This Girl Catfished Her BFF For Months As A “Joke” | Catfish Catch-Up | MTV

This Girl Catfished Her BFF For Months As A “Joke” | Catfish Catch-Up | MTV

– Hello, this is Nev, what’s up, who’s this? – [Cabrera] This is Cabrera. I’m calling about Ray. – He’s not the catfish? – What? – Ray was covering for someone? – Who’s Janelle? – I don’t know. One of. – Nelly, Janelle. – [Nev] Oh my God, her best friend? – [Max] Nelly. – [Nev] Oh my God. – Our next episode comes from season seven where Infiniti had been contacted by Dave after he allegedly saw
her in the neighborhood and wanted to go out. – Not creepy at all. – Nope. – What’s his deal? He lives in the city, what does he do? – He lives in the city,
but he also travels a lot. Like he goes overseas. – So he’s an international man of mystery. – Yes, you could put it that way. – Infiniti was so sweet and naive. She didn’t seem to have a
clue that this mystery man was likely just a big liar. – When we got to Infiniti’s
place to hear more about David, we weren’t feeling any
better about this guy being the real deal. – Whoa. – Here’s send me a [bleep] pic. (chuckles nervously) Let me see what I’m missing. Maybe I’ll come see you
tonight if you send a pic. Send me a picture of your vagina and I’ll come see you right now. – It was weird because he was
texting from different numbers. – Doesn’t sound very likely that Dave is telling you the truth. – During our investigation, we hit up one of Infiniti’s friends who was also chatting with David. She had some very interesting
things to share with us. – Hey, is this Nelly? – Yeah. – [Nev] Nelly. – Are you skeptical that he
might not be who he says he is? – Wow so you guys planned a whole trip around him being there? If that twist wasn’t enough, things were about to
get even more twisted, when we searched David’s photos. – By twisted, we mean really [bleep] up. – Oh, we got a hit. What? Mackismo, 35, look at this. What is this guy? Look at this. – By far the most disturbing
meme’s I’ve ever encountered. He’s a [bleep] Pervert. What the [Bleep]? – If this is him, that’s really messed up. – This is bad. – This is bad. As much as we wanted nothing to do with whoever this person was, we felt it was our duty to reach
out to this Dave character, a.k.a Macksimo Creeper, and find out exactly who
he was once and for all. – [Infiniti] What? – And, to our surprise, the
person we met was not at all who we were expecting to find. Who is this guy? – This is my friend. – What’s your name? – Ray. – Yes. – So you’ve been her secret admirer? – Yeah, recently I started
talking to somebody seriously, that’s why we have to clear everything up. – What about the recent texts you sent about her sending you pictures? – [Infiniti] A nude picture. – Just trying to do things
to make her not wanna see me. I started it, I didn’t know
how to finish it though. – [Max] This whole meeting
felt off from the beginning. Right? – [Nev] We had a feeling there
must be more to the story. Getting a call. Hello, this is Nev. What’s up who is this? – [Cabrera] This is Cabrera. I’m calling about Ray. – He’s not the catfish? – What? – Ray was covering for someone. – Who’s Janelle? – I don’t know. One of. – Nelly, Janelle. – Oh my god, her best friend? Nelly. Oh my God. Well, sure enough, Nelly finally fessed up to
being behind the David profile. You have been Dave this whole time? – Yep. Infiniti, you did it to me. – Nelly, when did I ever do
anything like that to you? – You gave that boy my
number in high school and you thought it was so funny. – Even if so, that was like mad years ago. – Yeah, but and then I got you back. – Hold on a second. You did it as a joke. I thought it was funny at first. Then, it just went on. – In the end we helped Nelly
and Infiniti reconcile. – Yeah, thanks to some eavesdropping. Hey, middle school conflict
requires middle school tactics. – You had to have known
at a certain point, two months in, four months
in it wasn’t funny anymore. – Yeah. – Do you feel like the scale is balanced. How do you feel about your revenge? – I think it went a little far. – A little too far or a lot too far? – A lot too far. But, like she just wouldn’t tell me stuff. – Okay, I want to try to understand this. She was telling Dave things
that she wasn’t telling you. – Like, I used to just
think she had an attitude, she would tell me what was the matter so then as me, I know
why she has the attitude. – Because you had this secret way of knowing
more about your friend, you were able to be a better friend? – Right. – Then she got so attached and then I didn’t wanna just leave. I feel like in the back
of her mind she knew that he wasn’t gonna show up. – Hi! – Whoa, what? – I’m surprised you guys are together. – So you guys are cool or is this like? – How together are you? – We’re on vacation in Miami. – Wow, they love Miami. – Have you guys been able to
laugh about the whole thing, finally? – Yeah, on the plane. – What about Dave? Do you miss your boyfriend, Dave? – Oh, she got a new boo. – Wanna give a shout out to him right now? – Hey new boo! (laughs) – We don’t wanna interrupt your vacation anymore than we have. Happy to see the
friendship is still strong, everything looks like
it’s going really well. All right ladies, have fun, okay? – Okay, thank you, thanks you guys. – [Nev And Max] Bye.

100 thoughts on “This Girl Catfished Her BFF For Months As A “Joke” | Catfish Catch-Up | MTV

  1. Nah I’m not rocking, you gonna catfish me as my “bestfriend” and then think that’s what’s best for me? Because it makes you feel better about yourself. That girl is batshit crazy!!!

  2. This actually happened to a girl I went to school with. Her catfish aka her friend sent the nude videos of her around school. she eventually found out the catfish was her “friend”. However, the crazier part is that they dated after that! broke up, and still hang around each other to this day while calling each other cousin🤮🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. This is why I don't hang with too many females— too clingy, jealous, and dramatic for no damn reason. WTF. It's annoying, how pissy they get when you don't call or text them a lot.

  4. Unfortunately I had this done to me by a close friend. She never gave me any real reason as to why she did it and never apologized so it ruined our friendship.

  5. Mad proof that females hold grudges over middle school shit all the way to adulthood. Friendship over from that point. Cant keep ppl in your life that will be that petty.

  6. She asked her for nudes??? Sorry sis, that's suspect as hell. I'm willing to bet her friend is in love with her but knows her friend don't swing like that which is why she made a male persona. I'd keep a close eye on her, I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to ruin home girl's relationship. She's a bigger person than me, if my friend catfished me and tried to also get my nude pics I'd cut all ties immediately. Some lines you never cross in a friendship and this is one of them.

  7. The whole "send me a pic of your vagina" thing kinda like… makes it feel like Nelly has some sort of lesbian crush on Infiniti

  8. Both these women are beautiful, but nelly is definitely a lesbian. She just didn’t know how to say it. You can see it in her eyes she’s uncomfortable.

  9. Do people that chat to each other online for a long time, months, years etc and never speak or meet face to face, actually believe that they are in love with someone and vice versa? I've only watched few of these catfish shows and I've seen people that hand over money, lots of money to these unknown "lovers"

  10. Why do best friends feel the need to trick the other in order to have a romantic relationship with them? Isn't an ideal relationship supposed to start as a friendship?

  11. How can they be friends? I'd never catfiish anyone and I'd certainly not be friends with some one like that

  12. If someone gave someone your number and they called you, can't you just block them? That's not the same thing!

  13. There’s no way her friend was obsessively trying to convince her to send a pussy picture just because it was a “prank” wtf.

  14. I must say I'm confused about this story. I know Dave played a part, (her friend), but how did the black guy play a part too? This episode was too freaking weird.

  15. How you continue them I swear I have the dumbest bff who in relationships with a fake person but she don’t get it n they been together for 4 months but have never even talk in phone or video call that guy always make excuse 🥴🥴🥴🥴

  16. Nev and Max find random creepy looking people while on their show while researching. Talk trash about them then air it lol. So messed up 🤣😂

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  18. I think everybody is stuck on the picture thing instead of how in the end they resolved something. holding a grudge is never good and the way it was handled isn’t good either but at the end of the day the resolves it and her friend took her on a nice vacation and apologize again so that’s a start for forgiveness also I feel like they both might like each other in a more then best friend thing that’s why it ended how it did

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