Top 6 ‘Catfish’ Who Went After Exes | Ranked: Catfish

Top 6 ‘Catfish’ Who Went After Exes | Ranked: Catfish

– Oh my (bleep) God, dude. – Well?
– Hey, babe. I thought you never
could love me. – What? Just kinda take us back
to whenever it was last year when you got that
first message. – She direct messaged me. Normally, direct message
mean they want you. – I met my girlfriend
via direct message too. – Really?
– I DM’ed her. – She knew what was up.
– Yeah, she did, she knew. – She knew you hopped in
the DM for it, man? – Oh, hell yeah.
(laughter) – She’s supposed
to be in North Carolina just visiting family,
so I expect her to come back home
to Temple in September. – So she said she’s currently
a student at Temple. Yeah. You did try to video chat
with her, right? – Yeah, the video chat is
dark, can’t really hear. So, we hung up,
and I just gave up on that. September comes,
she doesn’t come back. I ask why, she gives
a real low-key answer. Watching kids,
or something dumb. And then eventually,
come, like, December, it’s just cut it off. – And have you checked
her Instagram? – She hasn’t posted nothing. I started to feel betrayed, but something could
really just be wrong. – Right.
– So, I don’t wanna feel a certain type of way
and then later regret it because something’s wrong, or something happened
that I don’t know about. – Sure.
– What do you think happened? – Seems like she was trying
to save her own ass. – You think she pulled
the plug on it? – Yeah, because I don’t
think it’s her. – We’re gonna try
and figure this out. No promises. I mean, if this girl
unplugged and ditched, like, who knows,
she could be anywhere. – We’ve got some work to do. – I definitely know that bitch.
Oh, (bleep). – You know her?
– Hell yeah. An ex. – That’s an ex?
– Yeah. – Hello.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. Um…
– So, you’re Chanelle. – That’s not Chanelle. – That’s not your name?
– No. – My name is Christina.
– Okay, hello. – Hi.
– How are ya? So, I get the impression
that you already know Michael. – Yes. So, Michael is
my ex-boyfriend, and we dated
when we were 16. – Wow.
– For about two months. But we lost touch
over the years. You know, he went to
college, I went to college. – It’s like a weird
waste of time. – Who is this girl? – A two-month relationship,
nothing serious. – You didn’t
recognize the voice? – She’s a good
(bleep) actress. – I’m sure you thought about, “I should probably
just tell him.” – Even I could see, like,
Michael need to know, so… – I could have planned things
all a lot better. – It’s stupid, ’cause I never
had a problem with her. So, that’s what make it
dumb as (bleep). To go through all of that,
like, that’s so much. – It’s a little bit
of a psycho move. If she had just kind of… – Came as herself?
– Came as herself. – I’d be cool.
Probably be as cool as we used to be. – Could you hold on
one second, ’cause like, I don’t wanna have
this whole conversation without the rest
of the guys here. Come on back. I’m curious to know why
this is happening. ‘Cause obviously, like…
– I’m curious too. – …you guys know
each other already. And can you explain what–
why this happened? – Okay, so,
I created Chanelle to talk to Michael, just because…
I missed him. – But if you…
I mean, if Christina had, like, texted you
or called you… – I never ignored her,
so I don’t know what’s all this about.
– Yeah, I mean, like, did you have any reason
to think that he wouldn’t be interested
in getting a cup of coffee? – Well, no,
but I didn’t know. I just didn’t know… – It’s a waste of time. ‘Cause it’s been easier
just to contact me. – Do you think you would have
been open to talking to her? – Yeah, I never had a problem. – So, that’s frustrating,
’cause like, you guys actually did date. It’s not like you have
no reason to believe that Michael would be
interested in you. He has previously
been interested in you. – I’m sorry for…
all of this. I didn’t do it
in a malicious way. I really did it because
I kinda wanted to… somehow use Chanelle
to, like, get to know what was going on
with Michael. You know, asking him, like,
well, you know, are you seeing anyone? And then, maybe at some point,
swoop in as Christina, and it’s like,
“Oh, hey, Mike,” you know? But I got comfortable with
being his comforter as Chanelle, ’cause
he opened up to Chanelle, and, you know, I didn’t
expect for that to happen. – Right.
You were in a little bit of a… – Slump.
– …slump, and talking to Chanelle
definitely, like… – She coulda came as herself. Whatever you’re trying
didn’t work. You just made
everything worse. – How strong are
your feelings now? – Well, we’ve stopped talking. – Yeah, what was that about? – So, I wasn’t using
my own phone. I was using a friend’s phone. – The whole time?
– The whole time. – Your friend Stacy?
– Yes. We aren’t speaking,
so that’s why we stopped. – What if he texted her,
like, late at night? Like, who would respond
if you weren’t there? – Probably her. – Well, I mean,
she would ask me, like, “Oh, you know, hey,
Mike text, and he said this.” – Wow.
– If it was… – So sometimes, she would
write back for you. – Yeah, and I would just
give it the okay. – But that also means
that she’s seen everything that you guys have said
to each other, which is kinda crazy,
’cause, like, you guys were talking
about personal stuff. – Yeah. – I don’t even wanna
hear this (bleep). We can get in the car. – “Dear Nev and Max,
I just turned 23 years old “and live in Calvert, Texas. “About eight months ago,
I saw pictures “of a beautiful girl online, “and knew I wanted to get
to know her more. “And luckily,
she messaged me back. She’s the most beautiful girl
I’ve ever seen.” – ♪ Let me lie with you ♪ ♪ Inside your love ♪ – Get your hands
off of me. – That’s– that’s–
that’s very sweet. – It’s sweet, but there’s more
to life than beauty. – “I’m a dad, so meeting women
can really be hard sometimes. “But Jasmine accepts me
for who I am, “and says she can’t wait
to meet my daughter one day. She makes me feel
very special.” – ♪ So you found someone ♪ ♪♪ – “She is 22 years old.”
– Okay. – “And lives
in Houston, Texas, “which is only a couple hours
away from me. “We’re both pretty busy.
She works at a hotel, and she is working toward
becoming a model.” – Mmm! – The fact that
she’s not a model, that’s better than him saying,
like, “She’s a model.” “Even with our busy schedules, we message each other
all the time.” – So, there’s a lot
of messages. – “We have talked
about meeting up.” – All right.
We’ve talked about meeting up,
but they haven’t met up. – “But, whenever
it comes time, she is all of
a sudden “not available. “I’m not interested
in a fling with her, “I want an actual relationship. Please help
however you can. Felipe.” – Felipe, period. Someone’s getting out
of the passenger seat. There’s a lady on the left
and a guy on the right. Do you know
who these people are? I know– I know the female. – Who is she?
– You do? – Yeah, I’ve hung out
with her a few times. – Like, dated her? – Yeah.
– Did you diss her? – No.
– She kinda dissed me. – How you doing?
– Hi, I’m good. – What’s your name?
– My name is Alex. – Alex.
– Yes. – Okay, hi.
And your name? – Luis.
– Luis, good to meet you. I’m Nev,
and obviously, Max. – Hi.
– Hi. – What’s funny? – I’m not laughing,
– I’m just… – Nervous.
– Yeah. – Nervous, okay. – Who’s Jasmine?
– Me. – You’re Jasmine?
– Mm-hmm. – Okay. – Then, who are you?
– Well, I’m his best friend. I’m here because
I dated Felipe, and I found out that
he was messaging Jasmine. – Luis told me. I felt, you know,
really hurt. I didn’t say anything.
I just stopped it. – So, you guys– wait,
have you guys ever met? – No
– So, let me just clarify. So… when did you guys
start dating? – Like, in June. – So, six months ago. – Mm-hmm. – And according to Felipe,
you messaged him… – Way before that. – Right.
– Mm-hmm. – You had this profile
for Jasmine, and at some point,
you saw Felipe, you started talking.
– Mm-hmm. – Then after you guys
started talking, you guys started dating. – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – Did you have sex?
– Yeah. I didn’t even tell
Luis about him. I kinda– kind of wanted,
you know, to keep it, like, a secret.
– Okay. – And then, when I finally
did tell Luis, he told me everything. I’ve known about
this profile for a while. – His Jasmine profile?
– Yes, at the beginning, I was, like,
totally against it. I was like, you know,
why would you do that? But he wasn’t gonna
listen to me. – For as long as you guys
have been friends, he’s had this Jasmine profile.
– Yeah. – Never really cared
until you found out that his fake girl profile
was talking to the guy you were sleeping with.
– Yeah. – What are the chances
that he randomly… – It’s a small town.
– Very small. – So, everyone– literally,
everyone in town is like friends
with everyone. – When I found out that this
whole thing was going on, I kinda felt like betrayed. I kinda felt like,
why are you doing that? Why are you talking
to somebody else if you’re supposed
to be with me? – So, you felt like Felipe
was cheating on you. – I did.
I was really hurt. But I moved on, and I just wanted
to tell you that I’m sorry. I should have told you,
but I just didn’t, only because I was nervous about what’s gonna
happen to Luis. And that’s why
I didn’t open my mouth, and I regret it now because
I should’ve said something. And maybe this would
have just stopped earlier. I’m very sorry. (computer chiming) – What?!
– No! – I (bleep) knew it! What are you…
– I (bleep) knew it! – I said that!
– What are you doin here? –I need your help.– So, who are you? – Uh, my name is Johnny.
I didn’t mean to catfish you. I’m not out to my family. And I’ve never… dated a guy
up until this year. – Okay, Jonathan, I can’t
believe it’s you, it’s crazy. – I don’t think we’ve ever
known you as Jonathan. You were Johnny.
Yeah.I wasn’t sure if you
would’ve helped me
being as I was
a previous catfish,
so I wrote in
as Jonathan instead.
– So, I take it things
didn’t work out with Andrew. – I think… based on
what we both need, we should be good friends
for one another. I think that’s
more important right now. –We just weren’t
each other’s match.
– Wait a second.
How does a catfish fall for a catfish?
– Get catfished? – You know all the things.
– That’s right. –We don’t know if–
if it’s a catfish.
It could actually be the person
who they say they are.
– This is now a sequel. – It’s true.
– We need a new pick-up line that’s funnier
than “Meet my balls.” – So, his opening line
after they matched was, “Are you spaghetti? ‘Cause I want you
to meat my balls.” –What I messaged Connor was,
are you a racehorse,
Because when I ride,
you’ll always finish first. (horse neighing, laughter) – There it is. All right, Johnny,
we just read your email. For five months, you’ve been
talking to this new guy, Connor. Tell us kinda how it went.– So, we matched on Tinder.We talked for a few months
on there.
You know, we would
just talk every day.
And then he just disappeared.– For how long?
About a month.– All right, did he have
an excuse for what happened? –Well, he said he lost
his phone, or he deleted–
Yeah, he lost his phone.
– Come on. This guy is– come on.
Johnny. – How can you fall for this,
Johnny? – Come on. This guy
is full of (bleep). – You’re a catfish. –It’s a possibility, you know,
he’s full of (bleep),
but I don’t wanna believe it.– Wait, here’s someone.
Here’s someone. – Oh, coming on foot.
– Is it foot or on a bike? – Through the hedges. – It’s a girl.
– Do you know this girl? – Yes.
– Who is she? – Oh my God.
– Hi. – Hi.
– How you doing? – Good. – I’m Nev.
– Hey. – What’s your name?
– Shana. – Shana.
Hello, this is Max. – Hi.
– Hi. – Johnny. – Are you Connor? – Yes. – Oh my God. – Who is Shana? – Just… some girl. – Just some girl? – How do you know Johnny? Why have you
created Connor? – Me and him had like
a thing going on. – What kind of thing? – Like, we, like,
went on dates, we kissed, and… – You hooked up?
– Yeah. Like, I fell for him.
– When? – Between like,
August, September. – Just last year?
– What?! – Yeah.
– Okay. – So, over the course
of a couple weeks. – Yes.
– I thought he was gay. – I thought
he was straight. – Well… – This is so embarrassing. – According to what
you’ve told us, it seemed– sounded like you
were only interested in men. – You didn’t know that.
– No. Because we had a thing
going on, you know. So, I feel like,
if you were gay, why didn’t you just tell me? – And did you develop
feelings for him? – Yeah, a lot. – And then what happened? – And then, on the show,
he comes out as, you know, liking men,
and I was like… like, what the hell? – I wasn’t talking to her
at the time when the episode aired. But were you dating
or talking before it did? – Yeah. – How did things end
with you guys? – He just like, you know, just stopped talking to me,
just dropped me. You at least
could’ve let me know. Don’t just leave
somebody hanging. You could’ve just been
up front and like, “You know what, this isn’t
going anywhere, da-da.” – Right.
– But, it never did. – It sounds very familiar,
yeah. – And then, how did
the Connor profile come to be? – Um, I saw the show,
and I felt like, okay, what could I do to kinda like get back at him maybe
a little bit? – You made Connor,
you matched on Tinder. – Yes, yes. – How did you know all that
stuff about Cameron? – Mutual friends. He used to talk
about his ex a lot. – Johnny!
– Johnny. – I mean…
– Johnny. We’ll get to Johnny
in a second. Do you still have
feelings for Johnny? – Yeah, I do. – This is a very
poetic situation, isn’t it? Do I need to point out
the irony here? – This is (bleep) up.
This is so (bleep) up. – I have a defense… – So, let’s hear your side.
– Let’s hear it. So, like…
I can’t wait! – So, what she said was true. We did have a thing going on. But in my defense,
we would only talk through Snapchat,
or Facebook, or whatever. – Then you met in person
multiple times. – Yeah, but you don’t
tell some– I… – No, but you had a way
to communicate. – Yeah, but I don’t
wanna tell somebody– I don’t wanna break
somebody’s heart in person. – Break my heart in person.
You could’ve told me. It would have been a better– if you told me,
like right now, indirect. – All right, whoa, whoa,
stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Let’s do this, okay?
– Okay. – Why did you stop…
hanging out with Shana? – I don’t want this to come off
as like, I was just using you or, like, exploring
my sexuality, ’cause I did like what we had. But… I just
wasn’t interested. – But you should’ve said that.
Why didn’t you say it? You had plenty of time
to say it right in my face, just like now. You had plenty of time
to say it. – It’s just amazing to me how you spent all day
yesterday whining. “Cameron didn’t
give me clear signals.” Meanwhile, you did the exact
same thing to Shana. Yes, while what Shana did,
pretending to be Connor, and drawing you out
into this thing is (bleep) up, it’s a wash.
This is karma. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Like, you had plenty
of times to tell me. – Yeah, I know.
I get that now. – I really don’t think
you get it whatsoever. – I don’t know what to say. This whole thing
is embarrassing. – So, how do you think I felt? – Jesus, I can’t believe this
(bleep) played out this way. – Take us back, you know,
five months ago when you got this
random phone call, and kinda how everything
progressed from there.– So, I was selling my soaps
and things like that,
and so, every once in a while,
you know, I’ll get a call.
And I got a call from Jack,
I let it go to voicemail.
I text him.
I wanted to know, you know,
like if he had any inquiries.He’s so funny,
he just started, like,
kinda flirting with me.And I thought it was funny,
and I did it back.
– Wow.
– What was his line? Like, “I’m feeling
really dirty. Do you have any soap?
Clean me up?” – Yeah, “I’m a–
I’m a dirty boy.” – Can you tell us
a little bit about him? –He lives here
in Rochester too.
– He lives in Rochester!
– Wait, time out. Why haven’t you guys met?– He works a lot,
and I’m busy with my kids.
– Do you talk to him
on the phone? –No, we don’t.
– You’ve only texted? –We only text.
– No, but he called you once. – Yeah, but she didn’t answer.
You’re a smart woman. You know that
that’s pretty weird.– That is weird.
But at this point,
I’ve fallen for whoever
I’ve been talking to, honestly.
I’m in love.
– Wow. –I am very emotionally invested
in this relationship.
But lately, he hasn’t
been texting me back.
And when he does,
it’s like late at night.
It makes me wonder,am I the only person
he’s talking to?
– You don’t know Jack.
(laughs)– Wait, that looks like
the guy in the pictures. – It kinda does, right? – Oh, wait, he’s dismounted. – That does look like the guy
from the picture. – (sighs) – Do you know this person?
You know this person? Do you know this person?
– Yeah. – You’re in trouble.
Someone’s lying. – It’s your ex-husband?
(bleep). – No way.
Is it really? Your ex-husband. Unbelievable. – So, you were lying to us.
You did catfish us! – Hey, I’m Nev. Why don’t you just tell us
what’s going on? Did you know it was her? – No, not until I got,
like, to right by this tree right here.
– No. – I didn’t– I thought, like,
this was gonna be a first time meeting.
I– that’s why I’m– I’m wondering, like,
what’s going on? – But didn’t she tell you
her name via the texts? Didn’t she say,
“My name is Shawny”? – I said my name is Shawny.
– Yeah, right. – This is not Shawny. – I don’t understand.
– What’s your name? – Not as Shawny.
– Ebony. – Your name is not Shawny?
– No. – Why wouldn’t you
tell us that? – Because I thought that
you guys wouldn’t help me. – Help you do what? – To try and get
my family back together. – You did catfish us. You were right.
– I was right! Kind of. – What the hell’s
going on here? – Well… it all started
when I got a new phone, and I called Brandon. – Is that your actual name?
– Yeah. – He didn’t answer the phone,
but he text back later that night
trying to see who I was. He told me his name was Jack. – Why didn’t you just
say your name? – I didn’t know who it was.
– Okay, right. – Not about to just give
anybody my real name. – You know, I didn’t
tell him who I was. – I just wanna
get this straight. So, you got a new phone.
– Yeah. – Called Brandon,
you didn’t answer. – No. – You then texted,
“Who is this?” That’s how this all started. – Yeah, we weren’t
talking at the time. We were in the process
of separating then. – Wait, so hold on,
and what did you think for five months
when you couldn’t get this girl on the phone? – She said she–
she was doing music. So, I figured, like, maybe… And she talked about
traveling a lot, so I figured– – You, Shawny, was doing music
and traveling a lot. You took every chapter
out of the catfish book. – Well, he catfished me
and I catfished him back. – When did he catfish you? – ‘Cause he told me
his name was Jack. – That’s because
you’re some stranger hitting him up on,
you know… – Yeah. – Time out. Ebony, you did
all this stuff. – Yeah.
– You lied to us. You lied to Brandon. You lied and cheated
your way here… for what? – I felt like I didn’t know
what else to do, honestly. We were living
in the same house and we weren’t even
talking to one another, and the kids would
see that all the time. And I just thought, like, maybe he could talk to me
as a different person. How is it that you can
just maintain for five months being like the perfect person
ever just about? And like, for 16 years, you
couldn’t even get it together? Like… Why can’t we do that
as Brandon and Ebony? I don’t wanna have to be
somebody else to be loved. – So, did you catfish
us and him in order to force
this conversation? ‘Cause you could’ve had
this conversation with him without us, theoretically. – I’ve tried,
but we just argue, and it made it worse,
it made everything worse. – Well, what’s the deal
with Talli? –That’s my boyfriend-.
No, it’s not.
No, he’s– he’s my guy.You know, we dating,
we together.
– How long have you
been talking to him? –I met him about
a year ago.
– Where’d you meet him ? –I met him online, actually.But we do more talking
on the phone.
That’s how I know it’s real,
because most guys text you.
But he– he actually
wants to hear my voice.
– And do you love him? –Yeah, I mean,
you see me just–
you know, I’m blushing
talking about him.
I get butterflies.– Do you have
any doubts that Talli is who he says he is? –I mean, why would I?I mean, I don’t think
he’d do that to me,
because just from, you know.I done told him
everything about me,
and you know, he done told me
everything about him.
In a relationship,
you gotta have trust.
You gotta have trust.
If you don’t have trust,
then you don’t got nothing.So, why doubt a person
that you wanna be with
that you love that say
they love you.
Why doubt a person?– Oh, boy.
– All right. – Got a little bit
of a curveball here. – I got something that
I need to tell you. – Me and Talli haven’t met, and we haven’t
FaceTimed each other, because I’ve been
talking to him from a fake profile. – So, you catfishing him. – Kinda sorta, like… – I mean… pretty much.
– Yeah, pretty much. – Oh my God.
(laughing) What? – What are the pictures
that you’ve been using? – I just googled “black girl”
and this picture popped up. – And that’s all you’ve
shown him the whole time? – Yes. – He thinks I’m this girl
named Kerry Taylor. – That’s messed up. – Does Kerry speak
any differenty? – Yeah.
– What does she sound like? (higher-pitched voice)
– Hello? Hi, baby. (laughter) – Wow!
So, you really got into this. – Yes. – And you’re ready to
tell him the truth? – I’m ready to come clean. – ‘Cause you don’t know,
I mean, he may not wanna talk
to you ever again. – I just hope that
he could look past that. I’m still Kerry,
I just have a different name and a different look. – I think you should
just come out here and sort all this out. – What?! – This is Kerry.
– Oh my (bleep) God! – So…
– Are you serious? – Wait, wait, wait.
– Really, Terrence? – I didn’t know it was you.
– You know this guy? – Yeah!
– Man, this is crazy. – How do you know this guy? – We dated, like,
10, 11 years ago. – What?!
– This is crazy! – This ain’t right.
That’s what it is. – It’s not right.
You catfished me! – Well, you catfished him too. – Yeah, but still, though. – Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on. So, you had a fake profile.
– Yes. – And messaged her
fake profile. And it just so happened that
you guys actually used to date? – Man, that was
a long time ago. – It was so long ago.
– Are you serious, man? – Oh my God!
– So you– wait, time out. You used to live
in St. Louis. I used to live with
my mother in St. Louis. – Okay.
– I mean, this is a first. – I’m like, oh my (bleep). This is crazy! This was you
the whole time? You guys, this is destiny. – No, No.
– Uh-uh. – How long were you guys– – It was a bad,
bad relationship. Yes, it was.
It was really bad. While we were together,
he had three kids on me. You told me you don’t
even have any kids. You have a lot of kids. – How many kids do you have?
– I got four. – He had all those kids on me. – Really?
– Yes! – He just a H-O-E.
That’s all he was. – Tally ho! – Tally ho.
– There you go. – How did you make
the Talli profile? – It wasn’t originally me,
it was one of my friends. He made the profile. – Do I know your friend? – Darnell, or…
– Darnell? – I– I’d rather not
say his name. – Wait, how did
the profile start? – I had a buddy
who was using the profile to get females off of it. – Why was he using
Talli’s picture. – That’s something
I don’t know, and I asked him about it,
he was like, “Man, look, it’s just getting me females.”
So I’m like, okay, cool. – But you don’t know Talli.
– No, I don’t really, no. – How long have you been
using the account? – About a year and a half. – And who was using it
before you? – One of my friends
was using it. – So, it’s just like
a community thing that you just pass on?
– I just don’t understand. Why are you guys, like,
using this profile? Why don’t you just
make a new one– I mean… – ‘Cause this one works. – So, what do you get
out of this? – Definitely didn’t get
what I wanted. – Right.
I need a break. – Tell us the story of Tara. – Well, I actually started,
you know, going into the chatrooms,
you know, just as a way to meet people
that were bi and lesbian. You know, I was looking
for that group. And Tara actually
was like, “Hey.” – Hey.
– Yeah, literally just “hey.” And then, you know
the conversation. – Modern romance. – Love at first “hey”
kind of thing. It was really intense. Like, we talked
almost every day, completely smitten.
It was love. – But then, things changed. – After so many times of like,
hey, let’s meet, she got into an accident. – Like a car accident?
– Yeah. That was when, like,
the variety of excuses started. “Oh, I can’t talk to you
because I suffered some type of injury
to my brain.” It’s like it was
always the excuse with “My head is broken”
kind of thing. And I was just like,
“Okay, whatever.” – But you genuinely love her. – Yeah, I– Like I have
like a legit bond with her. I’ve shared things with her
that I wasn’t so comfortable telling people
that I lives with. Little things in my life, the stuff that I was
going through with, you know, college,
and, you know, being faced with the whole
thing of coming out. – You’ve used the Internet to really kind of express
your sexuality. – Yeah, I would say that. – Has it ever occurred to you that maybe Tara is someone
else in the chat room? – You know,
there were two people. The first one, Nicole, we were friends
for a few months, and then we dated. – In person?
– Mm-hmm. – How was that– like, what was
that relationship like? – It was really good. Like, you know,
the whole honeymoon phase. And then she just didn’t
like the fact I was bi. But she was full on lesbian. She hated that. And me and her
broke up on bad terms. There was another girl
after that. Mary. She was maybe
four years older than me. We started off as friends, then we dated. – Where did she live? – Originally Mississippi. And then she actually
came here. – So she moved here?
– Yeah. – To be with you?
– Yeah. – Whoa.
– She came with her mom and her five-year-old son. – Did they get
their own place? – That was the– the plan. You know, she told me
she had the whole list of plans
that she would do, but when she got here,
she had no plan. There was some sense
of responsibility there to help her in that sense,
but, you know, I knew when she got here
it was just gonna be a big mess. ♪♪ – Wow. How did that end? – I told her, like, you know,
this is too much for me. The responsibility is
not, you know, one that I initially thought I would
have to be a part of. And she kind of went
a little bit nutty on me. ♪♪ Yeah, that situation
kind of ended badly as well. – Is she still
in your life at all? – No. I don’t know
where she is, actually. One time, Tara and Mary, actually– they messaged
each other at one point. – Oh, really?
– Yeah, like Mary messaged her and like, “Oh, don’t–
don’t talk to her. You know, that would be
bad news for you.” You know, pretty much
tried to like taint who I was. – This girl sounds like
she’s definitely not above inventing a new profile, pretending to be someone
else in the chatroom. – Right.
– Oh. – Someone’s coming?
– Someone’s coming. – Hi.
– How are you? – Good. Are you Carol?
– Yes. – I’m Nev.
You wanna come out? It’s pretty cold out here.
– Yeah, I wanna talk to Paris. – Yes, I imagine that’s why
you invited us here. – Oh, my (bleep) God. – Well?
– Hey, babe. Thought you never
could love me. – What?
Do you know each other? – Unreal.
– Who is it? – Mary.
– It’s Mary? – Yeah.
– Nice to meet ya. ♪♪ – We spoke to you, didn’t we?
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– And you said you were married and you have a kid. – Right.
– Is that true? – Yes. You live here
with your family? – I do.
– This is just… – Revenge.
♪♪ – Hmm. – Wow, that’s a lot
of trouble to go to at least from the out– – But do you know
what she’s done to me? – Well, we don’t know anything.
– What did you do, Paris? Tell ’em.
– Oh, this is (bleep) great. – Well, we have heard her–
– Oh, I’m sure you have. – Well, I’m curious to hear
your side of it. We’re up here.
We came to meet you. – What’s the reason
for the revenge? – Well, we had plans
to be together. Yeah, where did
I end up? – What did you come with?
– What did I come with? – A whole lot of baggage.
– Who told me to come? – I told you to come,
and you told me that you had options
as far as, like, what you do
when you got here. Then you’d like,
“Well, we don’t know where we’re gonna stay tonight.” And you left that to me
to be responsible for you, your mother,
and your five-year-old. – Oh, is that right?
– Yeah, that’s really selfish. – No, Paris. She’s not
telling the whole story. – Okay.
– Where did you put me? Don’t say
I put you anywhere. You did.
I gave you an option. You put me there. She stayed in a women’s
homeless shelter. – So, I’m gonna challenge you
a little bit on this, because you lived at home…
– Mm-hmm. – So for you to
in any way indicate that maybe your new girlfriend
could stay with you in your home would’ve
been presumptuous because your mom probably
wouldn’t have approved of it. – I wouldn’t say
it wouldn’t have– No, I wouldn’t have
said that at all, because she stayed
the very first night that came here,
she stayed. And then when my mom
was like, “Okay, this is
not gonna happen.” What can I do about it? – Can I ask you a question?
– Yeah. – So, she was kind of
giving you the cold shoulder. – Yeah, and I left her.
– You got the hint. – Yep.
– And you left. – Mm-hmm.
– Where’d you go? – South Carolina.
– You moved to South Carolina. – With your mom and your son?
– Yep. Where we met my wife. – And are you guys happy?
– Absolutely. And let me mind y’all,
I took care of myself when I moved
to South Carolina. – Good, ’cause you’re
an adult, and that’s important.
– Right. – Okay, so you meet this
great girl in South Carolina. You’re all set and happy
and in love with a new girl. What are you doing plotting
revenge against this other girl? Why not just cut the cord?
Let her go, let the past go. – Why not?
Like I said, revenge. – Whose voice were you
using on the phone? – Somebody close to me. – Was it your wife?
– Yeah. – She kind of understood. – Was that who I spoke
to the other day? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Wouldn’t it be the job of a spouse
or a partner, a wife, to tell that this is
not right? Just move past it.
She kind of dwelled with you? – Like what kind
of a person is she? – ‘Cause she knows
you deserved it. – Oh, yeah, great.
– But, you know… – But I’m like done.
I’m just done with it. – The joke’s kind of
on you, though. Because you were
out for revenge, and, you know, you got
nothing out of it, so… Bye-bye! (bleep) sad excuse
for a person.

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