Top 10 Scary Extinct Diseases That Could Come Back

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and games over here!! 10 – The Black Death
In the 14th Century, bubonic plague wiped out a third of Europe’s population. Plague is a bacteria diseases that spreads
to humans via bites from infected mice, rats or fleas and then can be passed on by coughing
and sneezing in human hosts. Plague was back again with a vengeance in
1665 but then colder weather of the autumn followed by the Great Fire of London helped
stop the disease in its tracks. When people talk about plague they assume
it is a ye-olde disease that doesn’t effect us anymore, but the truth is that, while most
first world countries are plague free, some third world countries are still struggling,
including Madagascar. There are around 7 cases of plague reported
in the United States each year. 9 – Old Flu
Strains strains strains! This video is all about strains! In the summer of 1977, a nasty flue was spreading
through China and Russia and then through most of the Northern Hemisphere! Weirdly it seemed that the majority of those
infected were under the age of 25. Virologists analyzed the sick and found the
reason for the age trend. The flue was identical to one that handy been
seen for more than 20 years. Those who had been exposed to it before had
developed an immunity to it, but the younger generations unfortunately had no natural resistance
and had never been vaccinated for it. It was concluded that the virus was not a
naturally occurring event and actually it WAS the old strain, which had been kept in
a lab all these years. Unfortunately there had been some accident
in which it must have ended up being unleashed… although no one has ever admitted responsibility
or even acknowledged it, which makes it even scarier. 8 –
Diphtheria Diphtheria can be very nasty, especially for
children. It can lead to heart failure, breathing issues,
death and even paralysis. The infection was most prevalent around a
century ago and was one of the most common causes of death by infection. Before the 1920s, tens of thousands of people
were dying in the US from contracting the illness, but vaccination all but eradicated
it. In the Iberian peninsula in the 17th century,
one year was dubbed the Year of Strangulation as the outbreak got so bad. In 2015, Diphtheria made a comeback in Spain,
which saw its first case in 28 years, killing an 8 year old child in Catalonia. It seems the parents had decided not to inoculate
their son, who ended up contracting the sickness. It goes to show it is still out there, lurking. 7 – Cholera
Cholera was a huge issue in in the 1800s, especially in populated Victorian London,
India and the US. In India, a pandemic in 1817 killed millions
as rice was grown in polluted water from the Ganges. Cholera is a waterborne bacteria but since
the development of proper sewage disposal, and water treatment, it basically isn’t
something developed nations worry about….that being said, South Korea can tell you just
how easily it can return. In 2016, the capital of Seoul reported their
first cholera outbreak in 15 years. It seems the contamination came from an import
of shellfish. Symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, muscle
cramps and dehydration and can lead to very unpleasant deaths. 6 – Smallpox
Urrrm…. So a cardboard box containing a vial of deadly
extinct smallpox was found in Maryland 34 years after health officials declared the
disease to have been eradicated – beyond that, the last known case in the US happened
in 1945. I am sorry but WHAT! Small Pox was one of the biggest killers,
ending the lives of 300 million people in the 20th century alone although after it was
eradicated it seems that the government held some for research purposes. Smallpox was ended by a careful process of
vaccination, but these days, as there hasn’t been a case anywhere in the world since 1977,
people are no longer vaccinated, which means if was ever unleashed again, it could kill
the younger generations very very easily. Luckily the Smallpox found in Maryland was
sealed properly and handled before it could become a public health risk. Next up, the ancient disease that killed the
Aztecs in a vast pandemic … 5 – Cocoliztli
This is so interesting! It seems that the ancient civilization, The
Aztecs lived between 1300 to the mid 1500s They were doing their thing, surviving and
thriving until the Spanish came and started messing stuff up. Not only did the Spanish come with some dubious
colonizing intentions, they also brought foreign illnesses over. From 1545 to 1550 they were struck down with
a mystery illness they called Cocolztli. It seems only 1 in ten survived, with cocolztli
killing 90 percent of their population. From accounts written at the time, Cocolztli
was defined by people developing a fever and blotchy skin. They then started vomiting and bleeding out
of the eyes and nose. That is absolutely horrendous. What this mystery illness was has had a lot
of historians scratching their heads – and as we know, mystery illnesses are always at
risk of returning. We don’t want such a deadly killer back
in our midst… although recent research seems to suggest that actually Cocoliztli wasn’t
a disease, but rather salmonella. Although we don’t know for sure. 4 – Ancient Anthrax
In 2016 Siberia saw an outbreak of Anthrax . Why? Well there was a heatwave. What does that mean? Well it seems that under the ice a silent
killer was waiting to thaw. It seems that a reindeer who had died from
an old strain of anthrax 75 years prior was frozen under the ice and as it thawed, so
too did the bacteria. This lead to 13 humans getting sick and one
young boy actually dying. Meanwhile 250,000 reindeer were culled! It isn’t just Anthrax that is an issue…
similarly at number we have 3 Pandora’s Permafrost. As the permafrost in the Northern hemisphere
is melting as a result of global warming, it seems that there is a whole host of nasties
waiting to be unleashed that we may not have seen in a very very long time. Not only are there tons of toxic mercury under
the ice waiting to poison our food and water supplies, there are zombie pathogens lurking
and werking…. Or not working…. But waiting to. We don’t know what exactly is under there
but scientists have the foresight to be worried about it. It seems that the anthrax unleashed in Siberia
could just be the tip of the iceberg…or tip of the permafrost. Okay not a saying… but we should expect
the unexpected. Fun. 2 – Leprosy
Leprosy is mentioned in the bible, which suggests that the sickness, characterized by legions
on the skin and the loss of eyesight, has been around for millennia. The first recorded case may have been as early
as around 1550 BC. Back in those days, people thought that Leprosy
was a punishment from god.. although we now know it is a slow growing bacteria and not
a curse. Obviously. Leprosy caused MANY millions of deaths over
the centuries and was most prevalent in the middle east and asia. The World Health Organisation aimed to eradicate
Leprosy in the 2000s, which they have almost achieved but it does still pop up in unlikely
places…. Including the Southern states of America. Why? Well funnily enough the answer is Armadillos. It seems that Armadillos are known carriers
of the disease and have been behind a small outbreak in the united states. The US has around 150 cases a year, but unlike
in ancient times, we can actually treat and cure the killer disease. This is something we should all be pretty
afraid of…. 1 – Drug Resistant Bacteria
When penicillin was invented it was a game changer for treating illnesses. All of a sudden life ending infections were
being tackled and survival rates were soaring, however over the years bacteria has started
fighting back. Doctors have to be careful when prescribing
antibiotics as oversubscription when they’re not needed can cause these bacteria to mutate. The mutated version of the bacteria can then
be spread, causing an outbreak of something untreatable. There are already some strains of bacteria
that have become resistant to drugs we have. WELL WELLWELL that was the Top 10 extinct
diseases that could come back – I truly hope we never see any of these ever again! COMMENTS FROM Top 10 Scary Creatures Pulled
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