Trout Heaven II

Trout Heaven II

There he is again. There he is… Looks as if he… Oops, there he is again That’s not a bad fish. He feels pretty strong I’m getting tired Now you’ve got the leader above the surface at least Look at this one. Yeah, really nice. Around a kilo at least. Absolutely. He was strong. Yeah, he really was. Thank you for the good fight. He was strong. Lovely. We got him at last. It took a while. Nice A big trout is big for a reason. He is shy and watchful, normally But then again, when there are lots of insects hatching they often loose some of the shyness. They often get totally focused on feeding He’s rising again He seems to like it in the shade Further out What’s he eating? Good question. It seems that he doesn’t touch the winged insects. We can just as well go home. Generally they probably prefer to eat the hatching nymphs. But it’s more visual to fish with a regular dry fly compared to an emerger. And that’s what I like. That fish is big. It’s not bad. Not bad at all. What a fish. Yeah, that wasn’t bad. Nice fish He didn’t hesitate. Yeah, took on the first cast. There are several active fish on the right side One small and one big I’m sneaking up on them He’s strong Really strong trout Noo Shit Did you lose the fly? No Well, there are more fish out there There’s a lot of vulgata floating by He’s bigger than I thought Nice fish I can hardly move him It’s not huge but it’s really nice Look at this one Fantastic What a fish. Yeah, nice. Nice That dun imitation delivers again. My favorite fly pattern A danica dun imitation Dun is the first winged phase, after the insect has hatched Beep You can ask yourself why you get so hooked up with brown trout. There are lots of other fish, e.g. grayling and char etc. Trout is a really beautiful fish. And it’ll give you a desent fight. And the fact is that in these parts almost every stream, every creek and every river holds at least a small population of trout He took the fly very slowly, almost as if he just tasted it. Seems that it’s going to rain. That was not a bad fish. He broke the leader. Nice stuff. What is it? A danica dun. My secret pattern, which I’m not telling anyone about. You don’t want it shown then? No, rather not.

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  1. This movie is even better than the previous one! The shots are perfect, the music is the best, the editing is just…. awesome man.. The movies you and your team create are beautiful pieces of art! Keep up the good work 🙂 . Oh, and after you lose a fish, just keep going. Your fisherman looks pretty upset after he loses a fish. haha.

  2. You are true fly fishermen, who respect their environment and their target. Just beautiful to watch!
    Can I come for a visit?

  3. Totally beguiling. A beautiful short film, with soothing music so appropriate to the landscape. A true fly fisherman plying his art so skilfully, it's a very real pleasure to watch. Tight lines gentlemen.

  4. Great series of videos! It doesn't get much more swedish than that! You had your line outside the second snake guide the whole time haha 😀 Cheers!

  5. I like all 3 videos. There is a pleasing easy approach. What fly fishing is all about. I obviously don't understand what the a saying, but still no less enjoyable.

  6. Cheers Anders. I see you like the Vosseler reels, and they seem to perform well for you, was wondering if you had a preference for bamboo rod maker?

  7. Great Video. Beautiful place and beautiful fishing. I was wondering what weight rod and length you fished with? Thanks.

  8. Love you're videos, your flies look awesome!! you should make some tying videos I'd love to see how you put them together! 👍 🙂


  9. Another great video for me to watch on a winter's night, longing to fish.  Did you ever find the net that came loose?  I lost mine last year and hiked the river a good distance, and finally found it hung up in a brush pile.  That brown trout at the 7 minute mark in the video is a beauty!  Well done, men!

  10. Very nice Video, beautiful trouts and amazing flies. TL from Germany Olli – Der hessische Fliegenfischer

  11. So nice to see someone blended in to landscape,not a fan of bright coloured clothing,those flies,the fish and river are just superb,oy oy oy.

  12. awesome video, really appreciate the production quality and individual charm you guys have. Those mayfly bodies look killer! How do you make them?

  13. Another extraordinary film, with a wonderful fly guru whose language I don't speak,yet understand him completely, Bravo on how this filmed so well I could feel the chill of the water,and the diving ducklings,between catches.

  14. Ni borde göra instruktionsfilmer eller lägga ut kommentarsspår. Jag lär mig väldigt mycket av att se era filmer.

  15. Man, I wish there were rivers like this where I live. I love this series, well done guys and tight lines 😎

  16. Heaven? Very close. Just needs a dive bar and a whorehouse down the road out of earshot. Then it would be heaven. Thanks.

  17. You could've just put music to this video and his smile said everything that was needed to be said
    First time I long time have enjoyed a video so much 👍🏻👍🏻please do same thing videos just would be great

  18. Hi, I love what you're doing so much, I have now bought myself my first fly rod. I now have to learn how to set it up. Any tips?

  19. Another great one. I like the "characters" on this one,the tying and dialog, also. Wonderful water, what country? I'm from California. That looks like a special place.

  20. Another great one. I like the "characters" on this one,the tying and dialog, also. Wonderful water, what country? I'm from California. That looks like a special place.

  21. Man I love those superfine glass rods. So much fun to cast and catch fish with. What type of split cane were you fishing?

  22. Loved the Salmo Trutta followed by the Homo sapiens part. Might I suggest Homo piscatus?(Latin scholars will be out for my blood now :)) Great videos of wonderful rivers, beautiful fish and fishing friends to share them with.

    Brings back memories… I caught my first trout on a fly(grasshopper wet fly. Still have what's left of it) when I was six years old fishing with my dad back in the 1970's. Kept fly fishing all the way through the 80's and 90's, but when my dad and a good friend I fished with passed away in 2001 I lost the interest.

    Just recently I found all my and my dad's gear in my attic and the memories came back. His 9 feet split cane rod and Milward reel from the 1940's and my two Bruce and Walker Hexagraphs(9ft and 7ft. fantastic rods IMHO). And my reels. I almost forgot I used a silk line. They need more care, but they were/are great lines that could last a lifetime. I'm going to try to wet a line this year and your videos have been a further inspiration to do so. Thank you guys.

  23. What an incredibly beautiful video! Would you please consider posting a video on how to make the fly bodies?

  24. Cara não pude me conter, isso realmente muda tudo que penso sobre fly, pescar fly é au mesmo tempo contemplar a vida no instante que se viver, mexeu muito comigo, carpe diem para vocês todos!!! Mil vezes parabéns!

  25. I can't decide which video is better. Great photography, better edition. Everything's perfect.
    The gear you use looks light… what wheight is it?

  26. your video is a jewel for homo sapiens that I am … I think the most beautiful. And even if we do not speak the same language the pictures speak for themselves and the editing is beautiful! I will take them to Heaven, Thank you

  27. När till landade öringen du upprepade ett ord 3 gånger, lät som yo da.Vad var det ordet please.very curoius

  28. Very nice fish! How did you ever get him back up to you after he took off down stream and went over that tail out? Are you premaking your extended bodies or buying them some place? What a beautiful setting! What country is that in?

  29. Best videos! So relaxing to watch your videos while tying flies!
    One question: maybe somebody can tell me, which jacket he‘s using? Looks nice and clean 🙂

  30. Mesmerizing stuff guys. Totally inspirational get out the house stuff. Can I ask if fishing can be purchased on that river and who lets the opportunity. Cheers

  31. It's no accident that Anders gets into some nice fish, well done. And Krister, again your lens finds the very subject that makes this endeavor so fruitful – the mayflies – the watersprites in my version of such tales. Masterful, and without that overly commercialized, fast action Freddie look that permeates so many videographies. It's always a pleasure to share in these stories you write with your camera.

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