Three Days in Chandigarh – A Short Film (Punjabi) By Sahib Gill

100 thoughts on “Three Days in Chandigarh – A Short Film (Punjabi) By Sahib Gill

  1. this is Chandigarh city story but while watching it,it seems that its story of when someone reaches in a new country and struggling to get settled in !!!!

  2. Siraaaa 22 oaa sara smj da ka pata ni a chd otha jana 22tu dikha ta ma apna sara yara nu thodi film dikhao veero kadi chd de kudi nal piyar na kariaov100cho 8salia time pass krdia

  3. vdia lgia vedio vakh ka ….. starting ch vedio vakh ka kuj intersting nie lg rahia c but full vedio vakh ka bhut vdia lgaia ….

  4. sometimes we have to learn that life is not necessarily better somewhere else. Every place has pros and cons. When there are more cons, it is better that we stick with what we know best than to lose everything.

  5. you almost filmed my life till date. However bhai struggle karke jitna itna asaan nahi hits, par iska matlab harnaa bhi nahi hits. Bhai koshish a is a cheez hain CA pass Karna jaisa……kabhi success mil bhi jaati hain. Super work.

  6. unemployment is at peak in chandigarh in compare to other states.most of population has central or state government jobs..otherwise its not the place for low payscale..

  7. Deeply touched by it ! Main v bohat saal chd rahi aa tan i can well relate to it..!
    Great job done ! Good luck for future #sahibGill 🙂

  8. Lol it recalled me of the memories when my classmates used to make a big deal of going to chandigarh or start studying there.. it's just a normal city man…just the songs brainwashed the minds of people

  9. I have a lot of videos showing forests and other places, and LOTS of videos showing ants eating candy different places. I wish people would watch them.
    Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  10. So true i am also going thru this at chd atleast those guys r good enough bt expecting from grls is really bit difficult bt still hv to do hardwork m survive ovr here

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