Trout Fishing Session [Unseen] ► All 4 Adventure TV

Trout Fishing Session [Unseen] ► All 4 Adventure TV

Bottom you thinking? No he’s got a fish,
a reef fish has come up on you. Cheeky little fish. Cheeky little reef fish. There we go. Catching coral trout on the troll. Nice little trout, they are good eating that
size. Coral trout on the reef. Just doing a little troll at the moment, picked up this
little fella. What do you reckon mate? Think I got another trout on now. After the first
one, it feels exactly the same. Old trout, sure enough coral trout. Only a little tucker
this one, chuck him back. Trolling a couple of lures on the edge of this reef here. Got
my second trout now, this one is a little bit small. Straight to the bottom the old
trout. You know when you got an old trout on. Cos once they have done the initial hit,
they just open their mouths and it’s like dragging a big log. That was a lovely hit. What have you got? Does feel a bit trouty. We will soon see.
Feels huge on this rod. it’s a trout, it’s a good one too. It’s
a good one, it’s a good trout. It’s huge. That’s a good trout. It’s alright, it’s not starving to death. The old 120x done the damage on that one,
changed the lures and up comes a trout on that one. Happy with that. Will keep that one you reckon? I definitely reckon we will keep that one. Trout that way. Whack her in gear and let’s
get going. So what we got? 3 trout 3 minutes. Got to be happy with that. Got to be happy with that. There is a bit
of a pressure edge along here what they call a pressure point. Going to chuck a few lures out. See if we
can’t pull up a couple of coral trout’s something like that. They usually like to
live in gravel sort of country. It’s only about 6m deep. Always good trout country.
Oh we are on. Straighten up and keep it in gear. Was that on my rod? Away you go, you are on. Oh Shark just got whatever it was. Its like
a pack of wolves just moved in. Look how many sharks just turned up. Shark city. This is all the fun part. Just
bring a shark into the boat what could go wrong. Only good place for that in the ocean.

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  1. Thank you Simon!  For the first time on fishing TV history.. someone actually knows wtf a strike ratchet is for and turns the damn thing off to fight the fish!  So sick of those tools leaving them on and then trying to talk over it!

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