to make fish food

to make fish food

There’s SHRIMP.. SEA BASS, for example… …this is Hake. The CARROT was hard, but it will become soft) Here, have BEET… You will need GARLIC… I picked up the BROCCOLI… CAULIFLOWER is delicious… and White CABBAGES… Green onions crop residues, stubble and bagasse… frozen food: the larvae of lake fly midges,Daphnia magna, molluscs, ZOOplankton e.g… And that’s where our little friend the PHYTOPLANKTON(spirulina) came in handy. The food melts as soon as it’s out of the fridge.., In my opinion,homemade household food are very much more high-grade forages, so they can float, is perfectly healty fish.

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  1. The plant biomass, the phytoplankton, the zooplankton, it's what feeds the fish.

    in this "how to" video, i'll show how to prepare a food for a fish.

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