hi guys and welcome to fish tanks with Heidi I wanted to bring you a video all about my top five favorite nano fish for beginners. I think nano tanks are becoming much much more popular and I think that they can look absolutely beautiful on a table or on a desk beautifully aquascaped. Little five gallon or ten gallon tank and you can have some really really pretty options in terms of fish. Now I will say if i was going to choose a nano tank I would go with a 10 gallon tank. The nice thing about 10 gallon tank is it’s relatively small and relatively inexpensive and what I have found is that most of the time a ten gallon tank costs about the same as smaller tanks but gives you a lot more options in terms of fish because as you’re going to see a lot of these smaller fish are schooling fish and so they do better in groups. So I’m going to go ahead and get started with number five. My number five favorite nano fish for a freshwater tank for beginners are cardinal tetras. Now neon tetras are probably a little bit more popular or people might be a little bit more familiar with them. A lot of times people don’t recognize the difference between neon or cardinal tetras. Cardinal tetras do it get a little bit bigger and they have a red stripe all the way across the bottom of them as opposed to neon tetras where the red stripe is just kind of like on half of the bottom. Either one of them are really really pretty but in my experience I find that Cardinal tetras school a little bit more prettily and I just find their color to be just slightly more vibrant and also them to be a little bit hardier. I have a little bit more luck with cardinal tetras. So i think colonel tetras are really great choice for a colorful aquarium and a tank that has maybe all cardinal tetras and then maybe one showpiece fish could look absolutely beautiful or species only tank. My number four favorite fish for a nano tank for beginners keep going to be chili rasboras. Now these are a little bit more difficult to track down than some of the Cardinal tetras. They don’t typically have them at chain pet stores but I do love the way that they look against a green background because red and green and contrasting colors and they are itty bitty again they prefer school so you can have a small amount of that I do find that they are a very small small fish so they do well in pretty small little nano tanks. Number three pygmy corydoras. I used to not really be into algae eating fish mostly because I associated them with plecos and plecos are nocturnal and in my experience kind of lay there like a log. I don’t find them to be particularly interesting and as plecos get older first off you can get enormous so they’re not appropriate for most tanks if you’re doing like a common pleco and secondly a lot of species of plecos will develop a taste for slime coats and as they get older eat less algae and eat more carnivorous foods and will sometimes eat your fish. So I’m not a huge fan of plecos personally although I do know that they are very very popular but I wouldn’t recommend one in a nano tank unless maybe a bristlenose pleco in like say a 20 gallon but pygmy corys are really really cool. I find that they do a very efficient job of cleaning the algae but I also find that they’re really really active and again you can do a small groups of them because they do prefer schools I have six in my 20 long and they’re so cool they just do them around the tank it’s really really cool to watch pymi coras pygmy cory’s swim around so definitely and that would be my number three number two no list a fish for a nano tank would be complete for beginners without saying a betta the nice thing about a betta is that they can do they do live in nano tanks but compared to some of these other fish they’re actually pretty substantial-size so it can be kind of showpiece fish and live completely by themselves in something like I had mine in a three and a half gallon for a little while and it was absolutely beautiful. A lot of times there’s a lot of myths out there about about bettas I know people say that they can’t live with other fish that has just not been my experience at all I had yet to have a betta that truly can’t live with other fish tank is big enough and it’s the right group of fish. Most of the time I find that things like tetras are picking on the betta not the other way around so my betta lives in my 20 gallon long and gets along really really well with all the fish that I have in there and love all of the plants. I think that bettas are just absolutely beautiful fish and the nice thing about them is that they’re pretty hardy and they’re pretty good good fish for someone that’s starting out with fish tanks because you can keep them in a small, a smallish tank. I wouldn’t keep them in like those itty-bitty tiny betta tanks that you often see sometimes you see them in as smeall as like .25 gallons. that’s me is just way too small but you can keep them in a pretty small fish tank something like a two and a half gallon is what the “internet” recommends or larger and they do pretty well and then my number one favorite nano fish for beginners in the fresh water world are endlers a lot of people really like guppies. Guppies are cool too. I prefer endlers because I stay a little bit smaller than Guppies and the nice thing about endlers compared to some of these other fish that I’m talking about is that while they do well in schools they don’t necessarily have to have schools like something like a cardinal tetra or rasbora really really needs a school to thrive so I think that you could do like a couple of endlers even in a relatively small tank and have some really beautiful color and I just think that’s a really pretty cool fish so those are my top five freshwater fish in nano tanks for beginners. I would love to hear from you guys down below. What are some of your favorite nano fish for fresh water for beginners and be sure to hit the subscribe button also if you’d like to see this video on nano fish that i don’t recommend for beginners or you’d like to see video all about saltwater nano fish let me know in the comments or if there’s anything else that you’d like to see let me know and be sure to hit that Bell next to the subscribe button and let me know what you guys think of this video if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up if you didn’t even let him give it a thumbs down that will let me know if there’s some other content that you guys would be interested in. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll talk to you soon bye.

32 thoughts on “TOP 5 BEGINNER FISH FOR NANO TANKS | Freshwater

  1. I'm so excited that you have stared a fish channel. I was just thinking I hope you posted an instgram photo or something soon of your tanks. Missing the tank updates. We have our beta in with our "muppies" & they get along great. Is there a way for us to share tank photos/videos? Tank tour next I say!

  2. YAY for a fish channel! I am not even going to lie I have a fish tank after being sucked in to the YouTube fish community after watching your fish tank videos. we have a 40 gal tank now with 2 turtle hatchlings (red eared slider and painted turtle), 3 black and yellow tetras, 1 black and white mollie, and 2 yellow female guppies. Kids picked the fish and they are going well together. 🐟 Hope to see more from this channel soon!!

  3. It would be cool to see a video of your fish tanks!
    I have a 15 gallon tall tank (width and length of a 10 gallon but much taller) that I am in the process of aquascaping. I have 5 peppered cory catfish in there that school and I eventually want to add in a show fish. Thanks for the fish recommendations.

  4. Ok your love for fish makes me want to get a fish tank. But the last time I tried a beta It die in 3 weeks 😭

  5. Itty-Bitty / Stop playing with your hair / Poor Kitty / Lovely blue eyes.
    That's my criticism. Keep vlogging.

  6. I've always heard that you can keep tetras with bettas, but you said that the tetras can pick on them. So in your opinion what is the best fish to keep with a betta and what is the best sized tank?

  7. I want to start my own little fish tank soon with some aquatic plants. There's not a wide choice in my country tho and I don't know most fish names.

    It would be really helpful to have the name of the fish listed… or at least written in the description ^_^ .
    Thank you for the video 🙂

  8. I've made the decision to start up a couple of small planted nano tanks as i love planted tanks and i don't have a lot of room in my apartment. I currently have a 3ft aquarium with with a single Red Devil Cichlid but he eats everything i try to grow in there. thank you for making this video Heidi, it really helped as I'd like some schooling small fish.

  9. One of my favorite nano fish is the black neon tetra because they glow fluorescent green under a black light WITHOUT being genetically engineer and with a school of them they look like green lightning I named mine The Lightning Crew

  10. I would love to have a giant school of black phantom tetras When I was a kid before I knew what they were I used to call them cat eye tetras

  11. I'm not hating on you girl, but please get a foundation that matches your neck or drag it down all i can focus on girll x

  12. your child having a tantrum for your attention kept me laughing all the way through this video. also, awesome information.thanks!

  13. I think size of betta should determine tank size like small bettas (plakats) could be kept in a 2.5 gallon and half moon bettas should be kept in 5 gallons or larger because their fins are extremely more delicate than plakats

  14. I have a 14 gallon tank, and enough time, as well as some experience (4yrs goldfish experience) what fish could you reccommend? I can buy any filter and heater, but needs to be fresh water. Can anyone list great fish? I am interested in some rasbora/tetra and a betta, or gosh I dunno. Any ideas apreeciated so I can research specifically not just " small tank fish)

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