trout fishing on soft plastics east of Melbourne, Back to Rainbow Rock

trout fishing on soft plastics east of Melbourne, Back to Rainbow Rock

okay guys I’m back it rainbow rock
because I just couldn’t get enough of it beautiful coloring that is a sick trout
this is rainbow rock and this is why I do what I do okay guys
I’m back at rainbow rock it’s not very rocky at the moment because I’m down the
very bottom but I’ve challenged myself to keep this soft plastic on until I
reach the spot where I caught about three rainbow trout in one spot so I’m
gonna have a go persevere with this thing it’s staying on unless I lose it
until I get to that spot. will this log provide me with the first trout I will
have ever caught on soft plastics let’s find out with this log drop. yeah yep and there is my first trout on
a soft plastic it’s not a bad size either that’s beautiful it’s such good
condition in here I think, hes got a big head on him another one just cruised past and
that is why rainbow rock just is excellent one thing I will enjoy I think about one
thing I will enjoy I think about come on mate one thing I will enjoy about soft
plastics is as one hook only there’s a fat fish
he’s a chunka one hook easy out come on now, lets see him go beautiful fish there’s
a lot of that size in here alot of this stuff I don’t even think I’ll have to
cast in you know I’ll just see doing little stuff like that. it’d be good to
see one actually chase this thing He certainly wanted to eat that though There we go, Ha ha hah hey I dont think that’s the same fish from
yesterday… goodness me look at the par markings on it
beautiful. rainbow rock what a what a beautiful find this was come on I can’t let you go unless you come to me come on now rightyo another little beautiful
rainbow trout okay… whoops Come on now, behave or you won’t get
free in time come on.there we go right under the lip I think she hit it
and then got snagged look there you go she’s gone now probably a good thing it
took a while to get her off because she was flailing around like a crazy thing
now this is where I dabbed my lure in the river over these branches here, I got half
snaged and the trout had a go at it while it was just
sort of touching a surface so I’m gonna have another go at this one because he
was a reasonable looking trout I was in the similar position last time. lets see if i can get him Yep there we go. I knew you were in there you little
bugger that’s three on the strike tiger nymph another little rainbow, Beauty right in the
corner of the jaw another female. come on now bang. alrighty oh ooh wee ha, he went $#$%Ba around my legs there that’s funny
I knew he was in there. now this is cool I’ve gotta show you this
In the river trout tend to eat insect larvae and all matter of insects
basically ones that fall into the water fall on the surface also little nymphs
bugs and whatnot water beetles things like that but also dragonfly larvae
okay now dragonfly larvae I’ve known as mudeye and they swim around they mature
and they climb up trees and things like that or onto a rock after they’ve
mature and then they cast their muddy shell and turn into a dragonfly now what we’ve got here is obviously our mate the mudeye has made his way out of this woodwork here
this Creek it’s climbed all the way up to the top of this tree here
all the way up to the top of the tree here so here now he’s casting shell and
this is the remaining of he’s casting and that just looked crazy cool crazy
crazy cool he’s a big one too so that’s the kind of thing that we like to
emulate when we’re trout fishing like little mudeye, little nymphs little insect
type food sources that that the trout will like so hmmm very interesting now im just gonna go zippity-doo-dah Oh ooh he came out at it…. yes got him oh I think he came off yeah well that was cool
I hope you guys saw that so good we’re dancing around it came out I don’t think
it’s coming back though yeah he hit that pretty hard that female rainbow
my soft plastic for copping a hammering this is what this is where the fishing
got stupid yes yesterday I lost a trout in a body of water not
even as big as my bonnet of my car tiny piece of water now I’m talking small small small
and ill show you where right there is where I caught the fish and
that’s where the road to rainbow rock finished
lets see if I cant catch another one out of here I see my shadows cast right across
the water im not intending for that to be the case and I have to do it because I got no
other way of showing the river because the sun’s come up right behind me okay this is where i ended the video
this is where I’m gonna start the newer path, the newer section Got him I didn’t even cast then
just let the spinner or the plastic sorry I just let this plastic flow down
the river in the most natural way possible and out poped this lovely little rainbow trout ate him for brecky and come on, ate it for
brecky and decided that didn’t taste very good at all because it’s got a hook in it whoop whoop oh come here mate come here
lovely lovely little rainbow trout again there you go yeah I just have the biggest and best
feeling the fishing is just gonna get better and better today I thought it was a snag the Ooh some aerials that’s a nice one it’s a nice trout actually
this might be the best one I’ve caught actually this is the best one I’ve
pulled out of here oh that is just an amazing trout yes
I want to land this one and give it an underwater release now that and there wasn’t even a
cast now I knew something be sitting in here Its deep under this log that’s probably
why its sitting there what a stonka what a chubba, what a chub-by girl now
you’ve been stuffing your face havent you okay time for underwater release I was going to do underwater release for
that one because it was a really nice fish but that is why I come here
well define the absolute remote area like this come and fish with some threat
and just enjoy rainbow rock part 2 oh yeah guys I’m about midway through my
travels up the creek now I’m gonna head back probably once my other GoPro
battery’s dead I’ll probably would have a pair bit of footage by then a few fish
caught and everything like that oh wow yeah I’m just doing a quick little quick
pan around here just saying it the whole idea of the scenery that we marvel oh
there’s another pool across the other side there I’m gonna probably start with
again as well the place is just amazing here pull the fish barely touch by
people because I don’t think many people know about it which is good I think the
people that know about it would be looking after it because they don’t want
it to we you know over fished and everything like that so it’ll be not
disclose the location that’s before yes I have a boat’s a week and then head
back into it oh just I got excited you will see the
hook-up on the on the other camera this is fat Remo just put it into the frothy really up so much there I’m gonna lose
this bitch in the sink he’s gonna wear himself out the sake here someone this is a beautiful rainbow
trap yeah Danny weed something I’m gonna land
it that’s why they got to be careful here
guys being a little bit overeager and you can come into some serious shot be
careful okay that stonker another Stockinger oh
I’m having the best day ever first no I said given shaded water and
I’ll get snagged I reckon I’ll say it fish zoom out of here in a second it’s gonna zoom out walking out slowly little baby here – oh there’s a little
one tiny tiny as a smallest fish I’ve seen all day it’s this our time the quieter side of
this long once on analog couple of castamere try and zip it up there we get up got off now look one came out that it then very small same thesis came back around of the tree
there that’s a fact yeah it’s good there we go Lonnegan are came off I felt
a little bit of weight so I’m probably won’t come back another rainbow figure –
II neither yeah I’m on again yeah here’s okay gonna
be a white on it I think it’s a brand it’s a brand it’s a decent Brent Wow
so not only are there really nice rainbows in here but also terrific
terrific little brands now that is a nice fish beautiful branch rat
Fatiha dr. color yeah it’s right through there she knows that sorry my beautiful I was a gentle release awesome I got it oh my god is things jumping out
of the water at my I can’t believe it oh my god that is insane well guys that’s
it for this video really enjoyed making this one as I have all the others if you
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I will be doing a stream hop over Mount Hotham so basically starting at
millimeter which is a you know sort of what is a sort of north east of omiyo
though I’ll be going to obviously carrying at the millimeter Dartmouth
probably visit anglers rest and Blue Duck and places like that also visiting
the Victoria River going over Mount Hotham as I mentioned and visiting the
oven’s River and probably like Buffalo on the way back just for some shits and
giggles so stay tuned we’ll see you next time very sad whoo very important well as one way to get the taking away from a
good spot the people I’m like what’s it moving down there oh it’s a jumping jack
n we’re out

4 thoughts on “trout fishing on soft plastics east of Melbourne, Back to Rainbow Rock

  1. That's the perfect environment to fish a Strike Tiger nymph soft plastic….some beautiful trout there mate, well done!

  2. Well done mate, great video.
    What area do you come from?
    fishing the highlands around mitta are some of my favorite places to fish. amazing scenery up there.
    my next trip will be up buchlan I think.
    what area were you in in this mate?

  3. I heard that the upper yarra and its tributaries are the closest river and creek to me to fish for trout since I live in Melbourne what do you reckon

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