Trout Heaven III – The Final Chapter

Trout Heaven III – The Final Chapter

Look at this fat one. Very nice fish Beautiful pattern. He wants to go now. Thanks a lot. We saw a trout rising when we had morning coffee.We couldn’t resist giving it a try. Very good start. Absolutely. Okay, so what are you using? Danica spent spinner. He’s up there now. I think you have to wait for a while. He’s rising again up there. It’s not an extremely long cast but… I can’t reach him from here. He’s moving further upstream now. Very strange behaviour. First he’s stationary, then he starts to move around. He’s rising again. I’ll give it a try. Do it. Oh no, I thought he took my fly. It was half a meter to the side. Here comes a danica. He took it. Shit Mostly caddis active. Egg laying I don’t know exactly where it is but I guess it’s the same fish I tried before. Just on the edge of the current. There he is again. Just when you looked away. We’ll give it a try. Further out. Ok. There’s another one. That was a big fish. That’s a good drift. Perfect. Nice fish. They are really strong. It’s not huge but it’s a beautiful fish. Very healthy fish. Very nice. We’ve seen a really big fish a couple of times. I know how strong the big fish are. It’s always dramatic to catch them. You almost have to swim every time. That’s not bad. He’s running. It’s a really nice fish. Over 50 cm. OMG! What a fish. OMG! Easy now. Even I got exhausted. It’s almost 60 cm. Absolutely. Look at this fish. What a paddle. What a fight. Awesome fish. We’ll celebrate with 23 year old Zacapa. Smells lovely. Cheers. Cheers Anders. Very good job. Goddard. Size 8. Too bad. That was a nice fish. Yes it was. Well well, shit happens. The second or third drift I saw a flash. He did some move. Then I saw the fish coming up to the fly. He’s quite stationary. He moves up and down just a little bit. What’s he eating you think? Danica, 100 percent sure. He’s rising very slowly. It’s a bigger fish. He’s very close to the bank. Should we give it a try? Yeah. I’m going down very carefully. He’s just a meter from the bank. Oh, he’s further out now. Do you think it’s the same fish? It has to be. It’s quite tricky because there’s not many insects on the surface. We should probably wait until he’s rising more steady. I’m changing my mind. There’s a danica drifting towards him. I think he will take it. Do you think the line scared him off? There’s a vulgata drifting over him. We’ll see if he takes it. Yes, he took it. Awesome. What a nice take. He came up and took it like a gentleman. I saw him on the bottom before he came up. Awesome. Look at it. Beautiful fish. Nice red spots. You know, they are fine fish all of them. But very tricky. I think there are two fish. They are moving sideways constantly. Very beautiful fish. Wow, he was keen on getting away. I had to work hard for that one. Very tricky. Doesn’t get any better than this. The only thing missing is a really nice cream bun. Wouldn’t that be nice? Yeah, that would be terrific. What a wild beast. Did you see that run? Unbelievable. What a trout. Noo!!! He went into the branches. Thin leader and… Oh, he’s up there now. This is a strong fish. Don’t let him down there. How are you? What a hole. Did you get wet? Are you kidding or what? Look at this. Wow. Beautiful fish. Yeah. That was a strong fish. Yes indeed.

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  1. So beautiful. You have captured the essence of small stream fishing and why flyfishing can be so consuming, disappointing and satisfying all at once. Your camera work, sound and editing make these stories really personal and intimate. A great contrast to much of the film work out there that is all about the giant fish and slo-mo flipping and flying of fish.

  2. I love watching fishing videos but I must say this was one of the best trout videos I've seen. Felt like I was right there, the sounds, the picture, just perfect. Reminds me of my friends and I out fishing. Great job, thanks

  3. Thank you, Krister & Anders. Great setting, great scenery, great footage. You cured my winter cabin fever for 24 minutes.

  4. love these videos awesome editing and filming. The music and natural noises blend awesome, Great Job! And keep them coming.

  5. i keep watching these videos as they are so dam good!..well done, bloody beatifull fish. i could fly fish every day no problem…

  6. Worlds apart and different languages, yet the passion for fly-fishing unites. Stunning film work and glorious fishing.

  7. Superb. An inspiration, can't wait to fish next year once my foot is fixed. Thank you very much for your beautiful film.

  8. Please could you tell me where and what's this rivers name and is it free fishing or do you have to pay any information would be greatly received would love to experience the fishing their thanks graham

  9. These videos are truly heaven. I appreciate your style both fly fishing and film production. I will bring this calm to my own river. Thank you

  10. Nice videos! You make that fly rod look very finest! What brand is your fly rod and weight if you don't mind me asking.

  11. I enjoy watching your film, the cinematography is top notch👏❤️👍siping the hot brewed coffee, eating the sweet bun, "it can't get any better than that" 😋yep agreed 😀

  12. Your videos are absolutely the best. I had been wanting to learn to fly fish for awhile and after watching this video I bought a fly rod and started this year. I've been having a lot of fun learning. I saw that you uploaded a video a couple weeks ago but when I went to watch it you had taken it down. What happened? Hope to see a new video soon. Keep them coming.

  13. Excellent fishing and superb camerawork!
    Sweden, the way I used to know it.
    Lets just say, things change, but fortunately not at the banks of the river yet.
    Remarkable, each and every fish: genuine natural Brown Trout. Not one Rainbow. I love it!
    Your despair at the end…. so recognizable. Well you win some and you lose some and it is almost by definition that the biggest fish, got away.
    BY FAR one of the best flyfishing films that I have ever watched. So again my compliments on your professional camaraman/lady and your switch casting and devotion to fish.
    Filmtip: "once in a blue moon" Look it up in Google or paste this title in the YouTube search engine.

    Was that whisky by the way?

  14. I've watched your videos…over and over….. and then again. Sensational. A perfect mix of ambient noise and music, patience and frustration, coffee and campfires. A great display of casting and angling skill. A healthy respect for the fish. If there was ever a selection of videos that encapsulate all there is about fly fishing on the rivers, these are it.
    Well done to you sir. I've just added another trip to my bucket list.

  15. Bravo! Another excellent film capturing the magic of nature along a trout stream. I love your battles, disappointments, and strategy. Impressive macros of the morning dew, insects, gear, and coffee – felt like I was there with you. I definitely didn't expect the aerial take off out of the stream at 10:20. Fabulous misty end!

  16. Buenisimo el video. Alta calidad en la filmación e edición. Felicitaciones sinceras de un pescador de la Patagonia Verde Chilena

  17. Beautiful video. I'm lucky enough to live a stones throw away from a river with 50cm+ trout are and nobody fishes for them much. Whoever edits your videos is a genius.

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you.Fishing videos do not come better than this. The day has well and truly been seized, carpe diem

  19. very good job . i am belong to Nepal . my home and company is beside karnali river and bheri river of Nepal . these river are famous for golden Mahseer

  20. Beautiful you have some superb fishing, I just watched all 3 video's and was lost in the sound of the river, truly magical.

  21. Wow guys! Phenomenal job on the videography and trilogy, took me right there! What a beautiful stream and fish. The sounds of the water running and birds have taken me to my happy place and made my day.

  22. GREAT trilogy. Wonderful photography and you have captured the emotions of the angler and the river and woodland so well. Great to see that the trout were (generally) held in the water, rather than out of it, so the gills remained immersed. Keep up the fabulous work!

  23. Are there sea-run brown trout that make their way into this river?  A couple of the browns you caught jump like crazy while others dig deep like the browns I catch.  Cheers and Regards, Sam

  24. Great film making. The angles brought me right into the experience. The production value seems as though it would play fantastic in the theatre. Super work. I subscribed and found that you have many more to view. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  25. 人生を楽しんでいますね♪幸せ感じます♪笑顔が最高に素敵日本熊本県からメッセージ♪
    I am enjoying my life ♪ I feel happy ♪ The smile is the greatest nice message from Japan Kumamoto Prefecture ♪

  26. … wieder ein sehr schönes Video 👍👍👍
    … dieses Gefühl nach dem zehnten Fehlbiss weiter zu machen,kenne ich nur allzu gut vom Meerforellen fischen👌🐟

  27. Love your trout content man. Props to the camera man, editor and of course the fisherman that made it all happen 🙂

  28. The videography in these light conditions is amazing. I can't believe the dynamic range and the beautiful light. As masterful as the fishing is, I don't know if many people know just how hard it is to shoot under these conditions.

  29. the best video of fly fishing ever seen .i almost cry of joy .you show our passion so well . wonderfully filmed .i hope you ll show us new videos soon . again thank you very much . a french fly fishing grand pa🎣

  30. I've seen most of these video's and I can only say that they are amongst the best fly fishing video's I've ever seen, although "once in a blue moon" falls in that category too. Everything is in it. Nature, sentiment, atmosphere, succes, faillure , jumping fish and all of that in excellent takes and prime quality. Your video person and editor(one and the same?) are – no doubt – professionals who know what they are doing, putting all of this video material together like a tastefull meal in a 3 star Michelin restaurant.
    Watching this, is as if you are there yourself. Chapeau!!!

  31. Łow! One of this fish eat blue damselflies! In my river it is impossible. Anyway I very like Your films. It is fantastic! Kind regards.

  32. Love the videos, the fishing and the mood and message about this « sport » of fly-fishing. Especially trout, which are so much more sensitive and « aware » of the fishermen… btw: how do you call your wooden cups?

  33. You definitely named these videos correctly. "Trout heaven" is an understatement! Great videos and fishing, in fact I'm kinda jealous of your "spot" there and I live in a pretty good place for trout fishing myself. Absolutely beautiful country and MASSIVE browns, tight lines man!

  34. the opening sound was made me peace..?? I love the nature..greeting from Indonesian fly fishers..we look forward next movie..

  35. every cast for the video, I love to watch you. Just a little more explaining to us the beginners who muscles and when to use. big greeting from bosnia.

  36. Thanks again for sharing your tale of a wonderful fisherman and his equally wonderful fish of Trout Heaven. Noting that this video was produced about 3 years ago, I sure hope you guys are still at it; I would like to think that there will be more to come, and that the bell will ring soon.

    Well I got my answer…as of five days ago, this date, you posted another one, so you are still capturing time and place with your lens. Yes, please continue with your tales of the men of the north and their passionate pursuit of their piscatorial friends. P.S. When do you, Krister, get to fish before the camera, and by doing so, introduce yourself to your many fans? I am looking forward to the day I can look you in the face and thank you, knowing of course that you can not see me.

  37. Youse should do some fly tying video on dry fly patterns that work in Sweden it would help out people that want to do a fishing trip to your side of the planet just say because I can’t find mean Swedish trout fly tying videos on YouTube Aye

  38. Very innovative way you tie the after body and tail on your mayfly patterns. Hopefully someday you share the technique of how you create them.

  39. Notice the proper way to carry the fishing pole while on the trail. Of all the fish the 60 cm one was definitely a keeper that could easily feed four people. When they get that big they can eat smaller fish and keep the overall population lower.

  40. Beautiful video, the sound of the birds, running water. Havnt fished for five years but this will get me going again.

  41. What a Run with that brown cheers to you guys nice Drone and film work. green Drake Real nice fish !!! 🤙👍🇺🇸
    The Vermonter

  42. I feel your pain, and celebrate your Victories. Tell no one where you fish, my brothers. Peace. P.j..Santa barbara.

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