Topwater Fishing for Bluefish

Topwater Fishing for Bluefish

Hello everyone I wanted to make a proper introduction for this video This episode will summarize a few fishing session in the evening, in Mandelieu (Cannes) At the river mouth where there are lots of bluefish So I tried some new poppers This one, the sakura I even bought a new one because it works really well With this one I caught quite some fish And this one is a bigger popper that I tried I did not catch any fish with it yet but it looks nice It’s a heavier lure These 2 are around 25g, and this one almost 40g So it’s a different style of popper But these 2 worked really well Before starting the video I wanted to thank you all Because since last month, there are more and more subs on my channel We are now more than 750 Also, I wanted to say that I am now in Corsica filming new fishing videos trying to catch leerfish and other species There will be 2 episode about my small trip to corsica I hope you will enjoy this video if you do, don’t hesitate to like and subscribe I hope we will soon be more than a 1000 I would be really glad and motivated to make more videos Enough talking, and now let’s go to the video ! That’s it ! Fish on ! I think it’s a small bluefish This poppers works well I wasn’t expecting this ! Here you go ! It’s a nice fish Argh there’s a line with a hook, what is this sh** ! He is nice A nice little blue ! Is he ok ? Yes YES ! Yes ! Oh no sh** Oh, another attack! That’s it ! Nooo f*** Common ********* !! This kind of fishing is so … crazy to see the fish trying to hit your lure and misses it Yes yes ! This one is fighting ! God damn ! He’s got some strengh No ! Well, back to the water, where is he ? So, a few more casts before heading home There was an attack That’s it ! Calm down It won’t be easy A little bluefish He unhooked himself, let’s see if he’s fine ! Perfect Still not too big Yes ! this was unexpected ! He hit just right here I wasn’t even looking at my lure He’s not big but he’s pulling ! It’s hard to get these fish without a net Same size as usual Not very bi this one, not even a kilo I think Let’s see if I can release him All good ! Well, they are here Always the same spot

21 thoughts on “Topwater Fishing for Bluefish

  1. Merci pour les subtitles, ma lecon de francais et Peche. Was President Putin with you, I heard his name a lot 🙂

  2. Bonjour, quel diamètre de fluro utilise tu pour pêcher le Tassergal et quelle longueur environ ? À part le popper quels types de leurres fonctionnent bien pour le Tassergal ?

  3. Salut
    J ai une petite question, j ai acheté un popper qui fait 12 cm pour 42 grammes, il est assez imposant penses-tu que c est trop gros pour les tassergals ? ( c est le 3D popper de chez yo zuri)
    Sinon super ta vidéo 😉

  4. Congratulations on your fishing channel. " It will be a great honor to have you subscribed to my channel, big hug !!!

  5. If u release the fish please use a rubber net for landing. U gonna hurt them so much on the rocks they can even die because of skin infektions!!!

  6. Amazing to see these on the other side of the Atlantic. Bluefish are truly an ocean crossing fish. Nice to catch them on top water plugs.. Impressionnant!

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