Tropical Angel Fish Reproducing by Laying Eggs CLOSE UP Breeding

Tropical Angel Fish Reproducing by Laying Eggs CLOSE UP Breeding

okay so what we’re seeing here today are
my angel fish laying eggs in my 54 gallon fish tank this is the female she
is depositing her eggs on an ornamental dive helmet here these angelfish that
are paired up are just under two years of age angelfish can live about ten
years so a long time to go here you can see that this is a female she has that
thicker breeding tube and of course she’s depositing her eggs right there
now the other angelfish is closer here come along right behind her this is the
male he has a thinner breeding tube and as you can see he’s going to go over
those eggs and he’s fertilizing them right there pretty simple easily done
the angelfish can actually breed as early as nine months more generally
around a year of age these angelfish came from angelfish mania dot net and
I’ll leave a link at the end of the video to show you the site when I bought
them and when I installed them in the tank so you can see how they’ve grown if
you want your fish to breed you want to keep your tank at about 80 degrees this
tank is at 76 degrees and you probably want to change your water fairly
frequently they like fresh water they like changes often up to about 50% of
the tank these eggs that they’re putting on here in about 60 hours they’ll hatch
out and then they’ll be what’s known as wigglers and then those wigglers will be
stuck to other parts of the fish tank again and this pair will guard them the
chances of survival very low to none but they’ll be in the wiggler state for
about five days and that’s when you’re gonna have to feed them and decide if
you’re gonna raise hundreds if not thousands of angelfish I’m not gonna do
that but then after that five days they’re free swimming so if you were
gonna keep them you also want to make sure your filter has a sponge filter on
it so they don’t get sucked up things like that and I hope you enjoy it I’m
just gonna let you sit and watch them laying their eggs here and the irony is
sometimes they’ll even eat their own eggs as they fall off the side they’re
so these eggs are kind of doomed but it’s
still a very fascinating thing to watch I hope you enjoy it
thanks for watching you

5 thoughts on “Tropical Angel Fish Reproducing by Laying Eggs CLOSE UP Breeding

  1. i have 2 baby platies that have survived a community tank – and b4 i had angels that laid and moved the babies in their mouth very exciting

  2. Spectacular video! …actually ANOTHER spectacular video if I really want to give credit 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 Have a nice day!

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