Tilapia Fish: Benefits and Dangers

21 thoughts on “Tilapia Fish: Benefits and Dangers

  1. Norwegian salmon is the most toxic salmon ,Peruvian salmon farms are so toxic they are actually polluting the ocean off the coast.these guys mean well ,but they should do a little more research,as we all should do.

  2. Sardines are the healthiest fish. They are always wild, lowest in pollutants, and high in omega-3. As a bonus, they are inexpensive. If you don't like the flavor, try eating them with mustard and possibly whole grain crackers.

  3. Wild Tilapia from Lake Malawi(freshwater lake)is worth a try🐟…nice videos on the channel,definitely subscribed.

  4. I got a 5 dollar bag of tilapia for 8 servings worth, thinking I got a deal and now I'm thinking I screwed myself cause it says "Product of China", oh well, guess it's still better than consuming a bat of cheetos or something

  5. I m eating tilapia almost everyday for my gallstone problem. This diet keeps me in check since i cannot digest fats and am also having trouble digesting puoltry as well even if its breast. A little better news than other videos ive found on tilapia so far,

  6. I just wan to know..
    I raise tilapia in my backyaard and I feed them with azolla, duckweed, worms and pellets.. is this fine to eat and organic? or remove the pellets then fed with azolla duckweed and worms

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