Time Lapse: Ants Carrying Fish Pellets Into the Nest

Time Lapse: Ants Carrying Fish Pellets Into the Nest

[Intro] Greetings, A.C. Family. We’ve got a special video for this week. And boy is it satisfying… Well, if you’re an ant-lover like me, that is. Because we received such a great response to our previous video, several months back, of our black crazy ants, the Dark Nights, drinking drops of honey, I wanted to do a similar video this week. A lot of you guy have commented saying watching the ants just doing their thing is super relaxing. So this week, something a little different: Our Golden Empire simply carrying fish food from a container to their nest. I know it’s odd, but this video will relax you and put you in an ‘ants trance’ as I also talk about the Golden Empire, their society, their behaviors and more. So keep on watching until the end. A.C. Family, let’s sit back and watch our Golden Empire and what the Koreans call a “mukbang” in this ant watching episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel. ♪♪ Please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon. [whisper] Welcome to the AC family. [whisper] Bon appetit. Let’s start by laying down our small container of fish food right here, into the Hacienda Del Dorado. It isn’t long before a couple workers discover our food and inform the rest of the colony that they’ve discovered the goods. And so starts the hypnotic process of food collection. Let’s watch They say keeping tropical fish tanks Can lower people’s blood pressure and stress in my opinion and personal experience and watching has a similar relaxation effect We receive so many comments in our hidden videos every week which are very much like this video about how these time lapse and seemingly Monotonous activities of the Ants are Relaxing even proving therapeutic for some of our viewers dealing with anxiety ADD hypertension and other physical conditions If you’re like me, you could watch the ants do this for hours and hours and not get bored But I’ve time lapse this video. So you could watch the complete process in a shorter amount of time This is their normal speed But let’s get back to the timeline shall [we] I? Found that the Golden Empire our yellow crazy ants are quite easy to feed and they accept a wide range of different foods It’s no wonder this species [has] been so successful at invading most tropical parts of the world Dello Crazy ants are known as pan tropical meaning they can be found in all areas with a tropical [climate] We don’t exactly know for sure where this species originated But scientists suspect that they originated in West Africa and have migrated across seas to all other tropical areas Via human activities like Transport of Plants and goods they hitched rides on our boats and Cargo and the colonies were able to conquer countries and out-Compete and displays other ends There truly an empire that has succeeded as far as invasive and scope The species recently gained a lot of popularity due to a feature in a wildlife Documentary Which popularized yellow crazy ants as killers of native crabs on Christmas Island? Part of the reason for their success is not only due [to] their vivacious and ravenous nature But also due to the fact that they accept multiple Queens and colonies can fuse together creating huge Super colonies In fact the Golden Empire here is actually the result of three yellow crazy and colonies combined if you’re new [to] the channel Feel free to check out our yellow crazy ant playlist to watch how this colony our Golden Empire came to be Look at how the ants carry each individual piece Keep in mind those are heavy It would be comparable to us lifting boulders carrying it up over and down a vertical surface Then onto the nest the ants are super quick and effective I Just love watching the ants do this. It’s kind of like watching an hourglass, but Cooler It’s just amazing to think that the ants can carry out operations Like this in such a short amount of time and with the simplest of communication Ac family have any of you guys taking the time to watch ants work? What was it like? For me relaxation via observation of the ants working maybe one of the practical benefits of and keeping it Seems like the ants are carrying the food into a certain chamber underneath this driftwood as the ants carry the food back They lay down a pheromone trail all the way back into the nest To show ants leaving the nest exactly where to find the food this trail keeps on getting Reinforced as more and more ants return to the nest with food while also adding to that pheromonal trail the thicker that trail becomes The more eager the ants join in on the campaign and head out to bring back the fish food Want to hear something interesting Ac family so the ants themselves don’t have the ability to chew up this completely dry fish food These adult ants simply don’t have the chewing mouthparts Adult ants are able to consume mashes [and] liquids much easier than these super dry items like this fish food So I expect what these ends of the Golden empire are going to do is either one They’ll store the food in a very moist chamber of their nest until the fish food softens so they can eat it easier or two they feed it to their larvae the babies who actually do have the chewing mouth parts to eat Solid Foods and Then please from the chewed up pre processed foods that the larvae Regurgitate isn’t that neat this latter method. Which we know ants do means the babies eat first and then the adults Quite a different feeding system that seems to work for the [ends] Almost done now the entire process took just about half an hour to complete For those of you who would like to get into an keeping and there are bit squeamish about keeping live feeder insects like crickets mealworms Or roaches in your home if you can get your hands to feed from a high quality fish food like this You’re said your aunt’s will be able to get all the protein from the fish and other seafood ingredients in the fish food Okay, Ac family so you can truly [enjoy] this relaxing and watching experience I’m just going to leave you alone now for just a few minutes So you can watch the ants and get lost in an ant trance. I’ll be back in about three minutes. Enjoy and The final Crumbs are collected and the fish food supply is done So what happens now is the ants that come to the container and find out that there’s actually no food like the pheromone trail promised Simply return back to the nest but don’t leave a pheromone trail This causes the original pheromonal trail to weaken over time so less and less ants end up coming to the container in search of food And there you have So what do you say is that relaxing? Let me know if you like these kinds of videos or if you have any suggestions of other time lapses you guys would like to see Tell me in the comment section. Thanks for joining us for another week, Ac family. It’s [ant] love forever Okay, Ac family Ac in our colony Here’s your hidden video of this video non time next Honestly in my opinion the non time lapsed version is actually much more satisfying than this video It’s just longer and now it’s time for the Ac question of the week Last week we asked explain how any two living things plants or animals? benefit each other in the Hacienda Del Dorado congratulations to Jaden Seven six five four three two one clash of clans who correctly answered the aphids give the [ant] honey boo in exchange for protection Congratulations Jaden You just won a free Ac test to portal from our shop For this week’s a key question of the week we asked What does depend tropical mean leave your answer in the comments section and you could win a free ebook handbook from our shop Hope you can subscribe to the channel and give this video a [thumbs] up if you liked it Leave me a comment as I read through as many of them as I can and remember we upload a new Video every Saturday at eight a.m.. Eastern standard time Why? If it’s aunt love forever

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  1. could you give them a whole apple, chicken leg, chocolate bar, candy, nuts, crystlized sugar, gummy bears, coloured foods to make them different colours, beef jerky

  2. give them a food that has a pathway for only 1 ant per grab. see how they work when only 1 ant can fit at a time. or like use an actual hourglass to feed them

  3. Mikey, I wish I could see a super extreme closeup of the baby ants eating. I wonder what their little faces look like and how they behave in the nursery. Is there such a video? I'll have to Goggle it later. For now I am really enjoying watching them carry the giant pieces of fish food and wishing I could hear them. I watched a video once where the person said that they make sounds and vibrations. I've always been interested in viewing the tiniest of creatures (like the Tardigrades. They are so cute!). Thank you so much for all of your wonderful videos…especially the hidden ones. 🙂

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  9. I was never a kid who would play with others back when I had recess
    If I had known about this, I would sneak fish food to school and watch them take it to the nest
    i was the kind of weird kid who'd enjoy that

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  13. A pantropical ("all tropics") distribution is one which covers tropical regions of both hemispheres. Examples include the plant genera Acacia and Bacopa.

  14. I can't keep ants cause my aunt and uncle say no so I just sit outside and watch the ants I make sure not to disrupt there flow and on ocasain I'll put a drop of honey on my finger and let them eat it it's weird but it helps me relax

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  16. this is delightful! my favourite part was when they moved in real time. I got to see who did what for how long, and who worked with who, and i'm sure i'd pick up on scores more observations. The time lapse was fun too! Look away for a just a moment and they've accomplished so much. thank you for your passion!

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  23. I have a series of mental health issues (ADHD, OCD, Social anxiety, depression, and experience stress-induced hallucinations) and these ants are really relaxing and your voice is also really nice. Sometimes I just turn on your videos for background noise. Learn some cool ant facts while being productive and can always take a break and watch these guys for a little bit.

  24. I remember when i was super young probably like 10 years old. I purposefully put down half a poptart near my window in hopes of seeing ants eat it. Ants got on it immediately and I would just sit there and watch them take pieces back to where ever their nest was. Of course my parents would clean it up if they ever saw it so I had to keep it hidden from sight. It probably taken them a week to finish that thing.
    I also used to feed bugs I would find and kill around my yard and feed them to various fire ant mounds

  25. I'm 24, with ADHD and Autism, but my medication has nothing NEAR these types of videos in the forms of being therapeutic for me. The fact that I'm an outdoors type person and LOVE bugs and creepy crawlies of ALL kinds, makes this channel even more special for me. I got into this channel cause it reminded me of the old SimAnt game I used to play years back, but it got even more special since I love ALL types of bugs.

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