(upbeat music) – What’s up fish tank people? I think it’s time to start talking about the 350 gallon aquarium. You can see how big
this thing actually is. (upbeat music) What’s up fish tank people? Dustin’s fishtanks
talking about a fish tank. How’s everybody doing, I
hope you’re doing well. In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about a 350 gallon aquarium
that has been in my garage since November of 2017 back when the Aquatic Experience was held
in Chicago not in New Jersey. Today’s video is about
fish, I’m gonna give you one two three four five options that I’m thinking about for this 350 gallon aquarium that is
gonna go in greenhouse 2.0. But I would love your
feedback in the comments about these different fish options. Let me calm down a little bit. Alright so we set up the 900 gallon aquarium at the New Port aquarium. And while I love that tank,
I also hate that tank. The reason I love that
tank is ’cause I think it’s one of the better
hardscapes that I’ve ever done. However the soft scape,
in my humble opinion left a little something to be desired. I’d love all the comments on that and if you haven’t seen
the 900 gallon series go ahead and click the links
on here and check that out. However, the 900 gallon aquarium was left in the hands of the New Port Aquarium. So in today’s video,
it’s got my head reeling ’cause I’m actually getting
close on greenhouse 2.0 with what I’m gonna do in an aquarium that I’m actually gonna
be around all the time and that people are gonna come
and potentially see me with. We’re gonna be talking about
the 350 gallon aquarium today. I’m not gonna talk about the hardscapes, the planting, that stuff,
but I wanna talk about some of the stuff I’m thinking about with the fish in an aquarium
that you all can come and see me and that I can
actually work on myself. Okay so where is this aquarium
actually going to sit? (upbeat music) Right here. This aquarium is actually going to sit hopefully at the entrance
way of greenhouse 2.0. When you walk in I want you to be greeted by something, potentially. What could greet you,
what fish would come up and actually greet
people as they walked in? Let’s talk about that. So the first of my five options of fish that I’m thinking about for the 350 gallon aquarium is goldfish, yeah goldfish. I already have coy, I’m
thinking the fat wobbly kind. The one with the big
eyes, maybe a black moor, couple of ryukins, a couple of orandas. Here are the reasons that I
would consider keeping goldfish. And I love your feedback,
you goldfish people. I know you’re out there,
goldfish are extremely hearty. Okay they’re related to carp. Now the ones that I wanna
keep are a little bit fancier so not quite as easy to
keep as my beloved coy. Nevertheless goldfish are hearty. They also could perpetually eat duckweed which I would keep at
the surface of the 350. I also like goldfish
’cause they can handle a little bit lower temps which we would see temperatures below
70 in the greenhouse and I wouldn’t really worry about keeping a heater with them. One thing that I’ve always wanted to do and I don’t ever think I’ve seen it done the way I’d like to do it is a planted aquarium with goldfish which also leads me to the downside of goldfish. Goldfish are like cows, they’re
just constantly grazing, constantly feeding,
it’s what they do, okay. So any sort of aquascape, if you will, is constantly gonna be dug up,
pulled apart, or ripped out. I also like to run dirt in my tanks. Goldfish digging down into the gravel and spitting it out as they perpetually roam around for food could be a problem. There’s another rub with goldfish and I think people get this wrong. There’s an old adage, the old one inch of fish per gallon of water rule. That one of fish per gallon of water rule is actually out the window with goldfish because a one inch goldfish is gonna poop way more than like a one inch
tetra or something like that. If anybody keeps goldfish they know this. Goldfish are constantly eating. Goldfish are constantly pooping. There’s gonna be something called balance that I’m gonna have to work
a little bit harder to get. This is a photo of my girl Mandy’s tank up at Aquatic Wildlife in Connecticut, great wholesale customer of ours. And she has goldfish but she doesn’t have quite enough plant. Look I like to see personally if I can overcome the challenge
of keeping big goldfish with a ridiculous amount
of plants, full sun, and keeping that whole thing balanced. Goldfish, one of my top
five ideas for the 350. And the second option for
the 350 in greenhouse 2.0. Now look, already done these fish before. And I miss them, talking
about rainbow fish, folks. Rainbow freaking fish,
children of the morning sun. Oh my goodness, a 350 with rainbows. Now look I did the 220 with
rainbows and I loved it. Why rainbow fish, folks,
folks, rainbow fish are a fish you see in the pet store and they simply do not look that great because they take a little
bit of time to color up. But if you give them time, good food, and big old water changes, rainbow fish will change your life. Rainbow fish, big, hearty,
but they don’t get too big. They get like about this big or whatever. So they’re the perfect size for a 350. You get a school of them,
I’m friends with Gary Lang, I’m friends with Luca Brass, I’m friends with all kinds of fish farms in Florida. I could get the most
ridiculous rainbows ever and I could have a school of them. Rainbow fish, you walk in
they go (trills tongue) like little dogs, they swim right up to the front of the tank,
greet you, ready for food. What are the other upsides
to the rainbow fish. You get a big school, rainbow fish can be put together with other
different varieties of rainbows if you wanna flow that way. I may just do all of one type, species. Rainbow fish breed easily, rainbow fish can handle big water changes. And here’s a huge and final
upside with rainbow fish. Rainbow fish, my friends,
would not mess up an aquascape should I choose
to get my flow on in a 350. But now it’s time to
talk about the downside of keeping rainbow fish in a 350. Folks, there are absolutely zero downsides to keeping rainbow fish in a 350. Let’s talk about another option, folks. You gotta do things to get
you out of your comfort zone. This is for all you
cichlid people out there. What if your boy Dusty put frontosas in the 350 gallon aquarium,
that’s right frontosas. Think about that for a second. Big giant Lake Tanganyika fish in there swimming around, staring you in the face. The upside with frontosas, they get big but they don’t get too big,
they got that awesome purple, I mean it’s a purple zebra fish. I don’t know what the
good Lord was thinking when he did the purple zebra
fish, but they’re money. Alright cichlid people, I
need you to drop me a note in the comments of what
cichlids I’m missing that you would put in the 350. Cichlids aren’t my game, drop me a note. I got another idea for the 350. You should get some bass, man. You got that big fish, you
should get some big old bass, feed them some minnows, that’d be awesome. Bit tank, big fish, no, I’m absolutely not gonna get a large mouth bass or any sort of giant native fish for this tank. What do you think,
Brave, what should I get? Should I get some neon tetras? Am I bothering you with my loud voice? Am I bothering you, dog, sorry. Another idea for the 350,
I haven’t ever done it properly the way I would like to do it. Big tank needs big rocks,
big tank, small fish. How about 500 neons in
a 350 gallon aquarium. Only Oliver Canot, in my humble opinion has done the neon tank properly. I think it would be
awesome, the fish are cheap. The neons would school,
it would be fantastic. The downside with neon tetras is this. They are a little bit finicky and when they go, they all go. They all die like boom boom
boom boom boom boom boom. The upside of the neon tetras however, is that they can be kept at
slightly lower temperatures, they’re cheap, I could get them from whole salers super cheap. I could slowly add them over time and you walk in and it’s
just (exhales sharply) giant school of neons greeting
you in greenhouse 2.0. And yet another option for
the 350 in greenhouse 2.0, a fish I’ve never kept before. They’re also a cichlid,
I’m talking about discus. Oh my goodness, big, round, beautiful, any color of the rainbow, easy to keep in a planted tank, schooling fish. Folks, you’ve seen my videos about this, there’s no way I’m keeping discus fish. They’re like the hot chick at
a bar that you can’t talk to. (scoffs) Sarah let’s get out of here. Discus fish, there’s no way
I’m keeping discus in there. Too finicky, gotta keep the temps right. I’m not gonna be able to control the temps good in the greenhouse. Discus are out, no chance. Now my number one idea for fish for the 350 gallon aquarium. I like my rap, I like my Wu
Tang, I like my old dirty. How about old dirty oscars in the 350. Can you imagine, folks, oscar fish. In your face, right when you walk in, big old black oscars greeting you. Hey, hello I’m an oscar fish,
feed me feed me feed me. Oscars would be awesome, I could get them with some of the 500 crinum that I have coming in from Sierra Leone
as you watch this video. Click the links around,
check that stuff out. Yes folks, oscars would be fantastic. I don’t know anyone doing
oscar fish with plants. I’d like to try it, I’d
be up for the challenge. I could do big rockscape, I
could do massive crinum natans all over the place with
giant big goofy oscars up in your face and up in your grill. Oscars in an aquascaped Africa style tank with a South America fish, I think oscars would be the bomb in the 350. You know how many videos I’ve done where oscars just are number one. Like dude, I mean look at them though. I mean they’re bright orange. – [Man] We’ve been growing this guy out for almost two years
now and he’s a stunner. – [Dustin] They’re just
so, I mean they’ve got so much chill and personality and color. – [Man] Everybody loves
oscars once they have them. They’re like having a true pet. You know what I’m saying,
they’ll interact with you. – [Dustin] Oh yeah, oh man this fish is just giving it to us. How long have you had this fish again? – [Man] This fish is around
two, probably going on three. – [Dustin] You’ve had
this fish for two years? – Yep.
– Where do you keep him? In that steam room with all the– – [Man] Yep in the greenhouse. – [Dustin] Got you, does he stay in a vat or is he in a
– A vat. – A vat, yeah, what do you
feed this boy, just whatever? – [Man] We got a carnivore
diet that we feed him. – [Dusty] He’s got a nice
little spot on that back, too. Folks, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe you’ve got an idea for a sweet set of fish for a 350 gallon aquarium. So do my a favor, drop me
a note in the comments. Make sure you hit that notification button and that subscribe button if
you like what we’re doing. Everybody make it an
awesome week, tank off.


  1. As much as I love frontosa, you shouldn’t do them. They are extremely shy and skittish. They would be a poor choice as a greeter fish in your entrance. Roll with the rainbows or some oscars! Looking forward to this build!

  2. As a frontosa keeper im slightly biased but ive kept most of the fish on this list. Frontosas would be perfect for a 350 gallon planted tank. they are super chill for cichlids and I don't have any problems with them tearing up plants like my Oscars did. Like u said they get big but not too big and would really show themselves well in a large tank like that. If you don't decide on frontosas you need to branch out and try discus. We all know ur capable and ur excuses are meh.

  3. 350 gallons worth of discus? Think I have a BMW lying around here somewhere I might be able to sell to fund it

  4. 100% go for Rainbowfish and add tons of pothos if you gp for goldfish as that plant is very thick so they don't eat it down to nothing and it keeps rooting. Rainbows plus paradise fish make my planted tank pop.. colors are the best in paradise fish not to mention they're cold tolerant

  5. As much as I love Oscars, their habit of re arranging their tank and playing with plants excludes them I think.

  6. No gold fish messes up plants No predatory fish takes up all the space Oscars are a waste of space one fish for a 350 is waste. I am so over all these aquascapers with there little fish caring more about the plants then the fish. I am a aquascaper that loves fish and plants I don't sacrifice one for the other. I recommend Discus and Rainbows. Check out my tanks @mikenguyen where I have both fish and aquascapes!

  7. Hardest part is choosing but seems like you are going for the oscars 😛 Great thing about rainbows is you can keep them with about everything.

  8. Make a hill stream tank like Rachel’s! Variety of fish, lots of plants big rocks….lots of movement….perfect!

  9. If you decide to not do a planted tank you can have Frontosas and Male Peaock cichlids. That would be really colorful!

  10. Looks like ol’ Dusty has already decided on a 350 g planted Oscar tank lol. That’d be an awesome setup.

    I’m back in Denver now so come and see your Colorado people again soon! Much love from the state that legalized it first… (;

  11. Man do what Eva, plants, dirt, fish, try the planted with Koi or Goldie’s , 🌱 in pots to get the benefits of the good biome and just run with it Ol dirty D style. I wouldn’t complain, mother nature’s always adapting why can’t a fish tank? I could see the Amazon with extra jungle Val

  12. whats up dirty dustin!! I have a question I've been looking for videos with good high light, co2 injected "high tech" plants. All i can find is best beginner plants for low tech tanks. do you have any videos with plants you like for a novice moving to high tech?

  13. you said no giant native fish, but what about some reasonable sized ones. like pumpkin seed, or green sunfish?

  14. I think the neons are the best bet. Every beginner almost always goes for them as they are so cheap and available. However, those first time fish owners only get a handful, most often less than the minimum amount for a 10-30 gallon tank. Walking into the green house face first to the massive 350 gallon heavily planted tank filled with an enormous school of neons could massively change their perspective on the hobby. Then in the dead of winter, heating costs will be slightly lower for that specific tank.

  15. Aye yo d how about convict cichlids these babies are hardy and surprise I have mine in a planted tank and also guess what babies

  16. I have a 300-gallon planted tank with Black Angelfish, Black Marble Angelfish, Pinoy Angelfish, and Emerald Corydoras. That is what I recommend! 🙂 Not Neons as some can get Neon Tetra disease (and it spreads).

  17. I think rainbows would be AMAZING! but it would also be cool and catchy to have the "pet fish" Joey had Frank Cory has Murphy we have Gordon the tortoise. People like a fish they can get personable with.

  18. 300 bleeding heart tetras! They leave plants alone and feed like tigerbarbs. Awesome!!! Great vidoe bro!

  19. 80 blood fin tetra, 80 neon and 80 emperor tetra maybe or keep it cool and go for a large group of white clouds with a couple of goldfish.

  20. I c all these fish tank channels get bigger n bigger tanks. Where will it end??!! What’s next??! I can’t wait to c

  21. This might be crazy but I would do hundreds of females Betta’s all different colors and fin types and scales along with the tetras that would be cool

  22. Make the 350 an African Cichlid tank all types of colors… It would be STUNNING! But Oscar's are my Fav Hobby Fish do several tyoes

  23. Out of the ones you listed rainbows make the most sense. Your business is planted tanks and goldfish and oscars are gonna destroy them. Neons would be great, a South American theme could show off every sword you stock with some big ol cabomba with maybe so dwarf cichlids and Cory cats you could really showcase the plants maybe an electric blue acara and swap neons for angelfish

  24. Take the challenge! Goldfish all the way. Planted down like a brick. Peace brother. Hope your tribe is well.

  25. whats up fish tank people
    how you doin?
    i hope yall doin well!

    im gonna keep oscars, bichirs and koi.
    let me know if it works well!

  26. Frontosa would be sweet! If you go Wu TANG style though you need to go all Tanganyikan and most of them like to rearrange the tank. Plus they like warm temps.

  27. I think Rainbows are the only way to go. Such beauty and variety in a planted/scaped tank. Who would not love looking at them.

  28. Rummynose tetras in a planted tank. Could add some appistogrammas too. Get that crazy schooling effect as well as some awesome colors and cichlids behaviors in appistos

  29. ANGEL FISH for the win! You get a good school of them and they can be just as friendly as gold fish. I have gotten all of mine with a positive food association. When I come home, they go nuts and are really responsive to people.

  30. Rainbows !!! Did you know there are neon rainbows?
    I knew you did . Neons and Liartail Swordfish would be great with your scaping skills brah.

  31. You should feature more brackish water tank. Maybe like a grow out tank with archer fish and puffers. Feed them cricket. 😉

  32. Bring forth the Oscars, as many long fin and color versions as humanly possible. They are the ultimate wet pet that gets abandoned entirely too often and deserves a small spot to grow out and enjoy life.

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