Trout Fishing on Yellowstone Lake

Trout Fishing on Yellowstone Lake

Alright, so we’re out here on Yellowstone
Lake with Captain Mark. Captain Mark, come over here and say hi to the folks here. We’re doing a little lake trout fishing
[Mark] How’s it goin’? [Andy] We just caught our first lake trout
and immediately got on another one but apparently it was a cutthroat? [Mark] yep [Andy] and it got off just as we got it to the boat, so. Anyway, let’s see if we can catch some more. [Mark] alright. [Mark] This one is a cutthroat — nice fish. [Andy] We got the video runnin’. [Mark] There you go. I’ll tell you what, we’ve go a rule for handling them. Get your hands wet. [Mark] The cutthroats in this lake are as big as you’re gonna see. [Andy] Isn’t that beautiful? Look at that. Never caught a cutthroat before. Let’s let him go. [Mark] Yeah, we’ll put him back. There he goes, safe and sound. [Mark] Today is actually my last day fishing. ‘Cause I’m on my, I’m on my weekend– there we go!. [Andy] Oh–this one? [Mark] This one right here. [Andy] Whadda we got? [Mark] Another cutthroat. [Andy] Wow, I thought so, it was fighting pretty good. Would you say that’s another average sized? [Mark] Yeah, right about, maybe a little shorter, but… [Andy] Beautiful. Beautiful fish. [Mark] Good for him to go back? [Andy] Yes sir. [Andy] I wanna get more lake trout for the food, and to get ’em out, but on the other hand it’s more fun catching the cutthroats. [Mark] Absolutely. [Mark] That was not size have an average fish 15-20 years ago. I mean they were, average fish was more along the lines of like 14-18 inches. I mean, now we have, because the lake trout are in, the average size of a cutthroat’s gotten so much bigger because those are the fish left that the lake trout can’t, can’t mess with them. I mean, now, if you see a Bald Eagle dive in and grab a cutthroat outta here, my boat partner the other day saw one go and grab one, probably about a five pounder, and
starts flapping off, but gets about 3 tries, and then finally
decides it’s not worth it and drops it. [Andy] Because they’re too big. [Mark] Yeah, and that’s
why you don’t see Osprey around here, because Osprey just can’t handle a fish that big. [Mark] It almost looks like a fake backdrop. [Andy] Yeah it does. Y’know, if you didn’t catch anything on this trip, who cares? Well, actually I do care. [laughter] But stil… [Andy] Snow skiing… eh! there we go. [Mark] Yep. [Andy] That’s a lake trout, isn’t it? [Mark] Yep. [Andy] All right! [Mark] More dinner. [Andy] They’re required to kill these fish before you bring ’em in. I don’t know if you can see… [Mark] Give ‘im a few whacks, and the lights go out. [Mark] Here we go. [Andy] We’re doing him a favor, really. [Mark] A little smaller, but that’s still good eating size. [Andy] If you wanna make the fish look really big, you hold him like this. [Mark] Exactly. [Andy] All right, here he comes. [Mark] Keep ‘im comin’, keep ‘im comin. [Mark] Lake trout. [Andy] Lake trout! All right! And he got himself off. [Mark] Yeah. Good manners. [Andy] That is the sign of a good fisherman, when it’s hooked so poorly that it comes off as soon as you get it in the boat. [Andy] There we go. That is my dinner. Sharon will eat the other two. [Mark laughs] [Andy] Lemme tell ya, this has been a blast. [Mark] Awesome. You’re a pleasure to take out. Seriously. Sometimes you run into people, they just seem like they don’t want to be on vacation. [Andy] That’s not good. [Mark] Oh, no. Especially here. [Andy sings] Saint Peter don’t cha call me, ’cause I can’t go, I owe my soul to the company store. [Mark] That’s a fantastic song. [Andy] That is a great song. [Andy] You’ve got some pretty good-sized boats there. And they come on a trailer, right? They trailer ’em in and trailer ’em out every year. [Mark] Yeah, all these docks get taken out, in, probably right about, a week. [Andy] Wow [Mark] Hey. [Andy] It was a blast. [Mark] It was. You made it a blast, though. You enjoy those fish. [Andy] All right. All right. Take care. [Mark] Definitely.

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  1. It's funny: you see films of people celebrating getting a big "lake trout", then the next video shows commercial eradication attempts to get those nasty lake trout out of the lake. Leaves the average guy scratching his head.

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