TOP 5 AQUARIUM FISH: BREED EASY FISH! Tips On How To Get Your Fish Spawning

TOP 5 AQUARIUM FISH: BREED EASY FISH!  Tips On How To Get Your Fish Spawning

if I see a pregnant pregnant while I’m
in charge two days watch two days somebody will be pregnant I’m gonna get
everyone in this building pregnant make you horny baby what’s up fish tank
people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you horny on a Sunday
baby whoa how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well in today’s video we’re
gonna bring you my top five horniest fish that’s right we’re gonna talk about
the top five fish in my book to give you the best shot of getting busy but first
I want to give you some general advice on how to get your fish horny these are
just some basic principles that are not species specific that I have found to
help get your fish busy note I am gonna relate this back to humans getting busy
as much as possible well first if you want to get laid you got to be old
enough don’t expect super young kids to be running around getting laid and don’t
expect super young fish to be running around getting laid either it’s all
dependent on the species of course but don’t expect your fish to go from fry to
next you got to be well-fed dinner in a movie is a good way to start
I found them whenever my fish are getting busy I’m feeding of a variety of
different foods everything flakes pellets blood worms brine shrimp I use a
lot of the stuff from our friends at rods foods and if you can and you have
the time and energy to do it you should use live foods live black worms live
white worms you can click the links around here check out my boy Steve when
he talks about how he prepares white worms that he used to feed his finicky
discus I don’t know I kind of feel like I’m gonna get the surf and turf
yeah you can go ahead and get the surf and turf but you do realize you’re
looking at the side of the menu I don’t know the comedian I just stole that from
but whoever you are you’re a genius next you want some chick poke up with
you you’re gonna bring her home to some dorm room with nasty clothes laying all
over the place you want your fish to get busy they’re gonna get busy in something
nasty skank tank heck no you want your water quality as pristine as possible
clean water every time my bread fish it has something to do with either doing a
huge water change making sure the water is clean making sure the water is
pristine and to the conditions that the fish need to breathe water changes also
emulate mother nature that emulate raining season think about it raining
season think about this biologically speaking if you were a fish and you were
trying to reproduce other fish you’d want to reproduce your fish and fry in
the best conditions as possible raining season high water lots of insects
floating around lots of stuff for them to eat on versus dry season when the
water is drained down there’s a lot more competition for the food a lot less
water a lot poorer water quality water changes help stimulate fish breeding and
I’m just rolling up this it’s great care Devin’s like y’all we’re going up to
this Creek to get some fish I’m like I’m in
got this big old net am i lucky man so this role I just wanted to show the
green and a lot of beautiful places I mean my last tip with getting your fish
busy and this applies as much to fish as it does with humans
give your fish adequate hiding places to go and get busy you’re getting busy do
you want to get busy in the middle of the party not depends on the type of
party now doesn’t it Dustin know you want as many hiding places places to go
places to sneak off caves rocks bushy plants whatever you need give your fish
places to hide to go get busy and now here come my top-five horniest fish butt
will be pregnant my number five of my top five horniest fish I am talking
about goldfish goldfish again Dustin I’m lumping common goldfish together in with
koi goldfish breed like rabbits you can click the links around here and check
out a video I took way back in the day where my goldfish were actually spawning
in one of my back ponds what they do late spring the goldfish chase each
other around try not to scare them by getting too close everybody chases
everybody around and the male’s try to like bat the eggs out of the females
even if you’ve been a by a lake and ever seen carp spawning it’s almost the exact
same thing because they are carp let’s check it out together just chasing each
other around you want to see this kind of behavior there you go right there
look at that just kind of shape each other around frantically one will stop
and kind of run into them now here’s the caveat with breeding goldfish
and it goes like this it’s real simple goldfish spawn when temperatures rise
they need to have a really hard cold slam cold winter and then when the temps
rise in the spring they get all excited and get after it you can click links
around here you can check out a video of a ladies pond I took in Chicago she
actually keeps common goldfish in with her koi her koi by the way one of them
is named Braveheart and actually eats out of her hand
she keeps comets in with the koi the Comets eat the koi eggs in the
springtime because they’re so prolific Lee breeding goldfish my number 5
warning is back in the day we had goldfish breeding
in the back pond and now we got koi breeding in the front pot I have no idea
who the baby mama or the baby daddies are for these suckers well regardless
big water changes lots of plants and fam D Brett a couple of koi this season my number four in my top five horn is
fish I am talking about rainbow fish love rainbow fish male rainbow fish just
like male homosapiens get fancy for all the ladies into place with style and
grace that’s right one two one male’s the females ratio is how I like to roll
the males in collar up better and they’ll breed like crazy as long as you
do the following things plenty of good variety of mixed foods live frozen
whatever you got to do plenty of hiding places look if I was a rainbow fish I’d
want to get busy and stuff like this this is horn ward this is water wisteria
get yourself some fast-growing floating plants so they can go up in and get busy
and massive water changes every time I bred rainbow fish I’ve done nice big
water changes and I like to drop the temps a little bit on them you can click
the links around here and check out all kinds of videos on rainbow fish it’s
easy big water changes water change water change water cheese
how do you doing quick how do you do them easy that’s the important thing
well I mean I start with the simple siphon hose well this is a great way to
get the nasty stuff either off your gravel or off your bare tank that’s a
good thing but what are you going to do you’re going to put it in a bucket
you’re gonna carry that bucket to the sink only crazy people do Gary don’t
carry carried okay you can take something as simple as this
guy right here this is my gutter night this is so cool we’ve got a piece of
gutter we’ve got the holders that would normally go on the side of the house use
places to get busy and a bunch of good food you’re breeding rainbow fish
rainbow fish my number for my top 540 is fish of those monies I think they’re
spawning watching they go up in the corner together Mike will be pregnant my
number three in my top five horniest aquarium fish I am talking about live
bears look I’m lumping them all together here platy swordtails mollies these are
the ones I’m talking about these fish are prolific and horny look a male platy
male swordtail whatever requires two females
to every male maybe even more I actually think the harassment of Corrine was part
of the death of Karen but that’s another story click links around here for that
it’s simple male swordtails male live bears are just like a horny 19 year old
frat guy in a bar that hits on everything that walks all you need to
breathe live bears is you need one male to females a ridiculous amount of plants
that they can hide in I’m showing you the hornwort in the wisteria again these
are great get one male to females and get out of the way live bears my number
three in my top five will be pregnant my number two and my top five horniest
aquarium fish I am talking about Guppies now look up these are live bears as well
but I’m just putting Guppies together in and of their own thing and their number
two for a reason because Guppies breed like crazy look when my kids were low
there was a show called Bubble Guppies I almost didn’t let them watch it for
fear they pick up some of the horny habits of this fish what does it take to breed Guppies it
takes a male guppy a female guppy and some water that’s it
Guppies my number – warning subdued number one is the convict cichlid anyone
who I’ve ever met who has kept the convict cichlid has bred to convict
cichlid why do they call it a convict sakuni’s because it’s black and white
stripes looks like a convict no they call it the convicts again because it
breeds like a convict on a conjugal visit for its first time in ten years
the convict is the horniest fish by far do me a favor folks drop me a comment on
what fish you think is the horniest then why hit the like button subscribe button
and share button click links around here for other videos on these fish and tank
on later chico d’Ivoire that’s my thing that is my hobby
I knew karate and get girls pregnant I have old school man

99 thoughts on “TOP 5 AQUARIUM FISH: BREED EASY FISH! Tips On How To Get Your Fish Spawning

  1. Braddah Dustin LMAO!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this Vid was off the chainβ›“β›“ it’s actually a Master Piece!! Keep it up much love and aloha πŸ€™πŸ½πŸ πŸ€™πŸ½

  2. i planned on making pond out of coldwater european native species like asp,red fin perch,sturgeon,wels catfish,northern pike ,rainbow and brown trout

  3. definitely the convict cichlid i had mine in my 90 gallon tank and in a couple weeks it breed with my texas cichlid 3 times in a 2 months now i have 600 baby fish

  4. Who is the horniest fish?That must be my turquoise rainbow,big male who humps everything that swims; male/ female/ other species and even other fish species like Siamese alge eaters. Yeah he is pretty cool but at first I asked what are you thinking; the answer must have been: Nothing just horny.
    RIP Karen,my thoughts are with Kareem and he Kids. Siphon On

  5. This was so funny, loved it! I def think guppies are the horniest lol I do have 2 tanks of them and 1 outside small pond with them though… lol

  6. The small and colorful shrimp also know how to overpopulate. I would consider them fish.
    And guppies.. Yes… They breed until they suffocate the tank.
    I recently got my first cichlids (electric blue acaras<3) We'll see if they breed

  7. Hell my male convict bred with my blood parrot after i removed the female cause i couldn't handle anymore convict babies lol

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  9. whats the prize on ranibow fish and where can i buy them? they are my dream fish but my local fish stores do not have them :/

  10. Gardenri killifish has to be in the horniest fish, ive had them 4 months, gave 30 to the lfs and have another 50 in 2 tanks waiting to go and theres small fry in the main tank again!!!!

  11. LMAO! I would've spit my coffee out again; but it's too late in the day for me. And WOW!
    —- What an awesome vid D! You can tell you used a littler more elbow grease on this one. I'll be watching this again. TANK ON!

  12. My dragonblood peacocks are bimbos. The do it with any breed around. Had 1st fry within 3 months of getting them as 1.5 inch Juvies. Have a tank of 50 1.5 inch fry from 3 of those fry 9 months later

  13. About 4 years ago I had a MASSIVE die off in a community tank. Only thing left were 3 yellow lab ciclids, and they were 1/4 inch fry. Now have 11. Also minnows breed easy in the pond out back.

  14. My female Red Terror cichlid who lives alone lays eggs every 3 weeks..her breeding coloration is pretty stunning. I need to get her a stud.

  15. OMG! This video was dope, man! Absolutely love the Tracy Morgan inserts! I am at work laughing my @$$ off! Your videos always make me laugh, because you are CRAZY!! Keep it 100%! Loving it! Learning and laughing….great combination! =)

  16. Hey Dustin I too have mollies and breaded many times but I could save fries more than two or three I tried every thing n way that I can do to grow them help me bro!!!!

  17. The one fish you left out is the rosy barb, just like goldfish but no chjlling required, Also boys are really easy to tell from the girls, plus the fry are capable of eating baby brine shrimp. One thing about rainbow fish don't try moving the fry! Move the adults or remove the plants or spawning mops to another tank. For honorable mentions the easiest tetra is probably the emperor tetra they aren't picky about water chemistry. Also the zebra danio is good introduction to fish needing smaller than BBS as a first meal. I used the classic fill the bottom of the tank with marbles method and even on a whim bred long finned glo-fish.

  18. This video really cracked me up. To this point, I was just a bystander and occasionally watching a video or two of yours. After this video, it would be wrong not to subscribe.

  19. perfect Convicts are the number 1 i knew it before you said it growing up my cousin had some then a tank full of them for over 10 years it was a 220 with a small family of jack dempseys aka the thunder dome

  20. Swear, guppies would breed in an inch of sewer water, it's what they spend their lives doing, breeding, breeding, breeding. I believe they are the most genitically encoded living creature to breed anywhere, anytime, with anything they can

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