This Guy Is Cool With A Catfish ‘Boning’ His GF?! | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

This Guy Is Cool With A Catfish ‘Boning’ His GF?! | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– What’s up y’all, welcome
back to The Sneak Peek Show. I’m your host, Erik
Zachary, where I give you the sneak peek on what’s
happening on MTV tonight. Now Wednesdays on MTV are,
of course, all about Catfish, and tonight is no different. Tonight’s episode, Nev
and Max are yet again contacted to help find someone who, seemingly, is never available on FaceTime. Okay so here’s the scoop, right? The catfishing duo was contacted to help a woman named Nay
to find a guy named Brandon. Now, she met Brandon on Tinder and they hit it off right away. They even set up plans
to meet up in person, but surprise, Brandon never showed. In this clip, Nev and Max
talk to a guy named Matt. Now, try to stay with me here, Matt claims that he’s
hung out with Brandon, but he doesn’t have Brandon’s
phone number. Take a look. – [Nev] Let’s search the phone number. No name. – From Greensburg, PA.
– Oh! We got the phone call from Altoona! Hello! Is this Matt? Hey Matt, it’s Nev and Max. We’re making an episode of Catfish, and we’re trying to figure
out a little bit more about a young man named Brandon (bleep), and we saw that you were
friends with him on Facebook, and that you live at Altoona, which is where he says he lives, so that’s why we reached out. So he’s a real guy, is
what you’re telling me. – Is this the same Brandon (bleep) that was a big social media star? – Have you ever actually
met him in person? Do you have Brandon’s number? How do you usually talk to him? Ohhh. Alright well cool, this was helpful. Thank you very much Matt. Later buddy. Interesting. – We have a witness. Sees him in person! – Not only has he met him and
hung out with him at parties – The guy has boned his girlfriend! – Yeah, there’s something
very sus about that guy. Very sus. Do you think that Matt’s the catfish? I could see it. They only talk through Twitter Dms, and something’s not adding up. If that Catfish clip didn’t fulfill your daily need of fishiness, then might I suggest the new
Youtube series Fad or Fab? They got a brand new episode featuring Carly and Erin taking on oysters
and pearls. Check it out. (screams) (laughter) – It literally went
down my shirt! (retches) – It’s fine, where is it. – This is like, worst case scenario. – We may only open when
you have to find it. – You have to open it. – It smells so bad.
– [Erin] Find your pearl. – It rolled over that way, I saw it. – It’s infecting the room, with the… That noise! Are you kidding? – I found it! Guys it’s so small these
gloves can’t hold it. – [Erin] Let me see, let me see. – How do you shuck it? (gasp)
(screams) – It’s like a black pearl. I don’t know if you can see. – This is (bleep) up. I’m like… – Mine’s glued shut.
– I’m fine – Okay, that’s it for
today’s Sneak Peek Show. Make sure you meet me back here tomorrow, same time, same place, and
I’ll show you some clips of the back-to-back, brand new
episodes of Wild ‘N Out, of course, on MTV. I’ll see you later.

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  1. Honestly I would rather stick a knife up my own ass, than hear these annoying fucking hosts. Just get to the god dam clip!

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