Trapped in a Snake Tank Pt. 2: 6ft Boa Constrictor

100 thoughts on “Trapped in a Snake Tank Pt. 2: 6ft Boa Constrictor

  1. low key i talk to myself when i'm anxious or having a panic attack and it does help me. this is cool, i thought i was just an odd duck lol

  2. Link, constrictors don't bite and they are much too weak to harm a human (provided it's not a baby) plus snakes feel awesome

  3. i feel like you’re supposed to talk TO yourself in third person, not ABOUT yourself. hilarious nonetheless 🤣🤣 love them

  4. 0:17 "You may think that all we do around here is eat pig anus and wear womens jeans and youd be mostly correct. But listen, eatin PaAaAeEeAnUsS can be stressful!!!!!"

  5. Funny how I have done this for years and never once heard of it elsewhere, everyone thinks I'm crazy when I'm talking to myself about stuff but I guess its science?

  6. I think the reason it works is because it takes so much focus to talk about yourself in 3rd person, that you forget what's happening around you💀

  7. All I can think of is "yOu cAn dO iT, sERpEnT KiNg. YoU cAN dO It, SerPEnT kInG." being chanted over and over in pt. 1

  8. I love this because Link is in the tank and he is being surrounded by stinky stuff and a huge snake. The snake was so funny with Link.I love that Rhett is encourage him to talk to him self. Sometimes I talk to myself and I don't talk to myself like in a 3rd person. I love that Link talks to him self like in a 3rd person. I love you guys and GMM so much 😘

  9. Rhett I want that shirt …id buy one for every day of the week ..all them look diffrent..but same style ..lets talk about that …tag me ..I dnt capiton or something ..I dnt u decide to do this 8)

  10. I'm never afraid of insects until I see then..

    I'll think 'yep, they aren't that bad..'

    And then instinctively duck as a bee goes past my ear. Or scream when a moth flies in my face..

  11. I've talked to myself since I was little and always felt better after unless fighting with myself, yes it happens lol I even split myself (Gemini here so made sense) into Amber and Ber while doing it (now everyone does it; Amber is the good side and Ber the dark side they say) and I was always told Ima end up locked away for it 😂😂 Now suddenly it's ok and "healthy" to do!? (Well, 2 years ago this video was made) jeeze thanks science 😆

  12. I just never understand such extreme fear of non venomous snakes. Especially one that is socialized with humans. We had a boa at my middle school and if you got 100% on an exam your treat was to hold Noah during class. It was such an incentive we often had to share.
    I am very cautious of venomous snakes, of course. Usually if they can get away from you, they will.

  13. Link slid up from under that table so fast when that girl walked up to him with that snake 😂😂😂that was so funny 8:12

  14. Aaaww hi Triss. She’s cute. Though I might be a little nervous too with a 6 foot snake by my head. I like snakes though.

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