TOP 5 NANO FISH Small Fish Tank Series NANO Aquarium FISH

TOP 5 NANO FISH  Small Fish Tank Series NANO Aquarium FISH

– What’s up Fishtank
People, Dustin’s Fishtank bringing
it to you on a Sunday, baby. How’s everybody doing? I hope you’re doing well. So we’re deep in the Small Tank series. I gotta tell ya, I’m
having an absolute blast. First we set up a five gallon, then we set up a 10 gallon. Tried to set up a 15 gallon, but every pet store in town
has given me runaround. None of them have them in stock, so we set up another 10 gallon. So now I’ve got one, two, three tanks with absolutely no fish in ’em. But you gotta creep on it, folks. You gotta take your time when adding fish, but it’s about time to add some fish. So here, it’s your Sunday. It’s your species Sun-, then we’re gonna bring you
my one, two, three, four, I got five on it, top five nano fish. ♪ I got five on it ♪ ♪ Grab yo 40, let’s get keyed. ♪ That’s right folks, I got five on it. Grab your tanks, let’s get keyed. Talkin’ about my number five nano fish. Now this is a fish that I’ve
never actually kept before, but I have caught them in the wild Peru. Yes folks, we’re talking
about the dwarf pea puffer. Now the reason we’re
talking about this fish, I’ve never actually kept this fish, but I feel like the Lion
King 10 gallon right here is actually screaming
for a dwarf pea puffer. Dwarf pea puffers come from India. They’re aggressive, puffers in general, fresh, salt, brackish, whatever
have amazing personalities. So I really think that just
a sweet little puffer fish swimming around in here
would be absolutely amazing. One of the things to note
about puffer fish is that they are aggressive,
and are not easy to keep with a lot of other fish which fine, because it’s gonna be a
10 gallon species only dwarf puffer fish tank. Now, the puffer fish
that we’re talkin about is actually coming from India and stays small and is true fresh water. However, yours truly has actually caught freshwater puffers as well in the Amazon. You can click the links around to see where I did catch a wild caught puffer. Truly awesome. What I’ve been told is that the puffers, they eat so much snail matter that they need something to
kind of wear their teeth down. So if you don’t consistently feed them a ridiculous amount of snails, you’re have to go in and do dental surgery on them and trim their teeth up. So, dwarf puffers, my number five, thinking about putting a little bit of a puffer fish in here. Let me know your thoughts, if
I should puffer this thing. I think it’d be ridiculous. Let me know. (hip hop music) My number four nano fish, we’re talking about a
apistagrammas, folks. That’s right. Dwarf cichlid from South America, in your face. Loving the apistagrammas. I fell in love in love with these fish way back in the day ’cause they’re great for a planted tank. They are a cichlid, but
they don’t tear stuff up. Like the puffer fish, these
were collected in Peru, however these were collected
on the Nanay River, a lower pH river, where we caught a slew of apistagramma
bitaeniata down there. You can click the link
and actually see a video I took while I was collecting these suckers in a puddle in Peru. Totally and amazing time. I’ve talked about ’em before. You can’t say Amazon and just think of one river where everything is from. The Amazon is made up of
thousands and thousands of different tributaries, pathways, tiny little rivers little bit
of cut off lakes, whatever. Which bring you all kinds
of species variation. This is great because this is
where apistagrammas come from. That’s why there’s so many
different varieties of pistos. They’re on their own little tributaries and the separate bodies of water produce unique types of apistagrammas. Additionally, apistagrammas
are easy to breed, and, generally speaking,
when a fish is easy to breed it’s easy to get a lot of
sweet variations of them. Enter apistograma cacatuoides triple red. As if the name apistograma
cacatuoides isn’t cool enough, check out this fish. Love the long fins, love the red, just a totally cool variation
that’s been developed because these fish are easy to breed. Note, apistos do like the lower pH though. That’s something you’re
gonna wanna watch out for. Another thing to think
about with apistos, however, is they are kind of a shyer fish. They do know they’re roll, so to speak, and I kept them in a 220 with rainbows. The rainbows were big rambunctious, like black lab dogs, if you will. Just all over the place. And they kind of out competed
the apistos for food. The apistos were a little too shy. So definitely a great nano fish ’cause you wanna keep ’em in
a small or more chill setting. A little bit lower pH. Where I collected them from,
it looked like basically mud. So, something to consider when you are thinking
about keeping apisto. Too many types of apistos to list, to do this species any sort of justice. Another one I’m fond of is
the apistogramma panduro. I actually collected
these, a few of these, while we were in the wild, as well. I also visited a wholesaler in Iquitos ran by Edward Panduro, who
this fish was named after. A couple other varieties
we’re checking out is the cacatuoides blue and the trifasciata, as well. Drop me a comment on your
favorite type of apistos. There are tons of them. Apistogrammas, my number
4 favorite nano fish. (hiphop music) My number three, my top five nano fish, totally switching gears from apistos. Don’t knock it till you try it, folks. We’re talking about fancy guppies. That’s right, folks,
guppies, come on, guppies. Super easy to breed, hearty, they come in every single
freakin’ color of the rainbow, it seems, and all kinds
of variations all around. The only issue that I even
remotely have with guppies, is sometimes if they’re over bred so much they have over long tails
and they can’t swim, and I just feel sorry for those fish. That said, this kind of breeding has produced some really insane fish. Guppies, you can get as fancy as you want. Spend a bunch of money, get some really crazy varieties
that have been bred a bunch. Or you can be that kid at the pet store that makes the person pick
out the feeder guppies that have a little bit
of fanciness on ’em, so you can get some cool
fish for only 10 cents. Keeping guppies is super easy. I found they like to be kept in just a little bit harder water, but they can live without a heater, they can handle the abuse that
a beginner might give ’em. They can handle big water changes. Like I said, they breed like crazy. I like to breed them with floating plants. I found a lot of floating plants really seems to help
guppies just get after it, for lack of a better term. So, totally having fun with some guppies. And I think that guppies would
look kinda sweet in here. I don’t know, let me know what you think. Couple guppies swimming around here, sitting on my desk, staring right at me, swimming all around. So, guppies, my number three
of my top five nano fish. (hop hop music) My number two of my top five nano fish, you gotta roll with the classics, folks, you gotta roll with neon tetras. Look, I been down to Peru, as I’ve said. I’ve collected fish in the wild. There’s a bajillion types
of different tetras. Neon tetras are one of the
top most colorful tetras. There are other colorful varieties. And I know, I hear what the
cardinal people are saying right now, “I like cardinals
more than I like neons.” Look, do what works for you. I will say this. Neon tetras, generally speaking, are easier to keep than cardinals. Cardinals require a warmer temperature. Neons can handle a little
bit of lower temps. They also like a little bit of higher pH, unlike cardinals, which like the lower pH. Generally speaking, most people have more harder water than soft. Me, I have harder water than I do soft. I do not try to battle my water. My water comes out a little bit harder and I run my tanks a little bit colder. Neon tetras are for me. They’re fantastic schoolers. Rachel and I talked
about this the other day. When you get neons,
folks, get a ton of ’em. Add slowly, but get a ton of ’em ’cause you’ll get this
really crazy little behavior. You can click the links around. I did a video on community fish behavior. But basically, when you
have a ridiculous amount of neon tetras together, the behavior is totally different. They can kinda like spread
out and be all over the place and have these tiny little
schools battling back and forth. Just super awesome. I kep them in college. Totally love ’em. Neon tetras, fantastic beginner fish. You can keep ’em in a small tank. Like I said, no heater. The only problem with neons is
when they go, they go quick. And speaking of not battling
your water, this tank, at one point, had about
100 of ’em in there until my wonderful county
decided to raise the chlorine levels after a big rain storm. That’s a big tip, too. If it rains hard, your
city might be adding more chlorine than you know to your water. I didn’t triple down my
De-Chlor and I lost ton of ’em. They went fast, folks. I miss my neons. Neon tetras, my number two
of my top five nano fish. (hop hop music) And my number one, my top
five, my top nano fish. Number one nano fish is a betta fish. Betta fish, Dustin? Yes. Betta fish, Dustin is saying. And here’s why. Fist and foremost, I was a history major. I love the history of
these little betta fish. They’re named after the betta clan in, like clan in the front,
♪ Clan in the front, ♪ let your feet stomp.
♪ let your feet stomp. ♪ They’re named after a fierce warrior clan. How cool is that? Don’t kid yourself. That’s awesome. Also, they were so popular with the fighting and battling and
breeding of these things, that the King of Siam, himself, actually taxed and regulated
the sale of betta fish, and the fighting, which
I think is pretty cool. Now look, I don’t think that
keeping male betta’s together and watching ’em is even remotely cool. Okay? And obviously, as you know, if you keep two male bettas together, they will fight and battle,
presumably to the death. That said, that breeding
and that popularity of the fish is probably why we have so many of them readily available today. They’re so easy to breed. Betta fish, you can keep
’em in a small container. The one thing with betta fish, and I’ve lost some because of this, is they do like a little
bit of warmer water. They like their water
above 75, if you will. I’ve seen ’em pound little
critters out in the greenhouse. This guy was actually out
in the greenhouse with me. So, betta fish, I’m lovin’ ’em. You can keep ’em in those little vases. They prefer, at least two, three gallons. They can almost run out of water, as long as they stay moist they can live. They’re actually labyrinth breathers, so they can breathe air. So they can handle the
abuse of of a beginner. The only thing I really question with them is just you gotta keep your
temps just a little bit higher. Obviously, don’t mix males together. But, betta fish, I love ’em. And the thing that I love
most about betta fish, and it’s the same thing I
love about koi, is this: You can get betta fish in
any single variety you want. Now I’m not saying you have
to like all betta fish, but I could see myself being that creepy old man when I’m older, where I just have a bunch of
different varieties all around. Because they’ve been bred so much, you can get any color rainbow. Same with koi, right? Every betta fish could
be unique, you know? You could pick out that specific one. Like this is the exact fish
that I want for this reason. I picked him out because
that’s the style I want. You can pick out a white one if you want, you can pick out a pink one if you want. They come in all different varieties. So betta fish are my number one favorite, top five nano fish. (hip hop music) And you can see the clip here
of me letting this guy go, of course he’s shy on
camera the first time. But I’m pumped to finally
get a fish in here. Note, this might not be the
final spot for this guy. I might swap him out if I do find my hands on some dwarf puffer fish. Do me a favor folks, let me know your favorite
nano fish and why. Maybe I’m overlooking something. I haven’t really creatively been around what to put in these tanks yet. I’ve got the betta fish in here. But he might move. I also got the five gallon over here. Not really sure, thinking the guppies, maybe the black live births. So I’d love to get your
feedback, your comments. Maybe like, “Yo dude, have
you thought of these?” And I’m totally missing something. Yeah, get excited. I got a lotta fun stuff ahead. I got a couple colabs comin’ up. I’ve also got a fantastic
fish room or village. I didn’t have enough time
to spend at a while back. So, if you like what I’m doing, subscribe. Bottom right somewhere. Everybody, have a fabulous freakin’ week. And tank on. Later. (hip hop music)

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  4. Agree, for the most part, but do believe a neon should be in tanks 20 gallons or larger, but that's me. I also think the #1 spot should have gone to the least Killifish, Heterandria formosa, which really can do well in a nano tank. Glad you did post this!

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    I think Otocinlius are pretty fun too, and they will actually school with the Pygmy Corys, the key to keeping Otos is to keep them well fed and keep enough of them (6 at a minimum).

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