(crowd chattering) (water splashing) – I absolutely take 100%
accountability for this mistake. Tragedy that ensued with
putting fish in with Bowser. (“Sophomore” by Ballpoint) Good morning everybody
and welcome to the vlog! Guess what, we have some fish goin’ in! We have some fish goin’ in the pond, that is actually a pacu,
it’s goin’ in RJ’s pond. I’m gonna explain exactly why there’s a big pacu in RJ’s pond. It’s not exactly a good story, let me just tell you that much, but we do have a couple other fish that we need to bring over as well. (rushing water) – Ooh, gosh! All right, hold on, hold on. Hold on there. – [Brian] There he goes.
– There you go. Don’t bite me, now! – So there you have it, we
have some fish in RJ’s pond, but I’m gonna be honest with you, this saga started a couple days ago, when I really wanted to
add fish to Bowser’s pond. And I kinda talked to a
handful of fish people as well as some turtle
people that felt that everything was gonna be
okay with that decision, and we chose fish that we thought were gonna be the best for Bowser’s pond. So let’s go ahead, roll
back a couple days, and see how this whole saga began. (“Sophomore” by Ballpoint) And Big Rich made it here
from Ohio Fish Rescue, thank you so much for comin’ this way, you’re gettin’ us fish.
– Oh, no problem. – We are excited, I
know Bruce was excited, Eric is bummed ’cause he wanted to be here – My crew that was here, the
other one at my house, yeah. – So he might show up,
’cause he was excited. So basically what we’re doin’,
is he brought me some fish, I’m actually gonna take Bowser out, put him next door in RJ’s
pond for a couple days just so that the fish get an opportunity to kinda settle in, and go from there. And you said that we’re gonna
pump some water from here into the tank that you have. – We’ll empty the tank that
I have as low as can be, and that way we’ll be acclimating them into their water by filling it back up, then we can move them from
their water to their water. – Right, and the whole idea
is not to shock the fish, we want ’em to have a good time, so I’m excited to see
what Rich brought me. It’s gonna be absolutely epic, but for now, we’re gonna take Bowser out, get him next door, and
get this thing goin’. (rushing water) (groaning) – Okay, so we’re just gonna
put Bowser in here real quick, just to transfer him next door. And then we’ll go ahead
and transfer him next door, again we’re gonna put him in RJ’s pond, but they lived together for over a year. Now we have this pond basically set so that we can put the fish in. I just want the fish to
acclimate, get used to things, and then when we put Boswer
back we should be okay. The fact that Bowser has
never eaten a live fish and that we keep him really well-fed, I’ve talked to a handful
of people that feel pretty comfortable in the fact that we shouldn’t have any problems, but we’re gonna keep a
really close eye on it, ’cause obviously we don’t
want the fish to get hurt, we don’t want Bowser to do anything silly. So for now, take Bowser next door, and start to work on these fish. To make matters a little
bit more complicated, we’re actually about to
open at The Reptarium, so we’re gonna have people in here, we’re gonna be working on the fish tank, we’re gonna be doin’ stuff, so it’s gonna be a little bit chaotic, but it was the only time
that Big Rich could come up so I was like, “Oh my gosh.” And like I said, I’m gonna
put a link in the description to his stuff so you
can show him some love, I mean he’s donating these fish, he’s driven all the way from
the Cleveland area to do it. So, I’m excited to get
this pond alive with fish, it’s gonna be really cool,
but gonna be challenge being the fact that we’re
open to the public tonight. Definitely a little unorthodox when it comes to opening up today, but let’s just go ahead and do it. All right guys, we’re good to go! Watch out, don’t kill
yourself on the hoses, we’re just gettin’ some
fish in but come on in guys! How ya doin’? How’s it goin’ guys? Hi, how are ya? How’s everything goin’? Welcome, welcome, welcome, how’s it goin’? So the fish have acclimated to the water, which was basically half
the water that Rich brang, and half the water from Bowser’s tank. So we are ready to start
movin’ a couple fish, first one’s.
– Here’s a Redtail. – [Brian] It’s a Redtail
cat, look at that. Oh, I love that, it’s
such a beautiful fish! Okay, here we go, sorry guys! (crowd chattering)
(rushing water) First fish! Oh my god! Oh my god, that is so epic! Oh my god, that looks so good! Next one is, oh an Albino Oscar, right? – [Woman] Yup. – [Brian] Oh, that’s gonna
look really pretty in there. Oh my gosh that’s awesome. (tail slapping) – [Rich] That’s a big boy! – [Brian] Oh that’s a big ol’ pacu! (crowd chattering)
(rushing water) – [Brian] Oh! (laughing) Wow! Wow, look at this, oh my gosh! I’m excited! Lori, what do you think,
is this cool or what? – Yeah it is pretty cool, they’re huge! – [Brian] Oh my gosh, look at this. – I wonder if the other little guy is gonna come out or
stay hidden! (laughing) – [Brian] Look at that! Oh, I’m lovin’ this! The Alligator gar, I’m
excited about this one. – [Big Rich] Oh, he’s feisty. He’s feisty. (water rushing) – Now this guy will float at the top and take care of all the top area and stay away from the bottom area. – [Lori] Oh, wow. (water splashing) – So there it is. Big Rich, man, thank you so much, brother. I mean.
– Oh, no problem brother. – This is incredible, I mean, it just again brings life
to that pond, you know? – Yes.
– It’s like Bowser’s amazing. – Whole lot more life.
– But he just kinda sits there, so, and again
we’ll see what happens because I think that the
fish are gonna really kinda be a cool addition to The Reptarium. – These ones, I think,
can get along with him. – Exactly, and we wanna
definitely be safe. We don’t want any fish to get hurt, we don’t want Bowser to do anything silly so I don’t know, lemme
know what you guys think. I’m excited, the water’s
a little bit shaken up because of all the craziness
but once this clears it’s gonna look so cool. Oh my God, another awesome
thing added to The Reptarium. So excited about this. It’s a crazy busy night,
I know I always say that but trust me, I couldn’t
even get to my camera for about three and a half hours ’cause it was so crazy. So, the water here is
definitely a little silted up just from all the movement
and stuff like that but the fish seem to be
settling in really good, they’re all cruising around, it’s awesome to see it like that so
we’re gonna let this kinda calm down for the night. I think then I’ll actually
end this vlog tomorrow so it’s all cleared up
so we can actually see these fish but, absolutely incredible. I’ve been wantin’ to get
fish for this pond forever. It’s cool to finally
see these guys in here. Look at that, that’s crazy. Certainly the pacu are
unbelievably active. The catfish is underneath
this log right here, the oscar’s in back, the gar is over there in the corner just hanging out. So we’ll keep an eye on these guys and again I’ll kinda give
you the update tomorrow if that’s cool with you. And this is where the vlog kinda turns sad and again I didn’t know if
I even wanted to share this ’cause I feel horrible about this but I don’t know, maybe someone will learn from my mistakes. But basically a couple days
after we set the fish in, things were looking good,
last night we decided to put Bowser back in his
tank and we watched him for a couple hours,
everything seemed fine. Again, talking with as
many people as I could, everyone felt it would be okay, not to mention we actually had live fish in with Bowser in RJ’s pond and he never did anything to ’em. I mean, never ate even one of ’em. And the fact that he
ate frozen all the time, we kept him really well fed, we thought that there was a good chance
that they would be okay. Well, sure enough we came in this morning and unfortunately the oscar
and the catfish were eaten. He had actually eaten them. There was no sign of ’em at all. I mean, we didn’t see him eat ’em, there was just no fish. They weren’t in here, so
we know that that happened. So, what we did is we
decided we were gonna move the fish over to RJ’s pond,
hoping that RJ doesn’t hurt ’em. We’re gonna keep a close eye on them and if anything happens there, then we’re gonna just have
to back to Ohio Fish Rescue with the fish and drop ’em off. But, I mean, I’m stressed out. I’m bummed out. Eric was devastated. We’re all devastated here
and again I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share
’cause I know some people are gonna beat me up,
like, I can’t believe you did that to the fish. Listen, I thought it was gonna be okay. Everyone else I talked to
thought it was gonna be okay but that doesn’t make any excuse. I am extremely bummed out about it and by the way, just so you know, we did the same thing that Rich did, we took water from RJ’s pond, put it into an enclosure
with some of Bowser’s water so that they could acclimate again. They seem to be settling
in good over at RJ’s pond but again we’re gonna
keep a close eye on ’em but that stinks. I just so wanted to have a fish tank with a bunch of fish. So, now, obviously we can’t
put fish in with Bowser but maybe, again, maybe
we can do some sort of a fish tank over here. I’m not 100% sure, so, again, something that seemed like
it was gonna be so cool so that when kids came in they could see the fish goin’ around, you know, maybe we could even feed the fish. Now Bowser is gonna have
to live without fish. But I do wanna put something
else in with Bowser, maybe some other snapping turtles. I’m not 100% sure ’cause
the tank just isn’t alive without those fish. I’m so bummed but I promise
I will keep a very close eye on what’s going on at RJ. Not only do I want the fish to be okay, but I want RJ not to stress out too. Again, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll just go ahead and get
these back to Ohio Fish Rescue. So, again, guys I hope that
you don’t judge me too harshly. I am sorry for your fish lovers out there. We’re fish lovers too,
we’re animal lovers, and I absolutely take 100%
accountability for this mistake. I really thought it was gonna be okay, especially the size of the fish and I was completely and utterly wrong. So, I apologize to you guys but I did wanna share this
crazy experience with you and just kinda tell you what happened because I wanted to be honest, so, there it is. That’s the saga of the
fish and the tragedy that ensued with putting
fish in with Bowser. Eric, man, I am so sorry. I know that it was a
total, you’re a fish lover. – Oh, yeah, yeah.
– [Brian] Oh man. – No, I know.
– [Brian] What a bummer. – What a bummer, it’s, oh man. It’s, we took the risk but I mean, I really thought that Bowser
would leave ’em alone, he’s a super picky eater, he’s, you know, he’s on a special diet
but you just never know. You never know. – [Brian] Yeah, it just
stinks and again I know that Eric took it hard
because he’s a fish lover. He keeps fish, he’s really
into the whole thing. Again, I am too, I mean,
I used to keep fish when I was a kid. It’s never good to see anything
not go the way you want. I mean, those fish were so cool. Again, we were able to save the ones and get ’em out of Bowser’s pond and hopefully it goes well with RJ. Again, we’ll kinda reassess this and if things don’t work
out, as a matter of fact, Eric wants to actually
start a pond at his house. – Yes.
– And maybe take the fish.
– Yes I do, oh my. That would be so cool, man. And Mary’s a little hesitant
and we’re runnin’ outta room. You get these 12 by 12,
you pop a little pool, fill it with some water,
you just get a garbage can, put your medium in there,
run your water through as a filter, good to go. – [Brian] Exactly. Well maybe this’ll be the tipping point. Now you have some
argument with Mary saying, listen we need to take those fish. – Get ’em in their own home. I think this is a home run, man. – I think it’s a good
thing, I think it is. ‘Cause I’m not just
worried about the fish, I’m also worried about RJ. I don’t want him to get
stressed out at all. Either, obviously, we do
not want that to happen. So, again, we’ll just kinda
take this a day at a time. Whaddya say we switch over
to some positive things ’cause like I said, I am
definitely bummed out. I’m havin’ a hard time kinda gettin’ outta this funk of making the
mistake with these fish. So, I figure we’ll start
with some really good news which is that Ben and Jerry
are doing so much better. I had mentioned that it
had lost some weight, we were a little bit concerned
about the runny stool, well, I also highlighted
when I let Ben and Jerry out last time that the
stool was looking good. So, now they’ve eaten a handful of meals, have been passing
perfectly and are starting to gain weight again. I think we’re probably a few weeks away from really seeing it
beefed up like it was before but it’s definitely on the right path. So, rather than just dwell
on negative things today, at least share with you how happy I am about Ben and Jerry. And, by the way, I’m gonna
put Ben and Jerry back right now and the first thing I’m gonna do is lock the cage because we don’t need them out and about again. Another thing that I’m
extremely excited about sharing with you with good news
is, is that the closed beta is about to launch when it comes to our reptile breeding
game called Reptile Tycoon. So, I want you guys to go
down to the description, there’s an email link that
you can send your email if you want to participate
in the closed beta. It doesn’t cost you anything. It is completely free. We want your feedback. Now, keep in mind a couple things, you have to put in that
email if you have an iPhone or if you have a Google or Android type of phone because it depends on how you actually play the game. We’ll follow up with an email
that can tell you that stuff. And keep in mind, also, that this is just a shell of the game. It’s just the functionality of the game. So, it’s not gonna look the way it looks when you’re playing a closed beta. We just want you to play it
so that you can give us advice on, wow, I wish that you had this feature or oh this feature didn’t
work as well as I thought or hey, what about adding this? And we’ll take your ideas
an we’ll incorporate that into the next version
that will be the open beta where everyone, not just the invites, like we’re gonna send to you guys, but everyone can play that
and then we’ll refine it and ultimately launch it. Gonna be amazing, I cannot
wait to share it with you guys. So, again, I will pin a comment with the email as well
as put in the description the email that you can send
to if you wanna participate in playing Reptile Tycoon for, say, the next two to four
weeks in the closed beta. Pretty awesome, huh? Takin’ a break. Kinda hang out here over at The Reptarium and show you guys
something I’ve been doing almost every day. And that’s a little enrichment
for my buddy Toothless. You know, I want him to be
like Albus when he gets bigger which means that I wanna
have him out running around and kind of exploring the place. But, he’s a little bit small right now to just let him on the floor
and let him run around. So, most days what I’m doing is I’m spending like a half an hour, sometimes even 45 minutes, just with him on this turtle barrier right here. He just walks around. He’ll climb up the pillar a little bit and I’ll let him just kind of explore. I think it’s a good way for him to just get out of the cage enrichment. He is such an amazing animal. You can see, there’s
absolutely no fear in him. You can just pet him,
he’ll hang out with you. As I sit here like this, he’ll often times just climb up on my arm. Sometimes, he’s on my shoulder. With an animal that’s as
smart as Toothless and Albus, it’s really important to
give them a tremendous amount of enrichment,
so, I just hang out here. It’s an amazing thing
for me because I love just watching and
interacting with this guy. And, again, I think that
it is just habituating him for being an amazing animal,
even better than Albus is when it comes to people. He is so cool. And I’m gonna be honest with you, like I said, I didn’t know
if I was even gonna release this video ’cause I was
concerned about fish people being really upset at me
for a really stupid mistake. I hope that that doesn’t happen. I am sorry to anyone that’s
offended by my ignorance in making the decision, thinking that Bowser was gonna be okay. Again, I took the most educated path. I was wrong and I feel horrible about it. With that said, I’m ending the vlog here. Tomorrow, it’s gonna be a
better day, I promise you that. Please be kind to someone today and I promise I will see you tomorrow. (“Sophomore” by Ballpoint)

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