Tiger Shark Encounter – Director’s CHOMP!

Tiger Shark Encounter – Director’s CHOMP!

– Mario, I’m usually
really confident about everything we
do, but today, man, I hope we didn’t bite off
more than we could chew. Oh boy. (suspenseful music) (lively orchestral music) The ocean, a vast wilderness where life began millions
upon millions of years ago, and to this day, remains one of the most unexplored
environments on our planet. Within its depths
live an abundance of mysterious creatures,
many that often surpass even our wildest imaginations, and some of them
have even emerged as the monstrous icons
of our greatest fears. My name is Mark Vins. I am a filmmaker, adventurer, and director of the
Brave Wilderness Channel. Together, through the
lens of our cameras, you’ve joined me and the
crew on countless journeys through the most extreme
habitats on earth. You have followed along
as we’ve taken you closer to the world’s most bizarre
and misunderstood creatures than any film crew in history, and today, I am proud to say that it is those adventures
that have led me to this moment, to an opportunity I have
dreamed about since childhood, the moment I begin
my exploration of the great blue wilderness, but this is no solo mission. I will be surrounded
by familiar faces, and some new ones as well. With Mario taking
over as director, I will proudly step
in front of the camera to lead a band of
aquatic explorers on one of the most
ambitious marine projects ever embarked upon because, you see, you’ve been along
since the very beginning. Yeah. There are no rehearsals
on this stage. You’ve seen us become
dive certified, and even witnessed our very
first dives in the open ocean. The adventures to follow will
not only test our bravery, but our commitment to the
word adventure itself. These expeditions start now, because today, you will witness our very first shark encounter. There will be no cages. (intense orchestral music) Welcome to Tiger Beach. Located off the coast of
West End Grand Bahama, this location is
not a beach at all, but rather a world famous
destination for shark diving, more specifically,
tiger shark diving. What makes this
dive site so special are the powdery
white sand bottoms, the beaches, if you will,
that reflect brilliant ambient light through warm,
crystal clear tropical water, creating a very special
shark diving experience that is world class
and second to none. Not only will you
see tiger sharks, you can encounter up to
five different species, all formidable, all
top marine predators, all on the same dive. To say we were starting out our shark diving
adventures in a big way might be a bit of
an understatement. With this being such a landmark
moment for Mario and I, we simply couldn’t imagine
doing this adventure without inviting along
someone very special. All right, guys,
here we are, big day. We’re about to head off shore
to swim with tiger sharks. This is going to be so crazy, and I think you guys know we couldn’t do this
without our main man, so we flew him in
especially for today. Coyote’s here, guys. What’s up, buddy? – Hey, hey. – How was your flight? – Oh, it was excellent. Only a few hours
to get down here. This is an epic looking boat. Permission to come aboard? – Granted, come on. – All right. – Are you excited to swim
with these giant sharks? – A little nervous, but
also extremely excited. This is our first
time getting to work with a predator of this size, specifically an ocean predator. I’m ready to get in there
with the tiger sharks. – All right, we got your
gear all set up out back. Let’s go check it out. – Okay, off we go. – With the crew now complete, and all aboard are home at sea, we set off for Tiger Beach. Some 20 miles off shore,
our destiny awaited, and with it, the hungry
teeth of tiger sharks. How’s it feel
being the director? – It’s different. Definitely, I used to take the
secondary role in the camera, but now, I’m stepping
up to direct, and yeah, it’s a
learning process, and I’m excited to
see what’s to come. – Now, I think it’s fair to say that this expedition was unlike anything we’ve ever done before. Not only was it a new challenge, it was a new danger as well. To be honest, it
was the first time I’ve ever experienced true fear prior to one of our trips. Oh boy. Now, I know that might seem odd since I’ve filmed everything
from grizzly bears and wolverines to the
world’s deadliest spider, but I won’t lie, I was nervous. I know the majority of my fear stemmed from my
inexperience with sharks, but let’s face it,
these are sharks, big sharks, with
razor sharp teeth, so it goes without saying, expert guidance
would be essential. As luck would have
it, Jonathan Bird and his team of Blue World
divers were available to join the trip. Jonathan and his crew
have over 20 years of underwater
filmmaking experience, and his Emmy
award-winning program, Jonathan Bird’s Blue World,
is in its sixth season. Let’s just say these guys
know what they’re doing, and they had some
critical advice for us shark-diving rookies. All right, guys, we
have our gear on, and the boat is completely
surrounded by sharks right now. We wouldn’t be doing this if
we weren’t with an expert, and today, we have Jonathan Bird from Jonathan Bird’s
Blue World here to teach us what we’re
doing and keep us safe. Is this safe? – It’s safe. – Okay. – [Jonathan] Yeah, they’re
not aggressive towards divers. The only thing you want to do is just try to not be prey by not acting like prey. The first thing
you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna wear
gloves and a hood so you don’t have
any skin showing. They won’t think
that looks like fish. Then, when you hit the water, you want to get
straight to the bottom. You don’t want to
flounder around like you might be something
flapping on the surface that they might want to eat. You just want to
get to the sand. Then, once you’re down there, they’re gonna treat you
just like they treat everything else in the ocean. You’re just another
creature there. – Okay, so don’t flap
and splash around on the surface trying to
get my camera, just go down. – Just grab your camera,
boom, right to the bottom. – Okay, did you hear that, guys? We’re going in. Coyote, are you ready? – About as ready
as I’m gonna be. Let’s get in there
with those sharks. – In addition to
Jonathan’s mentorship on dive techniques
and camera operation, his keen sense of shark behavior would be crucial in ensuring
our safety underwater. After going through and
prepping our dive gear, we had a final safety briefing with the crew of the ship. A serious shark bite
this far at sea, even with the
fastest life flights, would almost certainly be fatal. This fact was not
meant to scare us, but was a stern reminder
that strictly following shark protocol was
an absolute must. The moments between
the safety briefing and preparing to dive
are hazy in my mind even to this day as the reality of getting in the
water with sharks became very real very quickly. Well, we’ve done
all the intro shots. We’re suited up, and
we’re actually about ready to get in there with the sharks. I’m looking over the
surface, check this out. Guys, there’s a lot of
big sharks down there. It’s one thing to talk
about getting into the water with these top predators. It’s another thing
to actually do it. I’m a little on edge, I’d say. I know it’s gonna be cool,
but there is that moment of actually jumping off the boat that I’ve been kinda dreading. Yeah, I guess it’s my time. Let’s go and get in the water
with those giant sharks. Here we go. The water was now
thick with chum, and the stench of decaying
fish filled the air. My heart was pounding
as countless sharks circled our perimeter, and
time seemed to slow down. The sight below drove fear into even the bravest among us. We all made our way
to the platform, hoping to find a
shred of comfort in our pre-dive routine, but nothing could distract
us from the obvious. Getting in the water
was inevitable, and that moment was now. One by one, Jonathan and
his crew descended below, each plunge drawing
us closer to the edge. Then Coyote gave me one final
glance, and off he went. I stood motionless
as I watched him disappear beneath the surface. Mario, I’m usually
really confident about everything we
do, but today, man, I hope we didn’t bite off
more than we could chew. Regardless, I got your back. – [Mario] I got your back
too, man, let’s do it. – You ready? – [Mario] Ready. – Let’s do it. By this point, the
chum had draw in hoards of lemon sharks,
and maybe it was just me, but they seemed to
be getting bigger and bigger right
before my very eyes. Well, with every shark
dive comes the moment where you actually have to
dive in with the sharks. That moment is right now. Oh boy. (intense orchestral music) As I plunged
beneath the surface, cool water rushed
through my wetsuit, sending an instant
shock up my spine. My eyes scrambled,
struggling to adjust, just as they always do, when
first entering the water. However, this time
was different. This time, I knew I was
completely surrounded by sharks, but something strange happened as the environment
around me came into view. The nerves I felt above the
water instantly vanished, and were replaced
by laser focus. In a snap, my vision and
other senses elevated to a hyperstate, a
sensation I had never felt until this very moment. Within these few but
critical milliseconds, my entire perspective changed. I was indeed aware of
the countless lemon
sharks around me, but I could also sense, their
intentions were not to attack. If anything, they
seemed curious. Oddly enough, I actually
began to feel calm. Then I quickly
remembered my training, to not stay at the surface
in the feeding zone, so with that, I began my
slow descent to the bottom. The water clarity
was incredible. Light beams cut
through the surface, and glistened all around me. Sharks and reef
fish of all sizes flowed in and out of
view in perfect harmony. My heightened sense of awareness made this journey all
the more spectacular. As I neared the bottom,
the crew came into focus. Only another 10 feet to go, and like the lunar module
coming in for a moon landing, I prepared for impact. Then, with the slow
and subtle thud, I had landed at Tiger Beach. The thud quickly
triggered my mind and body into action mode. It was time to survey
the sharks I could see, but more importantly,
start searching for the ones I could not. Lemons, reef, and nurse
sharks circled the group, making an eclectic
mix of predators. Although they were
pretty good size, they nearly vanished
in plain sight. My eyes were searching
for one thing and one thing
only, tiger sharks. I know it’s hard to fathom how a giant 10-plus foot shark could literally
appear out of nowhere, but trust me, they really can. The most dangerous shark is
always the one behind you. Suddenly, a dark
shadow began to appear, moving like a stealthy submarine from the edges of the ocean. My heart must’ve been racing
a million miles a second, and then a quick
burst of adrenaline allowed me to process the fact that an enormous tiger shark was headed straight for me. I couldn’t believe my eyes
as the shark glided past. It was so big. Its mass literally displaced
the water around me, pushing my body aside by the power of its wake. Just as I was coming to grips with the reality
of the situation, like a phantom, it was gone. To be honest, I never imagined I would find myself
in this situation, kneeling at the
bottom of the ocean, face to face with a tiger shark, and the crazy part
was, I couldn’t wait
for it to come back. Knowing where the
sharks are at all times is the only way to prevent
an accidental attack, which is also the
most frequent kind of attack that occurs
in these situations. Knowing the location of the
sharks is a team effort, everyone checking
their surroundings, and signaling to
unsuspecting divers of a shark’s whereabouts. Sharks, by their very
nature, are curious. You can sense this immediately
being in their presence. Their eyes constantly scanning, their movements
subtle and calculated, but the one things shark also do is investigate
with their mouths. This is not what
you want to happen to your body 40 feet
below the surface. Even a taste test in these
situations can be fatal. Knowing where and how a
shark is approaching you is vital to avoiding any
regrettable situations. When we first arrived
at the bottom, the sharks were
still very cautious, circling us at a distance
of 15 feet or more, but with every lap, they
became more and more confident, especially when the dive
master began to introduce food. Seeing the sharks chow
down giant chunks of fish was a quick reminder of the
seriousness of those teeth, they way they could
just devour fish, after fish, after fish
was extremely impressive. In fact, their
jaws are so strong, they can even crack the
shell of a sea turtle. While in feeding mode,
this initiated the sharks to investigate the rest of us, almost as if they were thinking, “Who else has some
tasty fish for me?” Well, none of us did,
so when this happened, it created some
spectacular flybys. One after another,
they would approach and veer to the right,
and then to the left, and sometimes, right overhead. The overhead shots were by far the most fun to film. In fact, the sharks
got so close, you could actually see the electro-receptors
in their snouts, which are used to detect prey. At this point, Mario, Coyote,
and I were having a blast. Even Jonathan was
getting into it. I could tell how mesmerized
we had all become by these apex predators, their intelligence just as
formidable as their jaws. Then, just as their curiosity and comfort levels hit their
peak came the contacts. As scary as this sounds,
it’s actually quite simple to redirect them away from you. The key to this maneuver is to gently palm down
the shark’s snout, and push it away from you, letting its momentum
do all the work. Check this out. Look at that barrel roll. Believe it or not,
it was actually kind of fun having
these contacts. Then there are times
when the contacts get a little bit dicey. To no fault of his own, Coyote, well, let’s just watch. Yikes, that was
close, so, so close. In fact, let’s watch
that again in slow-mo. See, one thing you
don’t want to happen when making contact
with any shark is place your hands or any part
of your body under its nose. This will trigger a reflex
that drops the shark’s jaws, and yeah, you can kind
of fill in the rest on why this was bad. Good thing Coyote got lucky, and was able to quickly
avoid that chomp, or this would’ve turned into
a horrific bite episode, definitely not something
we ever want to happen. After Coyote’s close call, we all realized our
air was running low, and it was time to
head back to the boat. One by one, we ascended
to the safety stop just below the ship. At this point, I could
see the smiles all around. We had done it. We successfully completed
our first major shark dive, and what made it most special is that we had done it together. Woo. That was freaking amazing, guys. – Wow, were those some
up close encounters with some gorgeous sharks. I don’t think you
get much closer to the tiger shark than
I got on that dive. Amazing. Woo, all right, let
me get this gear off. – Well, guys, we did it. We dove with some
really giant sharks. Dude, that was awesome. What a great way to start off the Blue Wilderness
series, and I, for one, cannot wait until
our next adventure. I’m Mark Vins. – I’m Coyote Peterson. – Be brave. – Stay wild. – We’ll see you
on the next dive. While this is only the beginning of our explorations
on Blue Wilderness, I will always look
back on this adventure as the one that truly reshaped
my perspective of the ocean, and more importantly, of sharks. While the lore and
fictions of pop culture have painted them as menacing
monsters of the deep, the reality is, they
are highly intelligent and inquisitive creatures,
rightfully deserving to be respected, but above all, cherished for what
they truly are, survivors of time,
ancient relics of an abyss that is millions upon
millions of years old. In many ways, they
have already discovered the secrets of the ocean. Our goal is to learn from
them, and with any luck, uncover some of its
mysteries for ourselves. Oh, see that right there? Hammerhead. – [Coyote] Oh, yeah. – [Mark] 100%, there’s
a hammerhead down there. The hammerhead is here, guys. We’d like to extend an
extra special thank you to Jonathan Bird and the crew
aboard the Dolphin Dream. You can check out some of
Jonathan’s other adventures on his YouTube
channel, BlueWorldTV. If you liked that
up close encounter with the tiger sharks, just wait until we come face to
face with the hammerhead. Don’t forget, subscribe, and
click the notification bell so you can follow
me and the crew on this season of
Blue Wilderness. (coyote howls)

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