. I woulda acted the same prob

  20. Damn… he can easily just run away when she was left suffering all alone. I get that he was scared and I kinda feel bad for him, but just running away ain’t it man

  21. I understand how she feels I had a miscarriage too I understand her pain loosing your unborn child hurts wayy more than you could imagine 😭😭but I’m thankful god gave me a chance to have another one n I pray this pregnancy goes good for me 🙏🏽

  22. If he had feelings for man why just play with innocent feeling of this women. He is disgusting and should have some shame . He can't just come from no ever and ask her to forgive. Don't forgive him girl

  23. Mf aint shit! I ghosted my ex when i got pregnant he wasnt ready for no baby and now he thinks he is. Hes just like this dude tryna be the victim and shit. Ladies know your worth!

  24. Bad. A catfish AND “hurt bae” rip off… weird final text thing reeks of buzzfeed. There wasn’t a single original thought that went into this production. It’s unnatural, weird, cringe, and honestly shameful- I can’t believe this was produced by MTV. Everyone on this project should be fired immediately. Hire some up and coming filmmakers instead of within and on a “who knows who” basis. Absolutely ridiculous.

  25. Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of. Plus it's 2019, the majority of people are very accepting. He's talking about it like it's a bad thing and I hope he changes that mindset before he has kids so they don't grow up to be as ignorant as he is

  26. This show is miserable! First: one decides to ghost and the victim has to live with his decision. Then HE wants to make up with her and she AGAIN has to live with this decision. Miserable!

  27. There needs to more accountability… How can you bring a child to world like that.. No planning or commitment. These ppl are selfish immature and lack self respect

  28. My heart hurts for her. It hurts so much to lose a baby. Nobody can understand unless they went through it. I lost my angel 9/22
    October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month and for everyone who’s lost a baby: my heart’s with you, it’s NOT your fault and you’re not alone 💜

  29. My miscarriage was the worst thing to happen to me and having the father and my family was a big help. For him to sit here and leave omg he a messed up individual. Regardless if he knew she had an miscarriage she was pregnant and that is hard asf even in the first few months those are the worst moments thinking your child could have something wrong or even die. 🤦🏾‍♀️ he’s foul.

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