Tooth & Gum Abscesses : Relieving the Pain of an Abscessed Tooth

Tooth & Gum Abscesses : Relieving the Pain of an Abscessed Tooth

I’m Dr. Joe Neely and I practice with the
Barton Oaks Dental Group. We’re going to talk about relieving the pain of an abscessed tooth.
And abscess is an infection that’s trapped somewhere. So in the case of an abscessed
tooth the infection is trapped between the hard outer shell of the tooth, the ligament
and bone, which hold the tooth in your mouth. And so the pain is caused by swelling. By
pressure, especially in between two hard objects. If you get an infection inside the tooth that
has spread through the root tip into the ligament that holds the tooth in it becomes like hydraulic
in nature. Any kind of pressure on the tooth is magnified many times over. So the pain
is relieved by reducing the pressure. The pressure is reduced by reducing the volume
of the infection through antibiotics. Allowing a vent for the infection either by drilling
a hole through the top of the tooth into the main chamber or through the gum and bone to
the area around the tip or apex of the tooth. You relieve the pain of an abscessed tooth
by relieving the pressure.

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  1. Can mouthwash be used in place of any antibiotics?

    Although I don't think mouthwash can kill the bacteria causing the infection.

  2. no mate antibiotics are best. mouth wash will just help a lil. but will not cure it or the pain… please see a dentist.

  3. I read online that if you take half salt and half baking powder and mix them together (dry) and then take a wet cotton ball and dip it into the powder then place it in your cheek on the side of your mouth where your tooth hurts: that will help dry out the infection. For some people it helped bring a pop able puss pocket that relieved pressure.
    Try it! It had good reviews. It's cheap too.

  4. i just had an abscess and i rinsed with salt water every half hour or at least when i could remember to and the next morning all that puss came oozing out! It was like a flood of pus. and after that the swelling came down and I had no more pain!.. I'm still going to go to the dentist but he is in africa and doesn't get back till monday so I had to do something till he got back.

  5. that pic of an abcsess is NOTHING compared to what's in my mouth right now. and it's nasty. for a few days, i could squeeze some puss out, but now the hole is closed so it just keeps building up… AAAAHHHHHHHH

  6. My friend had the same thing, the dentist told her it has something to do with the novicaine he gave her, and that sometimes even in people who have had it before just sometimes randomly it causes alot of pain, especially in the jaw and sometimes the throat. If that sounds like what you are experiencing its probably the same thing, I wouldnt worry too much about it but if it still hurts in a week or so I would call the dentist and ask him to look and just make sure its nothing more serious.

  7. If you absolutely cant get to or afford a dentist go to the doctor, they can perscribe you an antibiotic. If u cant do that go to the ER, if you're sure its an abcess, because for a simple toothache they wont help you, but you need to get it taken care of because if it pops n u swallow even the tiniest bit of the pus u can die. If it does pop u will know cuz it smells and tastes horrible spit it all out n rinse ur mouth out till its all clear and continue to rinse with peroxide for atleas a day.

  8. @SpazyFoxx dude take a 16 g needle, pop it reall good then squeeze on in untill all the yellow puss is gone, ull feel alot better, itll probably come bakc within th first hour, when it does pop it again, just keep taking the penicillin or clindamycin witchever one they gave u , the ibuprofen will help too

    ive done this

    i had an abscessed tooth for about 4 days at one point

  9. @DudeImDaniel i think you might be able to die from it dude. cause if it gets too infected and spreads to your jaw the blood stream goes to your brain and yeh deth is near lol. dont quote me on that i think i heard that shit somewhere just saying

  10. @DabbsBiotch Ok, so.. I am in an extremely similar situation. I had a tooth that had a really bad cavity in it. After I got that filled, it hurt really bad. I went back to the dentist and he removed the pulp from that tooth and said to come back if it hurt again. It did, so I went back and got a root canal. That was about two months ago, and now it started hurting really bad and I think I have an abscess also. Mind telling me what happened? I want to know if I have one or not ha

  11. @DabbsBiotch Wow. BS. Luckily, my dentist is also my uncle, so we get extremely discounted prices haha. But I would never go back to the dentist office. EVER.

  12. @chrismallyon I've had a massive rupture once and I'm still here. No fever, nothing. And I have like the worst immunitary system ever. (dunno if i spelled this right. english isn't my first language).

  13. Very unhelpfull! Just seen my dentist and told the usual – " you need to take antibiotics" which may well in time reduce the pain, but what they dont tell you is how antibiotics wreck your imune system… So it's take a dose of poison to remove the poison… 🙁

  14. Why does this comment have so many negative votes? It's good advice! I am dealing with an abscess and went to the ER for it. The doctor pretty much echoed was is said in this comment.

  15. Get oil of clove, put it on a q-tip, and than hold the q-tip next to the infection, or infected tooth. It will help relieve the pain. And as for the infection itself, and ask your doctor (or a doctor) to prescribe a antibiotic such as, cephalixan.

  16. Omg my tooth hurts bad….i have antibiotics how long do u think i have till i should go to the doctors…i need to buy insurance and save money

  17. this is true as far as it goes…but the infection will return time and time again. You can't leave a dead or dying nerve in place without expecting more putrefaction. Meanwhile, this can lead to heart disease over time. Don't resist the pain…yank the tooth (and put something in it's place) or get a root canal (oh yeah, that's fun!). It's expensive too…wouldn't it be nice if we got medical and dental in return for our tax money?

  18. This method can be done in an emergency situation where the risk of the abcess getting so big may have your face looking like you have a golf ball in your mouth. This should only be attempted if the ability to reach medical services can not be attempted. Emergency rooms normally will not relieve the pressure either. Hours can make a huge difference. Forget the pain you will be past anything that can prevent you from doing this procedure at some point. Desperation will set in allowing you to feel

  19. nothing at all. The only pain worse is stubbing your small toe really bad. You will need to sterilize a "very large" needle. You will need to hold that needle with pliers or something strong. You will need to find the spot where the cavity is the most exposed. The needle will need to be worked hard but not far into that hole in a circullar motion pushing as hard as it takes. Trust me pain will not be an issue at this point. If you are skilled a slow small 3/32 drill with a Dremel will work too

  20. Only those skilled enough to use a Dremmel should attempt this method, otherwise stick to the needle. The drill "must" be sterilized and only needs to approach the cavity very straight. The speed must be high but not full speed. You will find this approach very simple if you follow what I have said exactly. Thinking you will need to go deeper will be the thought, but will easily pop through into the pocket. Fluids and blood will rush out and you will need to pee. Spit it out and go pee.

  21. You have just saved yourself from a worse experience waiting until the next day would have given you. Hydrogen peroxide must be used to rinse the mouth and a temp filling must go in immediately after 1 hour. Push on gums, cheek jaw whatever it takes to get all the puss out. Leaving it open for any length of time past that runs a risk of contamination again, which means more pain and much worse too. Fill it and you wont need meds. SEE A DENTIST WITHIN 48 HOURS REGARDLESS, U NEED ANTIBIOTICS.

  22. Something has to be wrong with your bones/body for it to get through to your brain in the first place. People in disadvantaged areas go months and sometimes years without brain sepsis. Please don't mislead people.

  23. I am sure there has been other cases but one comes to mind a 12 year old in 2007 had a abcess bacteria spread to his brain, he was admitted to hospital alive but after 2 operations there was nothing they could do. Sepsis, Kidney failure, septic shock and infection spreading to vital organs (eg brain) are a risk. I type this as some one with major dental issues due to a genetic enamel deficiency; even if your tooth ache stops once the root dies the infection is still there and can kill you.

  24. has nothing to do with bone, the infection can spread via the blood and cross the blood brain barrier if you are unlucky and kill you. That is one risk of abscess infections, another is sepsis, septic shock, heart failure, kidney failure and many others. Infection is a simple concept it destroys tissue and even if it moves from it's place of origin will and can continue to do so, its just a gamble how much damage it will do considering there are so many places it can go.

  25. i could see my abscess, so i had a clean needle and pierced my gum, until i felt it pop, it didn't hurt AT ALL, when the needle came out, so did all the puss. but i wouldn't recommend this, my mum was there and she is a fully trained nurse

  26. So I thought I will share this with you.
    I have been taking brufen 400 for around 1 week now to keep the swelling down as I thought that my wisdom tooth has started to grow again!
    I arrived in Qutar today from London it was an awful experience on Etihad Airline pushing that aside. I was in tears and in so much pain with my what I call growing wisdome tooth, at this point i didn't have any medication because the airline has lost my bag so I had to go and get some from the pharmacy here in Qutar :D. Just a fiew hrs a go I thought I'd take a nap but ohhh nooo I woke up to again the awful pain! So I went and had a look and just saw it was swolen but nothing to be alarmed by. I decided to prod and push the area and this awful hard stuff came out bit by bit until the final push it gushed out ! I was shocked that this was stuck in side my mouth and the smell was rotten like ! I pushed some more until blood came and the washed my mouth with salt water. The pain is litrally 95%better and I feel so happy that it's gone. It got to the point where I could open my mouth much because my jaw was sooo painful .Now I can enjoy my holiday Happy days !!!! Any ways I fort I would share my awful but great ending story 🙂

  27. Also you can use clove for the pain if you don't want to take ibuprofen it works and leaves a nice smell in your mouth 🙂

  28. try ibuprofen and when that fails i sit in the bathroom with the shower steaming it helps me espically after i take ibuprofen tooth killin now and im in the bathroom cuz i only found children pain relief but i took it lol

  29. While reading these comments it just poped without me doing anything and i even asked god for help instantly reliefe

  30. I cracked my front tooth in half in 2011 I endured the pain of the dying nerve and formed an abscess which I was prescribed with tetracycline. My dentist said he could not give me any treatment for my tooth abscess and tried sending me to a specialist and they wanted 800 a month. I could not afford it at the time so I just been dealing with it for the last 7 years. The tooth just throbs from time to time every so often I get a abscess again in the same spot than later during that day it disappears. I assume I have a fistula by now. The abscess itself does not seem to be going anywhere it just stays there. Tooth is slowly fading in colour. Overall it doesn't affect me at all but I do have insurance now which covers me for $2,000 so I might as well book an appointment soon.

    I have a decent immune system otherwise I would have swollen lymp nodes or have symptoms of it travelling by now lol.

    The tooth will probably need to be extracted even though it is my front tooth but it isn't loose or anything so we will see what they say.

    PS: if you are suffering from tooth trauma do not do what I did. The pain lasted 3 months until the nerve died and trust me it hurt like a bitch and I did not have antibiotics. Cold water helps to numb the pain but once you spit it out the pain returns ten fold. Honestly I literally continued working through the whole dying nerve process you literally need to be a lunatic to endure this pain it is literally intense pain that will drive you insane.

  31. It's such bull shit that dental work costs so much money. Not everyone is loaded, and can afford it. So if you have a broken tooth that's abscessed, unless you can afford it to get fixed, they're just gonna pull it.

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