This is why bluefin Tuna is so Expensive | Very Expensive

This is why bluefin Tuna is so Expensive | Very Expensive

Recently the most expensive koi ever was
sold in Japan for a huge amount of 1.8 million dollars. Less than five days in
2019 there’s another bizarre record from Japan This time it’s a bluefin tuna that
was sold for 3.1 million u.s. dollars! The buyer? Self-styled
tuna king mr. Kimura. But why is this tuna so expensive? Well we have the
answer. Recent years the popularity of sushi has increased all around the world,
but that’s not the only reason why this bluefin tuna has been auctioned for this
high amount. Before a piece of tuna ends up in your stomach it has traveled from
Japan all the way to your country. The bluefin tuna is extremely rare and is
known for his very high quality meat well time to get back to the first
question. Traditionally the first tuna of the year that has been auctioned sets
the tone for the rest of the season. So that’s the reason this tuna is so
expensive, you can call this a really good marketing and publicity stunt of
mr. Kimura. He could also have bought 10 secondhand Ferraris or a very large
yacht. What would you spend 3.1 million on, leave it in the comments and don’t
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34 thoughts on “This is why bluefin Tuna is so Expensive | Very Expensive

  1. That’s crazy money! At least koi you can enjoy for many years!!! Just curious when will we see your pond? Would be cool to get a walk through of all the equipment 👍

  2. Building a small school for the poor, and have them eat fish caught by local fishermen. But then such entrepreneurs won't see this as money well spent.

  3. That tuna is caught from Davao, Phillipines. Japanese came here to buy some tuna and then they will tell to everybody that they caught that tuna in Japan.

  4. I'll probably spend like 1 million dollar for investment 1mil for my family and the others maybe for me to keep and some to give to ither people who needed

  5. That's over $5,000.00 per POUND for this fish. The buyer is crazy ! I get solid chunk tuna tins in my local store for only a dollar each !

  6. I would probably invest 1 million dollars in several high end franchises and be an entreprenuer, and would invest around 500K in stocks (for long term only) then i would buy the Ducati Superleggera for $80,000 and the Porsche 911 GT3 for $144,650 and i would have exactly 1375350$ left out, would buy a nice home for 1M and the rest 37K would of course be spent on hoes and crack.

  7. Very interesting video I have watched a series on catching blue fin tuna in the Atlantic ocean would love to taste that tuna I'm sure it's expensive 🍽⛩😜✌

  8. I would spend that money on a koi pond get away. Where you can enjoy the koi and dinner and dance with breakfast by the ponds

  9. The question is, how much did the poor fisherman who caught that tuna get? If he is from the PHILIPPINES, I would guess that he was paid a pittance for that fish. Maybe around $2000, not even 1 percent of the price.

  10. There are so many things I would do with €3m, but what I can say for sure is that I would NOT be spending it on a dead fish.

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