Tidak Disangka ! Sawah Ini Belutnya Berceceran – Eel Fishing

Tidak Disangka ! Sawah Ini Belutnya Berceceran – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum Wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel Yes! Here We Will Try Spott In Rice Fields But the area is new again It’s Friends at There, It’s the Bucket That is the red one And That’s Usual Asep, Ada Asep Thank you for your support, who already likes, who already commented, thank you very much And those who haven’t supported please help to subscribe and turn on the bell It’s Ubed, Hopefully We Get Today, Just Pray! And Hopefully We Can Get A Lot And Big Okay We Just Wait! Who Knew We Can Today Guys ,, I got one guys ,, An ** k Release Taken Again Guys Now it’s eaten We Try Only Mmm … An ** k Take Off, Asep Umpann … haha Sep ,, Sep ,, Sep ,, Sep Bait ,, Quick Sep! Aduch ,, We Fill in the Audience Feed Again Guys, Eaten Again Guys Looks like Guys? Well Guys, Eaten Guys Well, Guys, If It Doesn’t Get, I Will Unload Dimainin Sep ,, Can Guys ,, Can Guys ,, Steady Guys, Oh Big Coy haha Great Coy haha Finally,, Now Audience Asep Katanya Babon Insaalloh Why Not Taken Sep? Babon Coy … Until Cracks Gini ,, Widih ,, Widih ,, Widih … Widih, Go, Ye, Ye, Ye, it’s good Haha He is crazy, I guess Australian Forgiveness ,, Audience Failure Want to Eat Again No? Does not seem We Are Looking Again If That Is So Well Guys ,, Good looking … Is Eel What Is Asep? What is the Eel? Rawa Lincah, HA HA HA Brought Audience Emm ,, Ouch ,, Release No Yes? Yes, then … Teruss … Yeah … Steady, good. Ah, Ah, Ah … Take it off … Anyirrr … Failed, Failed, Failed Twice Viewers This Is The Person Who Signed Yes, Now The Person Is This Don’t mark me then … Haha Take it off … Oops and Oops … How is this ,, This Ouch Has Me Far Falling Eaten Again? Oops, C’mon, it looks like this There is?? Let Eaten In the First Time! Dear This Has Me Not Entering Small Audience Eels … He said the eel was small Release Sep? Take it off, it’s still carried Try to Use Me Sep! I am curious I am looking for a Babon First Yes, Yes Please Which is Sep, just now Sep? Not this one? Down, what? This? I don’t want him to go to me Doesn’t it look like that? Do not want Later We Shot Again When Eaten Yes Audience Viewers, said Babon What? Do not let go Big no? Look, Asep Under, I’m Above, Difficult for Viewers Don’t bear the pull Remove Audience Lag This is People c “King Mocel Widih Benar, These Rice Fields, Look Here! Where? Where Doesn’t Look? Aduh Gelas, Sebentar Sep It’s Big Sep If That Steady Let’s Go Again! How big is the hole? Not bad Sep Ouch Is Eaten In … Want a Tutorial? Which Other Friends Are Yes! Oh it’s Audience Friends Far away Red Shirts and Black Shirts Ouch Viewers See Very Kasian Yes, His clothes, the pants are less material Yeah Oops … What is this, Kang Asep Is that just a hole now? Sep, the hole isn’t it? That’s the Sep Water Channel Why Why is Water Distributed? Great, there are also viewers of water holes Let’s Go Again Well Audience ,, Pull Again Asep It’s Got Me Not Eaten yet Okay, Guys Have Me Pulled, Oops … Looks like Guys? OTHER, After Batrai Good Guys, looks like this is a big guys Steady Guys Eaten, We Try to Pull Take off the Guys For Today It May Be That First, Because It Has Been Distributing Once Thank you anyway to those who already support, who have watched until it’s finished Sorry if there is a deficiency Baboon ?? Well That Is There Ubed and ,, Who is it?? Mang Onge and This Asep Are Looking For First Yes, While Returning Because It’s Already Sunset, It’s Maghrib It’s already late Yes Guys The Sunset Looks? Well Here Asep Still Looking While Going Home Maybe so long ago, thank you, Assalamualaikum Wr.wb

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  1. Komen ti payun ach.. manttappp kang.. spot sawah na nuju meujeuhna kanggo belut babon sawah mah.. seueur kang parena sa gede kitu mah belut na ge….

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